Price Action Scalping Indicators: A Comprehensive Review

Price action scalping is a trading strategy that relies on reading raw price data to make trading decisions rather than relying solely on technical indicators. It has become an increasingly popular strategy among forex and stock traders in recent years. In this comprehensive review, we will explore what price action scalping is, the benefits and drawbacks of using price action over indicators, the best price action patterns to trade, and the most effective price action scalping indicators that can complement raw price action analysis.

Price Action Scalping Indicators

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What is Price Action Scalping?

Price action scalping is a trading style where traders analyze the movements of price over time to determine buy and sell signals, rather than using technical indicators. The premise is that all known information about a market is already reflected in the price, so analyzing price movements alone can provide all the necessary information to trade profitably.

Scalpers aim to profit from small price movements and trends. They utilize short time frames, usually 1 minute to 5 minutes, to target quick profits. Price action scalpers look for specific candlestick patterns and areas of support and resistance formed by previous price highs and lows. Combining analysis of price action and support/resistance levels allows scalpers to identify optimal entry and exit points.

Benefits of Price Action Over Indicators

There are several advantages of using raw price action over lagging indicators:

  • Real-time analysis – Price action analysis uses current market data, providing real-time buy/sell signals. Indicators use past price data and lag behind.
  • Removes guesswork – With price action, the market tells you when to buy and sell. Indicators require interpretation and settings tweaking.
  • Better risk management – Price action allows placing tighter stops since entries are made at market structure levels. Wider stops are needed with indicators.
  • Works across markets – Price action concepts like support, resistance and trends work universally across forex, stocks, futures etc. Indicators need optimization for each market.
  • Requires less screen time – Analyzing simple candlestick patterns is faster than monitoring multiple indicator charts. This frees up time for the trader.

Overall, price action provides a simpler yet more effective trading approach compared to indicator-based strategies.

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Top Price Action Setups for Scalping

Here are some of the best price action patterns that scalpers look to trade:

  • Pin bars – These single candle patterns signal reversals when price rejects a support or resistance level. The wick shows the rejection while the body shows the direction of the potential move.
  • Inside bars – Inside bars form when the high and low of the current candle fits inside the range of the previous candle, signaling consolidation before a breakout.
  • Breakouts – Common price action patterns like double tops, head and shoulders can signal breakouts when price breaks support/resistance levels.
  • Trend continuations – Scalpers also look to trade pullbacks within the larger trend. Areas where price consolidates within a trend provide low-risk entries.

The key is looking for price action signals that form at obvious areas of support and resistance, signaling high probability setups. Combining simple patterns with key levels produces the best price action trading opportunities.

Top Price Action Scalping Indicators

While price action can be traded purely on its own, certain indicators can enhance analysis and confirm price movements. Here are some of the most useful MT4 indicators for price action scalping:

These indicators work well with price action analysis because they track market conditions and sentiment rather than providing trading signals. Used properly, they can improve the accuracy of price action setups.

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The Benefits of Combining Price Action with Indicators

Here are some of the key benefits of complementing raw price action with the right indicators:

  • Indicators help determine the strength of price moves and potential exhaustion.
  • They can confirm price action signals, improving accuracy and confidence.
  • Indicators help identify low volatility periods ideal for entries and high volatility for exits.
  • Metrics like volume and volatility help set appropriate stop losses based on market conditions.
  • Indicators provide objective measures separate from subjective price action analysis.

The combination of analyzing raw price data with indicators that reflect market conditions provides a robust framework for scalping trading.


Price action scalping provides a simple yet effective approach to short-term trading. It removes the complexities of indicator-based strategies and provides real-time market analysis. While price action works well on its own, certain indicators can enhance analysis when used judiciously. Traders should experiment to find the right mix of price action and indicators that suit their trading style. The key is finding high probability setups using raw price data, confirmation from indicators, proper risk management – the ingredients for scalping success.

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