The Best Free Forex Robots Revealed

Forex trading has grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade. However, consistently profiting from forex trading requires in-depth market knowledge, constant analysis of data, and quick execution of trades. This is where forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors (EAs), come into play.

Forex robots are software programs that automate trading strategies and execute trades on behalf of traders. They utilize complex algorithms to analyze market data, identify trading opportunities, and place trades accordingly. The best free forex robots can serve as valuable trading tools for novice and experienced traders alike.

The Best Free Forex Robots Revealed

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In this comprehensive review, we will explore some of the top free forex robots available today and compare their features, performance, and ease of use. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right free forex robot aligned with your trading style and risk appetite.

The major benefits of using properly tested and optimized free forex robots are:

  • Emotionless automated trading based on pre-defined rules
  • Backtesting capabilities to assess performance on historical data
  • Potential for diversification by trading multiple currency pairs
  • 24/7 market monitoring and ability to capitalize on opportunities anytime

However, it’s important to utilize appropriate risk management principles and maintain discipline when using forex robots. They do not guarantee profits.

Top Free Forex Robots

Here are some of the top free forex robots traders can consider for automated trading:

1. Forex Fury

Forex Fury is one of the most popular free forex robots known for its state-of-the-art adaptive trading algorithm.

Forex Fury EA Review

Key Features:

  • Proprietary adaptive trading algorithm that continuously monitors and adapts to evolving market conditions
  • Impressive risk management with tight stop losses to minimize drawdown
  • Compatible with all MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 brokers for seamless trading
  • Quick and easy to install and use for traders at all skill levels

Forex Fury’s advanced algorithm dynamically adapts to changing market volatility and trends. It combines short-term and long-term strategies to identify high probability setups across multiple timeframes. Extensive backtests since 2001 and verified live performance results demonstrate consistent profitability with low drawdown across various currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

The EA works seamlessly across all MetaTrader brokers and can be set up with just a few clicks. The default settings are optimized for long-term performance. Forex Fury also provides exceptional customer support. Its unique algorithmic technology and stellar track record make it one of the best free forex robots available today.

2. FXCharger

FXCharger is a respected free forex robot with over 10 years of stellar live performance history.


Key Features:

  • Proven and time-tested trading strategies combining short and long-term approaches
  • Tight risk management module to minimize losses on each trade
  • Ability to trade multiple currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF profitably
  • Free customer support and updates

FXCharger deploys well-established strategies including trend following, swing trading, and scalping within short timeframes. A highly optimized risk management algorithm minimizes losses and drawdown on each trade. The EA has shown consistent profitability in backtests and live trading across various market conditions.

While FXCharger is designed primarily for EUR/USD, it also performs efficiently on other major and minor currency pairs. The robot can be installed easily using default settings and provides good customer support via email and chat. FXCharger’s reliability and longevity make it a leading free forex robot.

3. Forex Combo System

Forex Combo System is a unique free forex robot that combines 4 different expert advisor strategies into one robust automated trading system.

Forex Combo System

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Key Features:

  • 4-in-1 EA combining multiple profitable trading strategies
  • Impressive risk management model maintaining small drawdowns
  • Ability to trade all currency pairs profitably
  • Free customer support and updates

The Forex Combo System integrates four complementary trading strategies including short-term scalping, medium-term trend following, and long-term counter-trend approaches. This diversified algorithm provides a holistic approach to trading multiple currency pairs profitably.

Extensive backtesting since 1999 and live trading results demonstrate the EA’s ability to generate consistent profits with low drawdown across all market conditions. The robot focuses on high-probability trades and maintains small, steady gains while minimizing losses through tight stop losses.

The Forex Combo System works seamlessly across all MetaTrader brokers and pairs. The default settings can be used out-of-the-box or optimized as required. Overall, its multi-strategy nature and solid performance history make it one of the top free forex robots.

4. Forex Diamond

Forex Diamond is a popular free forex robot known for its hybrid trading approach combining trend and counter-trend strategies.

EA Diamond

Key Features:

  • Hybrid trading algorithm capitalizing on trend and counter-trends
  • In-built money management module with adjustable position sizing
  • Ability to trade multiple currency pairs profitably
  • Quick installation and ease of use

Forex Diamond employs an accurate algorithm that identifies trending and ranging markets across multiple timeframes. It enters trades in the overall direction of the trend while also capitalizing on counter-trend retracements. This dynamic approach allows the EA to profit in diverse market conditions.

