How To Customize TradingView – A Complete Guide

One of TradingView’s greatest strengths is its flexibility and customization capabilities. But with so many preferences and options, how do you tailor the platform to fit your workflow?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore key ways to customize TradingView across charts, workspace layout, indicators, alerts, themes, and more. Follow along to make TradingView distinctly yours!

We’ll cover customization methods for desktop, web, and mobile so you can trade on your terms no matter where analysis happens. Let’s dive in!

How To Customize Tradingview

Why Customize Your TradingView Setup?

Before getting into specifics, let’s look at the benefits of customizing your TradingView workspace:

  • Charts and tools arranged to mirror your personal analysis process
  • Workspace efficiency through screen real estate optimization
  • Unique color schemes and themes to reduce eye strain
  • Indicators preset so critical ones plot automatically
  • Alert defaults and audio customized for what matters most
  • Keyboard shortcuts tailored for frequently used actions
  • Distinct branding when sharing ideas publicly or within teams

Thoughtful customization allows focusing energy on trading rather than setup.

How To Customize TradingView Charts

The first step is optimizing your charts for analysis:

  • Set default indicators to automate routine analysis
  • Customize color schemes to visually highlight key data
  • Program chart hotkeys for one clicktoolbar actions
  • Enable pre/post market data for fuller trading session view
  • Set y-axis scaling preference for uniformity across assets
  • Adjust volume visualization and color based on relevance for that asset

With charting preferences refined, now let’s customize workspace.

Optimizing Your TradingView Workspace Layout

Tailor your workspace for efficiency:

  • Arrange charts, watchlists, scanners, news, and tools based on process flow
  • Group related assets into tabs like indexes or forex pairs
  • Set primary monitors for charts, secondary for tools/scanners to avoid toggling
  • Color code elements like red for popular charts or alerts
  • Use pop-out windows for tools you always want visible

An intuitive workspace minimizes distraction.

Customizing TradingView Theme and Appearance

Enhance readability by tweaking appearance:

  • Set light or dark theme based on environment
  • Customize complete color palette from candles to tools
  • Increase font size for visibility or fit more data
  • Change background color/gradient to reduce eye strain
  • Hide sidebar icons or change transparency
  • Enable “Always on top” mode for focus

A comfortable viewing experience reduces mistakes.

Programming Custom TradingView Indicators

For unique indicators, leverage Pine Script:

  • Code custom indicators from scratch matching your strategy
  • Recreate favorite locked indicators by reverse engineering
  • Tweak existing open-source scripts to fit your needs
  • Use Pine Wizard for drag-and-drop backtesting

Your indicators give you an analytical edge.

Setting Default TradingView Alerts

Program alerts to notify on what matters most:

  • Set default audio cues for specific alerts
  • Customize browser notifications for clarity
  • Color code alerts by urgency or trade direction
  • Enable SMS and email as redundancy for critical alerts
  • Batch set alerts on instruments sharing characteristics

Well-configured alerts prevent missing opportunities.

Customizing TradingView Hotkeys

Hotkeys optimize efficiency for frequent actions:

  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to open favorite charts fast
  • Program hotkeys for drawing trendlines, retracements, etc
  • Set single-key shortcuts for critical alerts
  • Build sequences for complex chart or order actions

Hotkeys remove friction when timing matters.

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Creating Branded TradingView Profile and Sharing

For public facing analysis or teams, branding allows:

  • Add logo, color scheme, banners to personalize your space
  • Custom branded watermarks when publishing ideas
  • Team collaboration through group profiles
  • Enable branded page URLs for marketing

Branding builds authority and trust.

Final Thoughts on Customizing TradingView

Hopefully this guide highlighted key areas for tailoring TradingView to your personal preferences and habits through charts, workspace, themes, scripts, alerts and more.

Don’t settle for default settings – mold TradingView into the optimal trading environment for how you work. Efficiency and comfort drive performance.

The platform’s flexibility allows traders to express individuality while benefiting from community. Customize TradingView to unlock your potential!

Let me know if you have any other TradingView setup questions.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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