The Purple Bills System – A Comprehensive Review

The Purple Bills System is an innovative approach to trading foreign currencies (forex) that combines technical and fundamental analysis to identify high-probability trading opportunities. Developed by expert traders, this system aims to make forex trading more profitable for both beginners and professionals.

Purple Bills System

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How The Purple Bills System Works

The Purple Bills System utilizes custom indicators that automatically scan the charts to detect well-known price action patterns in real-time, such as double tops, head and shoulders, triangles, flags, and harmonic patterns like Gartley and Bat.

Key features:

  • Automatically identifies over 10 pure price action patterns with a high degree of accuracy, eliminating the need for manual chart pattern recognition
  • Plots potential pattern breakout levels in advance with precise entry, stop loss and take profit levels
  • Works on any forex pair and timeframe from 1 minute to 1 month
  • Suitable for both short-term scalping and long-term swing trading

By alerting traders to emerging chart patterns as they form, the system provides reliable trading signals that can be easily executed manually or automatically using Expert Advisors.


  • Removes subjectivity from trade entry and exit decisions
  • Reduces analysis time significantly
  • Improves risk vs reward ratio
  • Allows focus on broader market conditions

Fundamental Analysis Module

In addition to the advanced pattern recognition technology, the Purple Bills System also incorporates a fundamental analysis module that evaluates overall market sentiment.

Key metrics analyzed include:

  • Interest rates – Central bank rate decisions significantly impact currency valuations
  • Economic growth – GDP, employment, manufacturing activity
  • Inflation – Rising prices can lead to interest rate hikes
  • Political climate – Elections, new policies influence market stability

By combining technical and fundamental signals, traders can better understand the overall market context and only take high conviction trades aligned with the major trends across various timeframes.

Benefits of adding fundamental analysis:

  • Evaluate if technical setups make fundamental sense
  • Avoid trading against major fundamental themes
  • Improve risk-reward ratio further
  • Stay on right side of market momentum

Purple Bills System Suitable For All Traders

While advanced in its capabilities, the Purple Bills System has been designed to be user-friendly for forex traders of all skill levels.

For Beginners

  • Easy visual interface
  • Simple alerts require no interpretation
  • Detailed documentation & video tutorials

For Experts

  • Fully customizable settings
  • Works across all timeframes
  • Code available for EA integration

So whether you are starting out or a seasoned price action trader, the Purple Bills System can enhance your trading process and results.

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Real User Reviews & Ratings

With hundreds of traders already benefiting from the Purple Bills System, it has earned stellar ratings and reviews across forex forums and marketplaces.

“This system has really improved my trading. I can spot so many patterns now that I was missing earlier. My risk management is much better after following the trading plan guidelines. I highly recommend it even for newbies.”

“Purple Bills System makes complex pattern trading very simple. It has definitely taken my trading to the next level. The risk-reward ratio offered by the patterns detected is very impressive. The entry signals are extremely accurate in all market conditions.”

The ability to rapidly identify high probability chart patterns even by novice traders makes it a valuable addition for any trading toolkit.

Pricing Options

The Purple Bills System is available under different licensing options suitable for individual traders, trading offices, and developers.

Version Price
Monthly Subscription $67 per month
Yearly Access $297 per year
Lifetime License $497 one-time
With Source Code $1997 one-time

Additional services included:

  • Installation support
  • Video tutorials & user guide
  • Free updates & upgrades
  • Refund policy

Considering the profit potential from high accuracy signals, the Purple Bills System offers exceptional value-for-money under the various pricing options.

Purple Bills System Conclusion

The Purple Bills System for MT4 aims to level the playing field between novice traders and advanced experts by enabling easy identification of the highest probability trade setups that occur frequently in forex markets.

It empowers traders to make more informed decisions by reducing subjectivity and guesswork from the trading process. With proven performance across market conditions, it is one of the most robust pure price action trading technologies available today.

The combination of state-of-the-art functionality, intuitive interface, and competitive pricing makes the Purple Bills System a game-changing addition for forex traders looking to improve their results.


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