Using Pivot Point Indicators on MT4 for More Profitable Forex Trading

The pivot point indicator for MT4 is an invaluable tool for forex traders. This free downloadable indicator can give you an edge in determining potential support and resistance levels, allowing you to capitalize on market reversals. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using pivot points and pivot point indicators in your trading strategy.

Pivot Point Indicator

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Some Key Takeaways Include:

  • Pivot points provide objective support and resistance levels based on previous day’s price action. Useful for planning entries, exits and stop losses.
  • Adding a pivot indicator on MT4 is easy – just search and add it to your charts. Levels will display automatically.
  • Choose the pivot indicator that suits your trading style. Standard, Camarilla, Fibonacci or Woodie’s pivots all have different uses.
  • Use pivot points with other indicators and watch price action at levels to improve accuracy.
  • Pivot trading strategies include range trading between levels, breakout trading, combining with Fibonacci, and fading the daily pivot.
  • Tips for using pivots effectively include using them on higher timeframes, being flexible on exact levels, and not forcing trades if they aren’t working.
  • Pivots are most useful for swing trades on the daily or weekly charts. Also good for intraday trading on shorter timeframes.
  • Don’t rely solely on pivot points. Use proper risk management as the market may not always respect key levels.

What Are Pivot Points and Why Are They Useful for Traders?

Pivot points are calculated using the previous day’s high, low, and closing prices. The pivot point level indicates the overall market sentiment for the day. If the market sentiment is bullish, the pivot point will act as support. If sentiment is bearish, the pivot acts as resistance.

Pivot points can be used by forex traders for determining potential reversal levels. They also provide dynamic support and resistance levels that can be used for stop losses or take profit levels. Using pivot point levels allows traders to objectively define entries, exits and risk management rather than relying on random price levels.

Some key benefits of using pivot points in forex trading include:

  • Objectively identifying potential support and resistance levels
  • Determining possible reversal points in the market
  • Planning entries and exit points
  • Setting stop losses and take profit levels
  • Having an overall market bias for the trading day

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How to Add a Pivot Point Indicator in MT4

Adding a pivot point indicator in MT4 is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Navigator panel and right-click on Indicators.
  2. Select Custom and then click on Indicators List.
  3. Search for “Pivot” and select Pivot Points High Low.
  4. Drag the indicator onto your chart.

That’s it! The pivot levels will now be displayed on your chart.

The Best Pivot Point Indicator for MT4

There are a few different types of pivot point indicators available. The best pivot point indicator for MT4 will suit your trading style and needs. Here are some top options:

  • Standard pivot points – Classical pivot point levels using standard calculation methods. Best for simplicity.
  • Camarilla pivot points – Uses 8 levels for enhanced support and resistance. Good for range-bound trading.
  • Fibonacci pivot points – Uses Fib ratios to calculate additional support/resistance levels. Ideal for breakout trading.
  • Woodie’s pivot points – Uses high, low and 2 close levels. Good for intraday trading.

Make sure to test different pivot point indicators with your strategy before deciding on the best one. Having an indicator that provides you with the most relevant levels for your style of trading will give you an edge.

How to Use Pivot Points Effectively in Your Trading

To use pivot points successfully, there are some key tactics to keep in mind:

  • Combine with other indicators – Use oscillators to confirm potential reversals. For example, combine RSI with pivots.
  • Watch price action at pivot levels – Look for candlestick patterns like pin bars and engulfing candles.
  • Use pivot points for stop losses – Place stops above or below key pivot levels.
  • Partial close at pivot levels – Take partial profits at daily or weekly pivot levels.
  • Set alerts at pivot levels – Get notifications when price reaches key support/resistance.
  • Use on higher timeframes – Daily or weekly pivots provide reliable dynamic levels for swing trades.

Pivot Point Trading Strategies

Now let’s look at some highly effective pivot point trading strategies:

Range Trading at Pivot Levels

This straightforward strategy involves looking for price to trade between the pivot point and R1 and S1 levels. Enter long trades at support levels and short trades at resistance. Place stops beyond R1/S1. Target the opposite level.

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Breakout Trading at Pivot Levels

Trade breakouts of the pivot level or R1/S1 in the direction of the overall market bias. Use pivot high/low breakouts on larger timeframes for swing trades. R1/S1 breaks can be used for shorter-term trades.

Combining Pivots with Fibonacci Retracements

Look for potential reversals off the daily pivot level or Fibonacci retracement levels. For example, buy near the daily pivot + 50% retracement in an uptrend. Use other indicators like MACD to confirm momentum.

Fading the Pivot Level

In strongly trending markets, look to fade the daily pivot point by entering counter-trend trades. For example, sell near the daily pivot level in a downtrend for a quick correction trade. Use lower timeframes to fine tune entries.

Tips for Effectively Using Pivot Points

When using pivot point indicators in your trading, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t rely solely on pivot points – use price action and other indicators to confirm.
  • Be flexible with levels – price may react a few pips above or below pivots.
  • Choose the right pivot indicator and settings for your strategy.
  • Adjust stop losses and targets accordingly for higher volatility.
  • Stick to your trading plan – don’t force trades if pivots aren’t working.

Q: How can I download a pivot point indicator for MT4?

A: You can download a pivot point indicator for MT4 by visiting a trusted website that offers free downloads for Metatrader indicators.

Q: What is camarilla pivot?

A: Camarilla pivot is a type of pivot point indicator that provides additional support and resistance levels beyond the standard pivot points. It is often used by intraday traders.

Q: Can I use a pivot point indicator for forex trading?

A: Yes, pivot point indicators are commonly used by forex traders to identify potential levels of support and resistance in the market.

Q: Is there a free pivot point indicator available for download?

A: Yes, there are free pivot point indicators available for download on various websites that offer Metatrader indicators.

Q: How are daily pivot points calculated?

A: Daily pivot points are calculated by taking the previous day’s high, low, and close prices and applying a mathematical formula to determine the pivot point and various levels of support and resistance.

Q: Can I use a pivot point indicator on MT4?

A: Yes, there are pivot point indicators specifically designed for use on MT4. You can download them and install them on your MT4 trading platform.

Q: What other types of pivot points are there?

A: In addition to standard pivot points and camarilla pivot points, there are other types such as Fibonacci pivot points and Woodie’s pivot points.

Q: How do traders use pivot points?

A: Traders use pivot points to identify potential levels of support and resistance, as well as to determine the overall market trend and possible entry and exit points for their trades.

Q: What are the support and resistance points provided by a pivot point indicator?

A: A pivot point indicator provides several levels of support and resistance, including the central pivot point, as well as support 1, support 2, resistance 1, and resistance 2.


Pivot point indicators for MT4 provide traders with an objective way to identify potential support and resistance levels in the market. When used properly, pivot points give traders an edge by helping determine possible reversals as well as defining risk management levels.

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