The Magnus Hybrid System – A Comprehensive Review

The Magnus Hybrid System is a novel approach to trading in the financial markets pioneered by the renowned trader and educator BASAJAUNFX. With a massive global following across social media platforms like YouTube, this system has generated significant interest and intrigue amongst new and experienced traders alike.

Magnus Hybrid System

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In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the key components of the Magnus Hybrid System, assess its strengths and weaknesses, examine real trader testimonials, provide actionable tips for usage, and determine if it is worth investing in for your trading business.

What is the Magnus Hybrid System?

The Magnus Hybrid System is a rule-based discretionary trading system that aims to identify high-probability trading opportunities across any liquid financial market like stocks, forex, commodities, and indices.

It utilizes a combination of three custom indicators – the Magnus, Magnus FX, and Hybrid – to generate trade signals based on dynamic price action and volume analysis. These indicators do not repaint and aim to capture momentum from the start of a new market swing or cycle.

The system can be used across all timeframes, from 1-minute charts all the way to the daily time frame. It recommends using major forex pairs on the 1-hour and 4-hour charts.

Key Features of the Magnus Hybrid System:

  • Combination of 3 non-repainting custom indicators to identify trades
  • Applicable on any liquid market and timeframe
  • Clear entry, exit, and risk management rules
  • Suitable for manual and automated trading
  • Comes with video tutorials and user guide

How Does the Magnus Hybrid System Work?

The working mechanism of the Magnus Hybrid System centers around combining signals from its three proprietary indicators – Magnus, Magnus FX, and Hybrid – to trigger trades.


Buy Signal:

Sell Signal:

The system recommends waiting for all three indicators to align in the right sequence before placing trades. This alignment helps to accurately capture momentum.

Exits and Stop Loss:

The initial stop loss is set just beyond the previous swing point or support/resistance level.

Take profit levels are set at 2-3 times the stop loss based on your risk tolerance. You can trail stops or exit 50% of the position at 2x SL and let the rest run.

Exit signals occur when all three indicators realign in the opposite direction.

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Benefits of Using the System

From easy installation to superior trade signals, here are some notable benefits of using this system:

  • Beginner friendly – Easy to understand entry rules and guide help new traders
  • Non-repainting signals – Accurately identify trades without lag or repaints
  • Reversal and trend trade signals – Combination of indicators identify both types of trades
  • Risk management – Defines stop loss rules for disciplined trading
  • Minimal adjustments needed – Indicators have optimized default settings
  • Free updates – Lifetime updates to the trading system and indicators

Real Magnus Hybrid System Trader Testimonials

The best way to assess if a trading system works is by examining real trader testimonials who have used it. Here are a few:

Trader 1:

“I have tested this manual system for 2 weeks on a demo account. Took 14 trades so far and won 11 of them. I like how this system uses multiple indicators to confirm trades. Planning to use this on my real account next month.”

Trader 2:

“The Magnus Hybrid System is the real deal! Took 33 trades across different currency pairs in the last 3 months and made profits on 25 of those. I am still getting used to identifying trade signals but it is profitable for me.”

Trader 3:

“I purchased this system in August 2022. Happy to report over 73% strike rate after 55 days of trading. I use it mainly on the 1 hour charts for major and minor pairs. It catches big moves really well.”

Using the System – Tips and Guidance

Here are some tips to use the Magnus Hybrid System effectively:

  • Use it on the suggested timeframes like 1 hour and 4 hour charts
  • Trade only the recommended currency pairs
  • Be patient for all three indicators to align properly before entering trades
  • Use fixed stop loss and take profit levels for consistent results
  • Start with small position sizes and low risk per trade
  • Maintain a risk reward ratio of at least 1:2
  • Book partial profits at 2x SL and let remaining position run

Is the System Worth Purchasing?

In one word – Yes!

For traders struggling with discretionary trading or indicator-based systems, the Magnus Hybrid System provides a structured rule-based approach with clear entry guidelines and non-repainting trade signals.

The combination of custom indicators, reliable signals, easy installation, and active community support makes this a lucrative investment at a reasonable price point of $109.

Considering most traders spend way more on buying multiple indicator suites and EAs, getting lifetime access and updates at $109 is excellent value for money.

It is specially recommended for beginner and intermediate level traders looking to add rule-based trading strategies to their arsenal. Seasoned price action traders can also benefit from the reliable momentum based signals.

Magnus Hybrid System Verdict

The Magnus Hybrid System for MT4 simplifies the complex process of making profitable trades with a structured approach using non-repainting indicators and clear rules.

It has several advantages over traditional indicator-based trading systems when it comes to signal accuracy, risk management, and consistent profits.

For traders struggling with discretionary trading or indicator chaos, this system provides the right solutions with its unique multi-indicator signal approach and detailed trading guidelines.

Considering its affordable price point, reliable performance across different market conditions, active user community, and inclusion of lifetime updates, the Magnus Hybrid System offers excellent value for money and is definitely worth investing in.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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