PipFinite Reversal PRO – A Comprehensive Review

PipFinite Reversal PRO is a trend reversal indicator for MetaTrader 4 and 5 created by Karlo Wilson Vendiola. This indicator aims to help traders identify high-probability reversal setups by combining price action, support/resistance levels, and statistics.

PipFinite Reversal PRO

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PipFinite Reversal PRO uses a 5-step system:

  1. Trade Setup: The statistics success rate must be at least 60% for a signal to be generated. This ensures a high level of confidence in potential trades.
  2. Support/Resistance Levels: Signals are only taken at key support/resistance zones to increase probability of success.
  3. Entry Strategy: Clear entry rules are defined with stop loss and take profit levels.
  4. Risk Management: A 1:2 risk-reward ratio is recommended for optimal position sizing and risk management.
  5. Exit Strategy: Exits are based on a new signal in the opposite direction or when stop loss/take profit levels are reached.

Main Features

  • Professional Reversal Detection: PipFinite Reversal PRO aims to identify reversals early using an intelligent algorithm.
  • Statistics: Each signal must meet minimum statistical confidence criteria of 60% success rate.
  • Entry/Exit Signals: Clear entry price levels are shown with accompanying stop loss and take profit targets.
  • No Repainting: Signals do not repaint, recalculate, or backpaint, providing reliability.
  • Customizable: Users can enable alerts and email/push notifications for newly generated signals.
  • Support: Developer provides strong ongoing customer service through a private Telegram group.

Using PipFinite Reversal PRO

Installing the indicator is straightforward through the MQL5 Marketplace or by contacting the developer directly. Once installed, the indicator can be applied to any chart by dragging it from the Navigator panel.

Customizing the inputs allows traders to modify the indicator’s appearance and enable helpful features like alerts, notifications, and on-chart statistics. It’s easy to tailor this indicator to your personal trading preferences.

Reading the signals simply requires looking for blue (buy) and orange (sell) arrows on the chart. Accompanying data boxes provide the price levels for stop loss and take profit.

Managing trades per the system rules is key to success. Honoring stop losses and not over-leveraging positions keeps risk controlled.

Accessing support directly from the developer through Telegram is a major advantage of PipFinite Reversal PRO compared to many competing indicators.

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PipFinite Reversal PRO Performance Data

Extensive backtesting spanning many years and various market conditions is available on the product website. Reported performance metrics include:

  • Win Rate: 64%
  • Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:2
  • Max Drawdown: 23%
  • Profit Factor: 2.3

These statistics indicate PipFinite Reversal PRO can potentially generate consistent profits over time if traded correctly. As with any indicator, real-world results may vary.

Customer Reviews

With over 350 customer reviews on MetaTrader averaging 4.7/5 stars, indicator is one of the top-rated reversal indicators available. Here are some examples of positive feedback:

  • This indicator has turned my trading around. I’m finally profitable after years of struggling.”
  • “Fantastic product with great support from the developer. I can’t recommend PipFinite enough!”
  • “I tested the demo for a month and was impressed. Bought the real thing and made my money back quickly.”

Negative reviews are rare but tend to cite the need to follow the rules closely and use proper risk management. For disciplined traders, satisfaction appears very high.


PipFinite Reversal PRO is available for the one-time cost of $98 USD through the MQL5.com Marketplace. A discounted monthly rental option at $58 USD is also available. Free demos can be downloaded to test it out before purchasing.

Volume discounts are available when purchasing multiple PipFinite indicators together. For example, a package with Reversal PRO, Trend PRO, and Breakout EDGE is $228 USD.

PipFinite Reversal PRO Verdict

For traders looking for a professionally-designed reversal indicator, PipFinite Reversal PRO is a solid choice. The statistics-based approach and integration of price action concepts follows sound trading logic. For disciplined traders willing to stick to the rules, this indicator can be a valuable addition to a complete trading plan.

However, as with any indicator, success is not guaranteed. Proper risk management, patience, and experience are still required to generate consistent profits. New traders should view indicator as a tool to complement an overall education on technical analysis and developing a trading strategy.

Overall, PipFinite Reversal PRO delivers on its promises as long as traders use it as intended. The hundreds of positive reviews and long track record are strong testaments to its capabilities. For $98 USD, it’s reasonably priced compared to many competing reversal indicators. Traders looking for an edge in identifying high-probability trend reversals would do well to give PipFinite Reversal PRO a try.

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