What is Forex factory? How to Use Forex Factory Calendar?

Forex Factory is a well-established website and forum that caters to the needs of Forex traders. Since its inception in 2004, it has aimed to foster a strong community and debunk any prevailing misinformation surrounding Forex trading.

forex factory

The platform offers an array of educational resources, a vibrant community, and a comprehensive data stream for traders. Notable features include reviews, trading projections, a forex calendar, and free trading tools designed to enhance understanding and improve trading outcomes.

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The Forex Factory calendar enables users to track news events and identify potential trade entry points, while the Sentiment Indicator provides insights into the positioning of short-term and long-term traders. Real-time trade monitoring is facilitated through the Market Monitoring section.

It is worth noting that Forex Factory also assists users in finding suitable Forex trading brokers via its search engine, where featured brokers pay a fee for their inclusion. However, it is crucial for users to exercise discernment by analyzing broker statistics rather than relying solely on promotional content.

Lastly, serious traders are encouraged to maintain a proper trading journal as it fosters accountability, facilitates learning opportunities, and serves as an invaluable repository of important information.

What is it?

Forex Factory is a widely recognized online platform that serves as a hub for Forex traders, offering an extensive range of features and resources such as trading tools, educational materials, and a vibrant community forum. Founded in 2004, it has become the leading forum for Forex traders globally.

One of the key features of Forex Factory is its comprehensive forex calendar. This calendar provides real-time updates on news events that can impact the forex market. Traders can set their time zone to ensure accurate information and use the news filter to exclude irrelevant events. This calendar helps traders track important economic announcements and find potential trade entry placements.

Another valuable tool provided by Forex Factory is the Sentiment Indicator. It shows the percentage of short-term and long-term traders in specific currency pairs. By considering a contrarian approach based on trader percentages, users can identify trading setups with higher probability ratings.

Additionally, Forex Factory offers a Market Monitoring section where users can access real-time trade updates and session times. This feature allows traders to stay informed about market movements and make timely decisions.

Forex Factory also provides a search engine to help users find reputable forex trading brokers. While brokers pay fees to be featured on the website, it is essential for users to trust their instincts and analyze statistical facts before choosing a broker.

To enhance their trading journey, serious traders are encouraged to maintain a proper trading journal. A trading journal improves accountability, provides learning opportunities through reflection on past trades, and serves as a repository for important information related to trades made.

Overall, Forex Factory offers an array of features designed to support Forex traders’ needs by providing education, community engagement opportunities, and robust data streams.

Features of Forex Factory

One of the notable offerings provided by this platform is a comprehensive calendar that enables users to track news events and identify potential trade entry placements. This Forex Factory calendar is an essential tool for forex traders as it allows them to stay updated with important economic announcements, central bank decisions, and other market-moving events.

Here are four key features of the Forex Factory calendar:

  1. Reviews, trading projections, and forex calendar: The platform provides users with access to a wide range of information including expert reviews, trading projections, and a detailed forex calendar. Traders can use these resources to gain insights into market trends and plan their trades accordingly.
  2. Free trading tools: Forex Factory offers a variety of free trading tools designed to improve understanding and success in the forex market. These tools include currency strength meters, pivot point calculators, and economic data indicators.
  3. Sentiment Indicator: The Sentiment Indicator on Forex Factory shows the percentage of short-term and long-term traders who are currently holding positions in a particular currency pair. This information can be valuable for traders looking for contrarian opportunities or those who prefer to align themselves with the prevailing market sentiment.
  4. Market Monitoring section: The Market Monitoring section provides real-time updates on currency pairs, including price movements, session times, and volatility levels. Traders can use this information to monitor their trades closely and make informed decisions based on current market conditions.

By offering these features, Forex Factory aims to empower traders with the necessary tools and information needed for successful trading in the forex market. Whether it’s staying updated with news events or finding reliable brokers through their search engine, Forex Factory strives to provide a comprehensive platform that caters to the needs of its community members.

How to Use Forex Factory Calendar

To effectively utilize the Forex Factory calendar, traders can access it through the website and set their desired time zone using the Time button, allowing them to stay updated with relevant news events and filter out any irrelevant information.