The robot has in-built money management features like adjustable position sizing, stop losses, and take profit levels to minimize risk on every trade. While designed primarily for EUR/USD, Forex Diamond also trades efficiently on other major and exotic currency pairs. It can be installed quickly on all MetaTrader brokers using the default settings.

Extensive backtesting and live results validate Forex Diamond’s long-term profitability and reliability as a free forex robot.

5. Forex Gump

One of the most popular free forex robots is Forex Gump. Developed by Andrey Kozak, Forex Gump has been around since 2017 and trades based on short-term trends.

Forex Gump

Key Features

Some of the key features of Forex Gump include:

  • Compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Trades 9 currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY
  • Comes with 3 risk profiles – High, Medium, Low
  • In-built money management and risk controls
  • News filter to avoid trading during high-impact events
  • Detailed backtested results since 2017


Forex Gump uses a combination of trend filters, price action analysis and a news filter to generate automated trading signals. It is able to adapt to different market conditions by using high, medium or low risk settings.

The EA trades multiple currency pairs which provides diversification. It also offers money management features and customizable risk parameters to control risk. Traders can start using it with a small $40 account balance.

As per[1], Forex Gump has yielded over 2000% in profits during live trading over the last 2 years. The backtested results also look promising with over 1000% returns in 2020. Overall, Forex Gump is one of the top free forex robots that provides a good mix of features for profitable automated trading.

How to Choose the Right Free Forex Robot

With so many free forex robots available today, it can get confusing to decide which one to use. Here are some tips from expert traders on choosing the right free forex robot:

Check Historical Backtesting Results

Always check the historical backtesting results of the forex robot before deciding to use it[2]. The wider the historical period covered in backtesting, the better. Analyze the returns, drawdowns, winning percentages, risk-reward ratios etc. to gauge the effectiveness of the trading strategy.

Research Live Trading Results

Along with backtests, also research the live trading results of the forex robot. Check verified MyFXBook or FXBlue results to analyze the performance in real market conditions. Consistent profits in live trading add credibility to the robot’s claims.

Understand the Trading Logic

Take time to understand the logic behind the robot’s trading strategy. Analyze the technical indicators, entry and exit rules, position sizing etc. to check if they make practical sense and are aligned to your trading plan.

Evaluate Currency Pairs Traded

Choose a forex robot that trades multiple currency pairs for diversification. Trading only one pair can be risky. Check if the robot trades all major pairs or focuses only on specific pairs.

Check Reviews and Feedback

Read online reviews and feedback about the forex robot to gauge other traders’ experiences. But use discretion and do not rely entirely on reviews as they can be manipulated. Focus on recurring themes in multiple reviews.

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Consider Broker Compatibility

Ensure that the forex robot is compatible with your broker before purchasing. Some robots work only with specific brokers. Having broker compatibility prevents integration issues.

Check for Responsiveness

Check how responsive and helpful the forex robot’s development team is in providing support. The team should continuously update and improve the robot based on evolving market conditions.

Using Free Forex Robots Effectively

Simply having a free forex robot is not enough. You need to use it effectively to extract the most benefit. Here are some tips from expert traders:

Start with Demo Trading

Always backtest the forex robot thoroughly and demo trade it for a few weeks before going live. This will help you understand its logic and test compatibility with your broker.

Use Proper Risk Management

Use prudent position sizing, stop losses and risk-reward ratios. Do not fall for robots that promise unrealistic returns with little risk management.

Monitor Performance Continuously

Keep monitoring the robot’s live trading performance across different market conditions. Be ready to intervene or stop trading if it deviates from backtested results.

Employ Good Money Management

Follow sound money management principles like limiting risk per trade to 1-2% of capital. Do not reinvest trading profits quickly without analyzing performance.

Use Default Settings Initially

Use the forex robot’s default settings when you initially go live. Optimizing settings too early without enough data can lead to overfitting.

Keep Trading Rules Simple

Start with simple trading rules and conservative parameters. Complex algorithms and overly-optimized settings tend to breakdown easily.

Maintain Discipline

Avoid interfering too much with the robot’s trading logic. Follow a disciplined approach and let the automated strategy play out over a reasonable period.

The Best Free Forex Robots Revealed Conclusion

Free forex robots can deliver consistent profits if chosen and used judiciously. Forex Gump is one of the best free forex robots available today that combines robust trading logic with good risk controls. By starting with demo trading, using prudent risk management, and monitoring performance, traders can benefit from automated trading without incurring monthly costs.

The key is to be selective in choosing a credible and well-tested robot, and allowing it to trade patiently over the long term. Maintaining discipline and managing risk are vital for success. Used wisely, the best free forex robots can give traders an edge and take their trading to the next level.

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