How To Save Screener In TradingView – A Complete Guide

Creating effective screening scans is an invaluable skill for discovering new trading opportunities. But once you build a profitable custom screener in TradingView, how do you save it to run again later?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the full workflow – from configuring your initial scan criteria to saving it as a template you can revisit one click. Follow along to turn TradingView’s powerful stock, cryptocurrency, forex, and futures screening capabilities into your own proprietary trading research database.

How To Save Screener In Tradingview

Overview of TradingView Screeners

For those new to the platform, TradingView offers an extensive stock screener under its Browse menu along with scans under Community scripts.

You can screen markets like:

Edit default scans or create a custom screener from scratch based on personalized criteria. Once your profitable scan is built, save it instantly so it’s at your fingertips for rapid idea generation anytime.

Step-By-Step Guide to Saving Custom Screeners

Follow these steps to save a scanner template in TradingView for ongoing use:

Build Initial Screener Criteria

  1. Access the screener under Browse and add an existing template or start fresh.
  2. Use the search bar or filters to add/remove criteria like price, indicators, sectors, etc.
  3. Preview results to see matching symbols and tweak as desired.

Save Config for Later Use

  1. Once your custom scanner criteria are defined, click the “Save scan” button near the top.
  2. Give your custom scan a memorable name.
  3. Choose whether you want it private for your account or public for all users.
  4. Click Save Scan. It will now appear under your Account scans.

Re-Running Your Saved Screener

  1. To run your saved scanner again in the future, select Account scans.
  2. Find your newly saved template and click the icon to re-run it.
  3. Your customized criteria will be applied in one click with latest data.

Saving scans this way makes systematically applying your secret sauce filtering quick and easy. Now let’s discuss ways to refine your process.

Tips for Building Effective Screening Scans in TradingView

The key to profitable screening is carefully calibrating your criteria based on historical backtests. Follow these tips:

  • Leverage scanning criteria like RSI, volume, performance, earnings surprise, and technical patterns.
  • Backtest scanner results further to gauge what filters surface the most profitable trades.
  • Save multiple versions of a scan for different market conditions like high volatility.
  • Use precision filtering criteria like ratios, growth percentages, and complex custom indicators.
  • Save community scans you like as templates to customize further.
  • Re-run scans frequently to uncover opportunities as market evolves.

An intelligent, calibrated screener that cuts through noise to pinpoint high-potential setups can transform your trading. Saving them as templates expedites the process.

Advanced Screener Savings and Management Tips

Beyond basic saving, power users can streamline screeners using:

  • Descriptive scan names allowing instant recognition
  • Color-coding saved scans by purpose or market condition fit
  • Organizing saved scans into folders to limit clutter
  • Adding saved scans to chart Layouts for one-click re-running
  • Setting scan alerts to notify you when a scanned symbol matches additional criteria

Take time to meticulously organize your saved scanners and standardize rules for maintaining them. This pays dividends allowing quick access to exactly the scans you need.

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Key Takeaways from This Guide

By mastering TradingView’s screener saving functionality covered in this guide, you can:

  • Save endless customized scanners based on profitable criteria
  • Instantly re-apply scans to uncover opportunities in latest data
  • Avoid tedious rebuilding of filters each time
  • Quickly switch between scanners for different markets or conditions
  • Continuously evolve scans as new patterns emerge
  • Accelerate idea generation and skip grunt work recreating filters

The power is in your hands to transform broad market scanning into a tailor-made opportunity discovery engine. I hope this guide provides a solid foundation for maximizing TradingView screeners! Let me know if you have any other questions saving or managing your custom scans.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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