Multiple Pivots V2 Mt4 Indicator Review

The Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator is a popular technical analysis tool used by traders to identify key levels of support and resistance in the market. The indicator calculates various pivot points based on the previous day’s high, low, and close prices, which can help traders determine potential entry and exit points for their trades.

Multiple Pivots V2 Mt4 Indicator

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Developed for use with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, the Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator offers a range of customization options that allow traders to tailor the indicator to their specific trading style and preferences. With its ability to quickly identify important price levels in real-time, this indicator has become an essential tool for many experienced traders looking to gain an edge in the markets.

Overview of the Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator

This section provides a concise overview of the technical tool used for identifying potential price levels in financial markets. The Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator is one of the analysis tools that traders use to identify support and resistance levels on charts.

Technical analysis techniques rely heavily on these types of indicators to forecast future market movements by studying past data. The Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator plots three sets of pivot points: daily, weekly, and monthly. These pivot points are key price levels where the market is likely to experience support or resistance.

Traders use these levels as reference points for setting profit targets, stop-loss orders, and entry/exit positions. By analyzing these pivot points over different time frames, traders can better understand the overall trend direction and make informed trading decisions based on this information.

Customization Options

In this subtopic, we will discuss the customization options available with the Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator. Specifically, we will focus on two key points: selecting the number of pivots to display and customizable alerts.

The ability to choose the number of pivots displayed allows traders to tailor their analysis to specific timeframes or trading strategies. Customizable alerts provide an additional layer of flexibility, allowing traders to receive notifications when specific pivot levels are breached or when certain market conditions are met.

Selecting the Number of Pivots to Display

The process of determining the appropriate number of pivot points to display is a crucial aspect of optimizing the performance and accuracy of the indicator. The multiple pivots v2 mt4 indicator offers users several options for adjusting display settings, including selecting the number of pivot points to show on a chart. This customization feature allows traders to fine-tune their analysis and focus on the most important levels that are relevant to their trading strategies.

To select the desired number of pivot points, users can adjust a setting in the input parameters menu. Some considerations when choosing the number of pivots to display include:

  • The timeframe being analyzed: Higher timeframes may require fewer pivots for clarity.
  • The volatility of a market: More volatile markets may benefit from displaying more pivot points.
  • Personal preference: Some traders may prefer more or fewer pivot levels depending on their individual trading style.
  • Pivot point calculation method: Different methods (e.g., standard, Fibonacci) will produce different numbers of pivot levels.
  • The simplicity/complexity level desired: Fewer pivots can provide a simpler view while more pivots can provide greater detail.

By carefully considering these factors, traders can optimize their use of the multiple pivots v2 mt4 indicator and make better-informed trading decisions based on their chosen pivot point strategy.

Customizable Alerts

Traders can enhance their trading strategy by utilizing the customizable alert feature of this technical analysis tool, enabling them to receive notifications when price movements reach specific pivot levels that align with their chosen pivot point calculation method. The multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator allows traders to set thresholds for each pivot level and choose the type of sound notification they prefer once the threshold is reached. This feature helps traders stay updated on market movements and make informed decisions based on their preferred trading style.

The following table showcases the various options available for customizing alerts using the multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator:

Alert Settings Options
Thresholds Set a numerical value for each pivot level
Sound Notifications Choose from preset sounds or upload custom audio files

By setting thresholds, traders can ensure they only receive alerts when price movements reach a certain level, reducing noise and allowing them to focus on relevant market activity. Additionally, choosing different sound notifications can help differentiate between different alerts and keep traders engaged with market updates even when away from their screens. Overall, these customizable alert features offer traders flexibility in how they interact with market data and allow for more efficient decision-making processes.

How to Use the Indicator

This section elucidates the steps to effectively utilize the multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator for analyzing price movements and identifying potential entry and exit points. Here are some tips and tricks in using this tool:

  1. Understanding Pivot Points: Before using the multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator, it is crucial to understand pivot points. Pivot points are technical indicators that serve as potential levels of support or resistance in a trading session. These levels can be used to identify possible entry and exit points.
  2. Configuring the Indicator: To use multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator, traders need to configure the settings according to their preferences. The settings include choosing a timeframe, selecting pivot types (such as daily, weekly, or monthly), and customizing colors and line styles.
  3. Analyzing Price Movements: Once the indicator is configured, traders can analyze price movements by observing how prices react at different pivot levels. Traders can also use other technical analysis tools such as candlestick patterns, trend lines, or moving averages to confirm trade signals provided by the indicator.

Overall, understanding pivot points and configuring the multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator based on personal preferences are key in effectively using this tool for forex trading analysis purposes. By combining this with other technical analysis tools available in MT4 platform, traders may increase their chances of making profitable trades based on sound analytical approaches rather than mere speculations or emotions-driven decisions.

Conclusion and Recommendation for Traders

In conclusion, the multiple pivots v2 MT4 indicator can be a helpful tool for traders looking to incorporate pivot points into their trading strategies. By allowing users to configure the technical analysis tool to fit their specific needs and preferences, the indicator can provide a more accurate representation of support and resistance levels in the market.

However, it is important for traders to also consider risk management when using this or any other technical analysis tool. While pivot points can provide valuable insights into potential price movements, they are not foolproof indicators and should not be relied on as the sole basis for trading decisions.

Traders should always employ proper risk management techniques, such as setting stop-losses and taking profits at predetermined levels, to minimize losses and maximize gains in their trades.


The Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator is a useful tool for traders who rely on pivot points in their trading strategies. This indicator displays multiple levels of support and resistance, allowing traders to identify potential price movements with greater accuracy. The customization options offered by the indicator allow traders to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences.

To use the Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator effectively, traders should first understand how pivot points work and how they can be used in trading. They can then use this indicator to identify key levels of support and resistance and make more informed trading decisions based on these levels. However, as with any technical analysis tool, it is important for traders to exercise caution and not rely solely on the indicator for making trades.

Overall, the Multiple Pivots V2 MT4 Indicator is a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit. Its ability to display multiple levels of support and resistance makes it particularly useful for those who trade using pivot points. With its customizable settings, traders can adapt it to their individual preferences and improve their chances of success in the markets.

However, like all technical indicators, it should be used in conjunction with other tools and analysis techniques for optimal results.

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