The calendar serves as a valuable tool for traders to track important economic announcements, such as interest rate decisions, GDP releases, and employment data. By being aware of these events in advance, traders can make informed decisions about their trades and adjust their strategies accordingly.

forex factory calendar

One of the key features of the Forex Factory calendar is its ability to filter out irrelevant news. Traders can customize their settings to only display news events that are relevant to their trading interests. This helps eliminate noise and allows traders to focus on the events that are most likely to impact the forex market.

In addition to providing a comprehensive economic calendar, Forex Factory also offers a Sentiment Indicator that shows the percentage of short-term and long-term traders in the market. This indicator can be used by traders as a contrarian tool, as extreme readings may indicate potential reversals or trend continuations.

Traders can also benefit from the Market Monitoring section on Forex Factory’s website. This section provides real-time trade updates and session times for major currency pairs. By keeping an eye on this section, traders can stay informed about market activity and identify potential trading opportunities.

In conclusion, the Forex Factory calendar is a valuable resource for forex traders looking to stay informed about important news events and make well-informed trading decisions. Its customizable features allow users to filter out irrelevant information and focus on what matters most for their trading strategies.

Additionally, the Sentiment Indicator and Market Monitoring sections provide additional insights into market sentiment and activity. Overall, utilizing these tools can help traders improve their understanding of the forex market and increase their chances of success.

Finding Forex Trading Brokers

When searching for suitable forex trading brokers, it is crucial to trust one’s instincts and thoroughly analyze the statistical facts provided by potential brokers.

Forex Factory offers a helpful tool called ‘Find a Broker’ that allows users to search for brokers based on various characteristics.

Here are five key points to consider when finding forex trading brokers:

  • Reputation: Look for brokers with a strong reputation in the industry. Consider their track record, customer reviews, and any regulatory certifications they may have.
  • Trading Platform: Evaluate the broker’s trading platform to ensure it meets your needs. Look for features such as user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and execution speed.
  • Spreads and Commissions: Compare the spreads and commissions offered by different brokers. Lower spreads can result in lower transaction costs, which can be beneficial for frequent traders.
  • Customer Support: Consider the level of customer support provided by the broker. Look for responsive customer service, availability of multiple communication channels, and educational resources.
  • Account Types: Assess the different account types offered by brokers. Different account types may have varying minimum deposit requirements, leverage options, and additional features.

By considering these factors and analyzing the statistical facts provided by potential brokers on Forex Factory’s database, traders can make informed decisions when choosing their forex trading partners.

Benefits of Using a Trading Journal

Using a trading journal can greatly enhance the effectiveness of forex traders by improving accountability, facilitating valuable learning opportunities, and serving as a reliable repository for important information.

By maintaining a trading journal, forex traders are able to hold themselves accountable for their actions and decisions in the market. This accountability helps to instill discipline and consistency in their trading approach, as they are able to review and reflect on their past trades.

Additionally, a trading journal provides valuable learning opportunities for forex traders. By documenting each trade, including the reasoning behind it and the outcome, traders can identify patterns or trends in their decision-making process. They can analyze what worked well and what didn’t, allowing them to learn from both successful and unsuccessful trades. This self-reflection fosters continuous improvement and helps traders refine their strategies over time.

forex trading journal

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Furthermore, a trading journal serves as a reliable repository for important information. It allows traders to keep track of various aspects related to each trade such as entry points, exit points, stop-loss levels, trade duration, risk management techniques employed, and any other relevant factors. This organized record-keeping enables traders to easily refer back to previous trades when making future decisions or analyzing market trends.

In conclusion, using a trading journal is an invaluable tool for forex traders seeking liberation in the financial markets. It promotes accountability by encouraging disciplined behavior while providing valuable learning opportunities through self-reflection. Additionally, it serves as a centralized repository for important trade-related information that can be accessed at any time. By incorporating this practice into their routine, forex traders can improve their decision-making process and increase their chances of success in the dynamic world of currency trading.


In conclusion, Forex Factory is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features and resources for Forex traders.

From its calendar and sentiment indicator to its market monitoring section, it provides valuable tools for trade analysis and decision-making.

Additionally, the platform helps users find reputable Forex trading brokers through its search engine.

Lastly, the importance of using a trading journal cannot be overstated, as it improves accountability and learning opportunities while storing crucial information.

Overall, Forex Factory is an invaluable resource for traders looking to enhance their understanding and success in the Forex market.

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