Trend Rider PRO EA Review: A Powerful Forex Trading Robot

The Trend Rider PRO EA is a forex trading robot sold on the marketplace by developer Okezie Ojimadu. With over 5 years of live trading results and hundreds of positive reviews, the Trend Rider PRO has established itself as one of the top performing forex robots available today.

Trend Rider PRO EA

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Overview of Trend Rider PRO EA

The Trend Rider PRO EA is a multi-currency automated trading system designed to trade trends across all major currency pairs. It utilizes a combination of mathematical models, historical data analysis, and advanced trend detection tools to identify profitable trends and execute trades automatically.

Some key features of the Trend Rider PRO EA include:

  • Built-in trend detection across multiple timeframes
  • Self-adaptive processing to optimize performance
  • Risk management tools like stop loss and take profit
  • Detailed trading statistics and metrics
  • Alerts and notifications for opened trades
  • Support for ECN brokers with low spreads

The developer states that the Trend Rider PRO is suitable for both novice and experienced forex traders looking to automate their trading and improve results.

Comprehensive Historical Testing

One major advantage of the Trend Rider PRO is its rigorous historical testing across 18 years of market data. This extensive backtesting provides confidence that the system can perform well across different market conditions.

Specific time periods tested include:

  • Bull and bear markets
  • Periods of high and low volatility
  • Major news events and data releases
  • Pre- and post-financial crises

Surviving this exhaustive process demonstrates the Trend Rider PRO’s resilience and reliability.

Key Trading Performance Metrics


Independent third party tracking shows the Trend Rider PRO has achieved over 1300% net profit with nearly 3500 pips since March 2021.

Win Rate

The Trend Rider PRO has maintained an impressive 72% win rate over thousands of trades, with winning trades outnumbering losers by nearly 3:1. This high win percentage contributes to overall profitability.

Risk:Reward Ratio

With its trailing stop loss and take profit features, the average risk:reward ratio is approximately 1:2. This means the Trend Rider PRO captures twice as many pips in wins than it gives up in losses.


Drawdown represents peak-to-trough equity declines. The Trend Rider PRO has seen relatively shallow drawdowns, with its worst historical drawdown around 15%. This demonstrates effective risk management to limit losses.

Consistent Profitability

The Trend Rider PRO has finished profitably each year, demonstrating consistent performance across different market environments. This reliability gives confidence in the software.

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Pros of Trend Rider PRO EA

  • Profitable long-term track record with 5+ years of gains
  • High win percentage leading to positive expectancy
  • Numerous favorable trader reviews praising performance
  • Active development with continual improvements
  • Responsive customer support from the developer

Cons of Trend Rider PRO EA

  • Requires paid license on yearly renewal basis
  • Involves some optimization for best settings
  • Potential for overfitting to past market behavior
  • Requires monitoring losses if risk limits exceeded
  • No free trial offered to test before purchase

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Trend Rider PRO EA for MT4 is an attractive automated trading system with a stellar performance record over multiple years and market conditions. While no trading software can guarantee future profits, the evidence shows the Trend Rider PRO has the profitability, risk metrics, and reviews to justify its purchase price.

Traders looking for a reliable forex robot to execute trades automatically should strongly consider the Trend Rider PRO. Be sure to demo trade the software first and adjust settings to align with your account size and risk tolerance. Used properly, the Trend Rider PRO has the potential to significantly augment trading results for both new and seasoned forex traders.

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