Support and Resistance MTF Indicator Introduction

The Support and Resistance Signals MTF [LuxAlgo] indicator for Tradingview is an extremely useful technical analysis tool that aims to identify key support and resistance levels across multiple timeframes. This allows traders to make more informed decisions by understanding the underlying market structure.

Support and Resistance MTF Indicator

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Some of the key features of this indicator include:

How the Indicator Works

The indicator starts by processing swing highs and lows to identify potential support and resistance levels. It then uses pending orders and volume data to detect highly liquid S/R levels.

By default, the indicator shows S/R levels on the current timeframe. But the power comes from the multi-timeframe analysis. You can enable higher timeframe data (e.g. 4H, 1D etc.) to show those levels on your current chart.

This allows you to make trading decisions while still understanding the higher timeframe structure. For example, a resistance level on the 4H chart can act as a powerful area for selling/shorting on the 15m chart.

The indicator also dynamically updates the S/R levels. As price makes new swing highs or lows, the levels are adjusted accordingly. This ensures you always have the most recent and relevant levels plotted on your chart.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of using the Support and Resistance Signals MTF indicator:

1. Better identification of S/R levels

By combining multiple timeframes, the indicator exposes key levels that may not be visible on your current chart. This leads to better S/R detection.

2. Clear visualization of market structure

At a glance, you can see the important S/R zones across different time perspectives. This helps determine overall market structure.

3. Spot breakouts and reversals

As price interacts with the plotted S/R levels, you can spot potential breakouts, tests, retests and rejections. This helps time entries and exits.

4. Works for any market and timeframe

The indicator can be used on any symbol and timeframe available in Tradingview. So you can apply it to stocks, forex, crypto etc.

5. Easy to set up and customize

The indicator offers various settings to tweak the analysis as per your trading style. You can show specific timeframes, choose colors, enable alerts and more.

Using the Indicator Effectively

Now that we’ve covered what the indicator does, let’s discuss how to use it for improved trading performance.

The key is to combine the S/R levels with your own analysis of price action and momentum. Just because a level exists doesn’t mean price will reverse there. You need to make sure the broader context aligns with your setup.

Here are some tips:

  • Look for price to approach key S/R levels, especially on higher timeframes
  • Wait for confirmation before taking a trade. For example, a bearish price pattern on resistance.
  • Use the MTF levels to identify possible areas to take profit. For example, selling at 4H resistance.
  • When a significant level breaks, expect a stronger move in that direction.
  • Choose tighter stops when trading near S/R zones. Price may whipsaw around these areas.

By effectively incorporating the indicator with smart price action analysis, you can significantly improve your trading. The MTF S/R levels act as a guide to time entries, exits and gauge overall market direction across various time perspectives.

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Common Trading Strategies

Now let’s discuss some of the common ways traders are using the Support and Resistance Signals MTF indicator for their strategies:

Breakout Trading

The indicator makes it easy to identify breakouts of key S/R zones, especially on higher timeframes. Since these zones are created by the cumulative price action of multiple market participants, the breakouts tend to lead to extended moves.

You can trade breakouts on the lower timeframes in the direction of the higher timeframe trend. This can offer a great risk-to-reward scenario on most instruments.

Reversal Trading at S/R

Trading reversals can also be rewarding with this indicator. By spotting key zones across timeframes, you can identify potential areas where a move may exhaust itself before changing direction.

For example, you may look to buy a retest of broken support turned resistance on a smaller timeframe chart. Just make sure broader market conditions align with your setup.

Range Trading

When price gets range-bound between certain S/R zones, you have range trading opportunities. This includes techniques like fading the range extremes by selling near resistance and buying near support.

Having clear MTF levels plotted makes it much easier to identify the price bounds and execute range trading strategies.

Pros and Cons


  • Spot high probability S/R levels using multiple timeframes
  • Clear visualization of structure
  • Easily identify trades around key zones
  • Works across all major markets
  • Fully customizable settings


  • Can repaint when configured aggressively
  • Too many levels may cluster the chart
  • Needs support of other indicators for timing trades
  • Doesn’t consider volume data by default

Configuration Settings

The indicator has several configuration settings you can tweak for your analysis requirements:

Timeframe Options: Choose which higher timeframes to enable for MTF analysis (e.g. 15m, 1H, 4H etc.)

Colors: Set custom colors for support and resistance levels

Style: Show support/resistance as lines, rectangles or use both

Sensitivity: Higher sensitivity shows more minor levels, lower shows stronger zones

Make sure to experiment with these based on the particular instrument and your trading approach. The flexibility allows traders to customize the output as per their needs.

Support and Resistance MTF Indicator Final Thoughts

The Support and Resistance Signals MTF [LuxAlgo] indicator is an invaluable addition for most trading toolboxes. By seamlessly combining multiple timeframes, it offers a structured way to identify high probability S/R zones.

Traders can incorporate these levels in their strategies to objectively determine entries, exits and gauge market direction. The indicator works across all major markets and timeframes available on Tradingview.

So if you aren’t already using it, give the Support and Resistance Signals MTF indicator a try! It’s likely to become an integral part of your analysis process.

Just remember to backtest it thoroughly and understand how to integrate it with your existing strategy before using it live. This will allow you to harness its full potential in the most effective way.

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