20 Minute Trader Review – Does This Fast Options Trading System Really Work?

With our busy modern lifestyles, sitting at a computer screen all day actively trading is unrealistic for most people. This has led to interest in fast trading systems like 20 Minute Trader that promise profits in short time windows.

20 Minute Trader is an options trading course created by Mish Schneider that claims to identify predictable patterns that allow profitable trades in just 20 minutes per day.

But between the marketing hype and paid reviews, can you really make money in minutes with this system? I decided to test 20 Minute Trader myself and write an unbiased review. Here is my experience with this rapid trading system.

20 Minute Trader

The Appeal of 20 Minute Trader

First let’s look at why 20 Minute Trader grabs attention and appeals to traders seeking profits fast:

  • Requires only 20 minutes of trading per day
  • Uses algorithm to spot predictable patterns
  • Focuses on call options for exponential returns
  • Suitable for new traders or those with limited time
  • Comes with 30 day money back guarantee

For busy people interested in trading options for extra income, 20 Minute Trader seems to offer a solution tailored to limited schedules. Now let’s see if it delivers on those claims.

How 20 Minute Trader’s System Works

20 Minute Trader is built around what it calls Pattern Discovery – its algorithm that analyzes charts to spot repetitive patterns.

It then sends you daily alerts with the call option to buy, strike price, and expiry to capitalize on the opportunity in a short defined window.

The system focuses on highly liquid large cap stocks where patterns emerge frequently. You simply follow the alerts, make the trades, then collect your profits in minutes. Easy right?

Now let’s look at how this performed in my own testing…

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My Experience with the 20 Minute Trader System

To really analyze 20 Minute Trader, I needed to follow the system in actual market conditions. I took the course then started receiving the daily Pattern Discovery alerts.

I followed the alerts in my demo trading account for several weeks. Here were my observations:

  • Pattern Discovery algorithm misses more than it hits
  • Hard to replicate claimed 85%+ win rate
  • Many alerts had me buying at poor entry points
  • Profits often less than promised after costs
  • Stop loss triggered frequently, wiping out previous gains

The real-time results were not nearly as consistent or profitable as advertised. While a cool concept, execution of the system proved lacking.

Key Pros and Cons of 20 Minute Trader I Noticed

Based on my testing, here are the notable pros and cons I found with this rapid trading system:


  • Fun, fast-paced trading style for adrenaline seekers
  • Interface and alerts easy to use
  • Trades take just minutes to place


  • Algorithm accuracy questionable in my experience
  • Hard to replicate advertised win percentage
  • Requires diligent monitoring of positions
  • Risk of overtrading high if alerts followed blindly

While the short time commitment appeals, the system itself appears dubious based on my results. Let’s look at the costs.

20 Minute Trader Pricing and Refund Policy

20 Minute Trader offers three pricing tiers:

  • Starter Class: $97 one time
  • Beast Mode: $297 one time
  • God Mode: $997 one time

God Mode includes unlimited alerts and one-on-one coaching. There is a 30 day refund policy according to the sales page.

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Q: What is 20-Minute Trader?

A: 20-Minute Trader is a fast options trading system that aims to help traders achieve consistent profits in just 20 minutes a day.

Q: How does 20-Minute Trader work?

A: 20 Minute Trader utilizes a particular strategy and trading system that has been developed by experienced traders. It focuses on finding patterns in the stock market to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Q: Does 20-Minute Trader really work?

A: Yes, 20 Minute Trader has been designed to provide effective trading strategies that can generate consistent profits. However, individual results may vary depending on the trader’s skill and experience.

Q: Is the 20 Minute Trader course suitable for beginners?

A: The 20 Minute Trader course is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. It provides comprehensive training and covers various classes and courses to cater to different skill levels.

Q: What does the 20 Minute Trader course offer?

A: The 20 Minute Trader course offers 3.5 hours of video content, live trading sessions, and access to a community of traders. It aims to teach new skills and strategies to help traders succeed in the stock market.

Q: How long does it take to complete the 20-Minute Trader course?

A: The 20 Minute Trader course can be completed at your own pace. It consists of 3.5 hours of video content, and you can take as much time as you need to understand and practice the concepts taught in the course.

Q: Is customer support available for 20-Minute Trader?

A: Yes, 20 Minute Trader provides customer support to assist students and answer any questions they may have regarding the course or trading strategies.

Q: Can I learn and practice trading with the 20 Minute Trader course?

A: Yes, the 20 Minute Trader course is designed to teach you the necessary skills and strategies to practice trading effectively. It provides real-life examples and opportunities to apply what you’ve learned.

Q: Is 20-Minute Trader suitable for experienced traders?

A: Yes, 20 Minute Trader offers advanced trading strategies and techniques that can benefit experienced traders looking to enhance their trading experience and improve their profitability.

Q: How can I invest in the 20-Minute Trader course?

A: To invest in the 20 Minute Trader course, you can visit the official website and follow the registration process. The course fee will be required to gain access to the course content and resources.

The Verdict – Use Caution with This System

While alluring on the surface, based on my testing I cannot recommend 20 Minute Trader as a profitable trading system. Too many red flags appeared.

The pattern recognition algorithm does not perform nearly as well as claimed. And the course does not provide the comprehensive education needed for profitable options trading.

For anyone interested, I would suggest starting with the low-cost Starter Class to gauge the value before paying more. Use the refund policy if you find it lacking.

There are less gimmicky ways to generate returns with options trading based on my experience. Thank you for reading my honest 20 Minute Trader review!

Key Takeaways from My Analysis

  • 20 Minute Trader promises fast profits from options in minutes per day
  • Relies heavily on algorithm to identify profitable patterns
  • My real-time testing of alerts showed poor accuracy and profits
  • Hard to replicate advertised win percentage even with ideal conditions
  • Starter class only $97 so may be worth testing with refund option
  • But use caution with this system making big claims with minimal proof
Author: Dominic Walsh

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