How To Change Timeframe On TradingView Charts – A Complete Guide

Analyzing markets across different timeframes is essential for developing a holistic trading approach. But how do you actually change the timeframe on TradingView charts?

In this comprehensive TradingView guide, we’ll cover the definition of timeframes, why analyzing multiple timeframes matters, how to change timeframes across TradingView platforms, shorthand timeframe notation, tips for multi-timeframe analysis, and more!

Follow along to master shifting through timeframes seamlessly so you can implement effective top-down or bottom-up analysis using TradingView. Let’s dive in!

How To Change Timeframe In Tradingview

What Are Trading Timeframes?

Trading timeframes represent the time duration that each candlestick or bar on a chart covers:

  • Common intraday timeframes are 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 4 hour
  • Daily, weekly, monthly for higher timeframes
  • Can also customize nonstandard frames like 45 min or 6 hour

Shorter timeframes show more granular data while longer condense more history into compact trends.

Why Analyze Multiple Trading Timeframes?

Viewing across timeframes provides unique perspectives:

  • Longer timeframes define macro trends and overall market psychology
  • Shorter timeframes reveal micro price patterns and momentum
  • Multiple views prevent biased perceptions from staring at one timeframe
  • Zoom out to see the forest, zoom in to analyze individual trees
  • Top-down or bottom-up approaches anchor analysis for consistency

Layered multi-timeframe analysis creates an invaluable lens. Now let’s change frames on TradingView!

Changing Timeframe on TradingView Desktop

TradingView Desktop provides several quick timeframe change options:

Chart Header

Click the timeframe text in the chart header to select a new timeframe from the drop-down list.


Set hotkeys for switching to favorite timeframes from the Keyboard Shortcuts module.

Chart Settings

Adjust the timeframe under Style settings. Useful for custom or nonstandard durations.

With those easy tools, timeframe dancing becomes seamless on desktop.

Changing Timeframes on TradingView Web

Accessing timeframes is just as simple on tradingview.com:

Chart Header

Use the timeframe drop-down selector in the chart’s top toolbar.

Left Sidebar

Click the timeframe shortcuts in the left sidebar to jump across frames.

Chart Settings

For precise custom frames, access Style settings from top toolbar.

Repeat the same process across all your chart panels to build a multi-timeframe workspace.

Switching Timeframes on TradingView Mobile

On TradingView’s iOS and Android apps:

  • Tap the current timeframe in the chart’s top bar to open the selector
  • Choose from preset options or “Custom” to define any custom duration
  • Tap timeframe shortcuts in the bottom toolbar to rapidly toggle between

The mobile workflows make checking different periods on the go easy.

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Common Timeframe Abbreviations in TradingView

TradingView uses shorthand format for timeframes:

  • 1 min = 1m
  • 5 min = 5m
  • 15 min = 15m
  • 1 hour = 1h
  • 4 hour = 4h
  • 1 day = 1D
  • 1 week = 1W
  • 1 month = 1M

Use these shorthand formats when entering custom durations too.

Tips for Efficient Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Some tips for effective TradingView timeframe usage:

  • Color code key timeframes for quick identification
  • Align pivot levels and opportunities across charts
  • Stack timeframes from longest to shortest for top-down analysis
  • Group related instruments for comparing across timeframes
  • Set alerts on one frame to notify potential trades on others
  • Code EAs and indicators to automate timeframe syncs

A workflow promoting organized comparisons unlocks huge value.

Troubleshooting TradingView Timeframe Issues

Here are some common timeframe questions:

Candles missing on longer timeframes? Check you have sufficient historical data packages.

Timeframe won’t change? Refresh charts or restart platform. Ensure using latest version.

Can’t select custom timeframe? Verify you have appropriate data subscription.

Prices not aligned between charts? Enable pre/post market data on intraday frames.

Reach out to TradingView support if timeframe troubles persist after troubleshooting!

Unleash Multi-Timeframe Charting Power

Hopefully this guide provides the knowledge to expertly navigate timeframes on TradingView like a professional.

Fluency in changing chart time horizon unleashes robust multi-timeframe analysis tailored to your process. Master the tools to enhance trading clarity.

Let me know if you have any other TradingView charting questions!

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