Six Figure Capital Course – A Comprehensive Review

Six Figure Capital offers an intensive 14-day online course that aims to teach a unique and versatile trading strategy applicable across all financial asset classes. Founded by Lewis Glasgow, an experienced trader, the course promises to impart the knowledge and skills required to systematically profit from markets. This review provides an in-depth analysis of Six Figure Capital’s offerings.

Six Figure Capital

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Overview of Six Figure Capital

Six Figure Capital positions itself as a leading educator in harmonic trading and market cycles analysis. Through its structured 14-day curriculum, the platform seeks to equip retail traders with a robust trading methodology based on identifying harmonic patterns and leveraging the natural rhythm of markets.

Key Features:

  • 14-Day Course: The core of Six Figure Capital’s education is a 14-day crash course claimed to provide all the fundamentals for developing into a successful trader.
  • Harmonic Trading Strategy: The course teaches participants how to spot and trade harmonic chart patterns across currency pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Market Cycles Analysis: In addition to harmonic trading, students also learn techniques to capitalize on market cycles for improved trade timing.
  • Live Trading Sessions: The course includes access to live trading webinars to demonstrate the real-world application of the strategies explored in the lessons.
  • Community Platform: Six Figure Capital facilitates networking and idea exchange between students via a Slack channel.
  • Bonus Materials: The platform provides supplementary trading resources like e-books and spreadsheets to further enrich the learning experience.

The 14-day blueprint aims to take students from beginner to experienced through focused daily lesson plans. The structured approach and emphasis on practical concepts anchored in Lewis Glasgow’s own trading experiences differentiate Six Figure Capital from competitors.

Course Curriculum & Delivery

The core of Six Figure Capital’s curriculum is divided into two primary segments – the foundational 14-day course and the more advanced Harmonic Mastery course.

14-Day Course

This flagship course aims to provide a step-by-step guide to trading across 19 videos. Lewis Glasgow directly instructs students on critical areas like:

Additionally, each session outlines market dynamics through real charts and trading examples. The structured nature of the content ensures information is digestible while demonstrating practical application.

Harmonic Mastery Course

The Harmonic Mastery course builds upon the 14-day program to impart proprietary techniques for spotting and leveraging harmonic chart patterns. This advanced module explores complex harmonic trading ideas like the Bat, Crab, and Gartley.

Overall, the tiered course structure caters to both novice and experienced traders, establishing core competencies before progressing to advanced strategic concepts.

Course Access & Delivery

Six Figure Capital delivers training through pre-recorded videos available on-demand supplemented by live webinars. The on-demand video lessons allow for self-paced learning while the weekly webinars enable real-time clarification and demonstration.

The video-based course delivery combined with 24/7 accessibility provides flexibility – an advantage for busy working professionals exploring trading alongside existing commitments.

Instructor Profile

Lewis Glasgow heads Six Figure Capital and directly oversees the teaching methodology. Glasgow draws from over a decade of trading experience across foreign exchange, commodities, and global indices markets.

His trading career began in his teenage years and further developed during his time working at various London-based financial institutions.

Today, Glasgow trades his own portfolio while educating traders globally through Six Figure Capital and managing a seven-figure fund.

His extensive trading background and ability to simplify complex ideas into executable tactics has earned Glasgow respect within the industry evident by positive reviews from his students.

Membership Options

Six Figure Capital offers two primary membership options – monthly and lifetime access.

The monthly membership costs £97 per month while the lifetime membership is a one-time payment of £800. Both memberships provide complete access to:

  • 14 Core Course
  • Harmonic Mastery
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Bonus Materials
  • Ongoing Support

While the monthly payments spread costs over time, the lifetime deal provides over 33% savings long-term.

Student Reviews & Testimonials

Six Figure Capital and founder Lewis Glasgow have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students evidencing the efficacy of the structured curriculum.

Many highlight Glasgow’s teaching style and practical presentation of concepts as critical to accelerating their trading comprehension and market application.

“By far the best educational course I have undertaken! Lewis has a wealth of knowledge and his ability to simplify to the “average Joe” like myself, I was amazed at the amount of education I took on board quickly in areas I’ve been learning for months prior.” – Paul Hayden

Others praise the supportive community established through the platform’s Slack channel that enables idea exchange between new and experienced traders.

“Lewis has created many additional things to help you study and organise your revision and also is always just a email away.” – M Collins

The testimonials validate Six Figure Capital’s dual effectiveness – imparting knowledge through structured lessons while also creating a collaborative environment for collective growth.

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Six Figure Capital Pros & Cons


  • Methodical 14-day course for accelerated learning
  • Harmonic trading strategy with versatility across assets
  • Weekly live trading sessions for real-world insights
  • Active Slack community for engagement & growth
  • Taught by experienced trader Lewis Glasgow


  • No free trial period offered
  • Steep learning curve for absolute beginners
  • Absence of fundamental analysis

While Six Figure Capital has received tremendous positive feedback from members, its intensive structure and lack of a trial option may overwhelm inexperienced traders.

Additionally, Lewis Glasgow focuses heavily on technical trading strategies with minor emphasis on fundamental analysis or macroeconomic considerations.

Six Figure Capital Final Verdict

Six Figure Capital offers an intensive yet high value trading course targeted at motivated individuals, from beginners to advanced traders.

The structured 14-day curriculum aims to impart an easy-to-understand yet effective harmonic trading strategy directly from the former trading floor experience of founder Lewis Glasgow.

Supplemented by live sessions, a community forum, and bonus materials, the platform provides tremendous value evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive member testimonials.

Overall, Six Figure Capital hits the mark on delivering a strategic, structured, and comprehensive education that accelerates trading competency for dedicated individuals. Though the steep learning curve and lack of trial option may deter complete novices, Six Figure Capital remains a top-tier course for motivated traders seeking real profit potential.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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