How To Draw Boxes In TradingView – A Complete Guide

Drawing boxes on TradingView charts provides a versatile annotation tool for highlighting key areas of interest. Boxes can isolate price patterns, mark support/resistance zones, indicate areas of congestion, and more.

But what’s the best way to draw boxes and rectangles in TradingView? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll cover accessing the box tool, drawing strategies, customizing appearance, using boxes in analysis, and best practices.

Follow along to master drawing eye-catching boxes to enhance your TradingView charts!

How To Draw A Box In Tradingview

Why Use Boxes and Rectangles on TradingView?

Before diving into the functionality, let’s discuss why box drawings are so useful:

When applied creatively, box annotations become a versatile analysis tool on TradingView. Now let’s learn to use them effectively!

Accessing the Box Tool in TradingView

TradingView makes adding boxes easy across platforms:


The box tool is located in the Drawing Tools sidebar. Click to activate it.


Tap the chart twice to enter Drawing mode. The box icon is in the toolbar.

Other Methods:

Now let’s look at applying this tool.

Drawing Basic Boxes

Drawing a basic box only takes two clicks:

  1. Select the box tool from the Drawing menu
  2. Click once to set the starting corner, then click again to set opposite corner

The box will be drawn neatly between your two clicks. Repeat as needed to annotate key levels!

Drawing Precise Boxes with Exact Prices

TradingView makes drawing precise boxes simple:

  • After selecting the box tool, press Alt while clicking to enable precise drawing
  • Enter a specific price value for the first corner of the box
  • Enter the target price value for the opposite corner
  • The box will be drawn exactly between the price points entered

This method allows surgically highlighting precise zones on the chart.

Customizing Box Appearance and Settings

Make your box drawings stand out by:

  • Right clicking boxes after drawing to change border color, fill color, and line thickness
  • Adjusting transparency to create shaded analysis zones on the chart
  • Adding personalized labels by double clicking into text boxes
  • Setting alert triggers when price breaches the box borders

A bit of customization makes boxes clear and visually striking.

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Using Boxes in Technical Analysis

Incorporate boxes into analysis by:

  • Drawing boxes around consolidations, channels, or chart patterns
  • Annotating likely support and resistance zones aligning with box borders
  • Labeling precise entry, stop loss, and take profit target zones
  • Indicating areas that invalidate a trading hypothesis if breached
  • Calling attention to breakouts by showing boxes being exceeded

Boxes focus attention on key chart areas.

Best Practices for Effective Box Analysis

Follow these tips for neatly applying boxes on your TradingView charts:

  • Draw boxes on longer timeframes for more conviction in levels
  • Make boxes clearly visible but avoid obscuring the candles
  • Use thinner borders and reduced opacity to avoid clutter
  • Avoid excessive overlapping analysis zones – declutter when necessary
  • Standardize box styling across charts for visual consistency

Careful box construction leads to clear, high-impact annotations.

Troubleshooting TradingView Box Issues

Common box drawing problems and solutions:

Can’t draw boxes? Verify the Drawing Tools are enabled and Box tool selected.

Boxes not displaying? Ensure the Drawings tab is activated for that chart.

Box borders snapping to price? Adjust snapping settings in the Drawing toolbar.

Can’t edit boxes? Confirm the Drawing Tools are enabled before trying to select.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to TradingView help for any other box drawing issues!

Unlocking Your Creativity With Drawings

Hopefully this guide provides the blueprint to unleash your creativity using TradingView’s box drawing tool to clearly annotate high-impact levels, patterns, and analysis ideas on your charts.

Box drawings perfectly complement other annotation tools and indicators. Mastering box annotations can elevate your entire charting process.

Let me know if you have any other TradingView charting questions!

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