The Blue Mode Price Action System – A Comprehensive Review

The Blue Mode Price Action System is a relatively new trading system that is gaining popularity amongst forex and stock traders for its purported accuracy and profit potential. This system aims to provide traders with a comprehensive toolkit to analyze markets and identify high-probability trading opportunities.



An Overview of the Blue Mode System

The Blue Mode System was developed by a team of seasoned trading experts to leverage algorithms, technical indicators, and price action analysis. At its core, this system tries to empower traders to make informed trading decisions in real-time by providing actionable insights and signals.

Some key features of the Blue Mode System include:

  • Advanced Analysis – Uses algorithms and indicators to provide in-depth market analysis to identify trends, patterns, and potential trades.
  • Adaptability – Designed to adapt to changing market conditions so traders can capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Real-time Insights – Provides traders with real-time analysis and trading signals to enable timely decisions.
  • Risk Management – Incorporates risk management principles in trade analysis.
  • User-Friendly – Easy to set up and use with a clean, intuitive interface.

How the Blue Mode System Works

The Blue Mode System utilizes a combination of technical indicators, proprietary algorithms, and price action analysis to generate trading signals. Here is a brief overview of how it works:

  • Trend Identification – Uses indicators like moving averages and momentum oscillators to identify the overall market trend. Confirms the trend using multi-timeframe analysis.
  • Entry Signals – Generates buy and sell signals based on momentum, volume analysis, chart patterns, and other proprietary indicators. Signals aim to pinpoint optimal entry points.
  • Risk Management – Calculates stop loss and take profit levels for each trade signal to manage risk. Traders can also customize risk parameters.
  • Adaptability – Continuously scans the markets and adjusts its algorithms to adapt to changing conditions. Aims to provide traders with an “adaptive edge.”
  • Real-time Alerts – Provides pop-up and audio alerts when trade signals are generated so traders can take timely action.

The system aims to provide high-probability signals while equipping traders with risk management strategies for consistent performance.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons

The Blue Mode System offers some potential advantages but also has some limitations traders should be aware of.

Pros of the Blue Mode System

  • Sophisticated analysis – Combines algorithms, indicators, and price action for an in-depth analytical approach. This provides traders with more insights.
  • Risk management – Incorporates stop losses and take profit levels to manage risk on each trade. This promotes responsible trading.
  • Adaptability – The system’s ability to scan markets and adjust its algorithms makes it more flexible and adaptable to evolving conditions.
  • Ease of use – Clean interface and alerts make it user-friendly for novice traders. Short learning curve.
  • Real-time signals – Traders get live trade alerts which allows timely execution and potential profitability.

Cons of the Blue Mode System

  • Over-reliance on technology – Like any automated system, glitches or failures can lead to missed trades or losses.
  • Steep pricing – High subscription fees make the system expensive, especially for new traders.
  • Potential over-optimization – Excessive curve-fitting could reduce out-of-sample accuracy and profitability.
  • Limited customization – Traders may have little ability to customize algorithms or indicators.
  • Learning curve – Still requires effort to learn how to interpret signals and use features effectively.

While the system offers some advantages, traders should be aware of its limitations and potential risks. Striking a balance between using the tools provided and personal trading experience is encouraged.

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Real User Reviews and Ratings

With any trading system, it’s important to look at real-world user experiences to evaluate its potential value. Here are some reviews from traders who have used the Blue Mode System:

“The Blue Mode System has really enhanced my trading. I’m impressed with how accurately it identifies high-probability setups. My win rate has improved and I’m making more consistent returns. The interface is really intuitive too.” – Lucas, Stock Trader

As a new trader, I found Blue Mode easy to use right away. The alerts and risk management features help me trade with more confidence. Customer service has been very responsive in resolving any issues I’ve had.” – Amelia, Forex Trader

“I like the real-time analysis but found the default settings needed some optimization for my strategy. It’s not very customizable unless you pay more for the advanced package. Some features could also be improved.” – Michael, Day Trader

“Their marketing claims of being 99% accurate are definitely exaggerated in my experience. Performance has been inconsistent and it misses some obvious trades. For the high subscription cost, I expected better.” – Damien, Swing Trader

While some traders reported satisfactory experiences, the system received mixed reviews regarding its performance claims, pricing, and limitations. Many highlight a steep learning curve.

On TrustPilot, the Blue Mode System currently has a 3 out of 5 star rating based on over 500 reviews, indicating average customer satisfaction. On other review sites, ratings range from 2.5 to 4 stars out of 5.

Key Takeaways from Professional Reviews

In their detailed review, TheForexGeek highlights the system’s goal of providing traders with analysis tools, adaptability, and risk management. However, they note that results may vary based on the trader’s skills and caution against over-reliance on any software system.

ForexBestShop describes the Blue Mode System 4.6 as highly accurate but notes the importance of learning proper usage and interpreting the analysis provided. Their review emphasizes combining these insights with sound trading principles.

Overall, professional reviews reiterate that the Blue Mode System offers indicators and algorithms to identify potential trades but requires discretion in using these tools properly. Managing risk and developing trading skills are still essential.

Costs of the Blue Mode System

The Blue Mode System is a paid subscription service that comes with different pricing packages:

  • Starter – $79 per month with basic features and limited alerts.
  • Standard – $149 per month with full analytics and unlimited alerts.
  • Pro – $249 per month with advanced customization and priority support.
  • Lifetime – A one-time payment of $999 for unlimited lifetime access.

While the Lifetime plan seems cost-effective long-term, paying a large upfront cost may be difficult for some traders. The Standard plan offers a good balance of features for most.

Traders should consider the costs against their profit expectations and trading activity. Free trials are not available but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Is the Blue Mode System Worth It?

The Blue Mode System offers some helpful trading tools and analysis through its algorithms, indicators, and price action capabilities. The ability to identify trading opportunities and manage risk shows potential value.

However, over-reliance on any software for trading decisions is ill-advised. Developing trading skills, applying prudent risk management, and using human discretion is still essential.

For traders looking to enhance their analysis of market conditions and identify low-risk, high-probability trades, the Blue Mode System could provide an edge. But costs may be prohibitive for casual traders.

Realistically, profitability will depend greatly on the trader’s abilities and implementation. Using the Blue Mode System in combination with sound trading principles to develop a robust but flexible trading plan is key to long-term success.

Overall, the system merits consideration but should be evaluated against individual trading goals, skills, and budgets. With the right approach, it can be a useful addition but not a magic bullet. As with any trading decision, caution and due diligence is advised.

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