FX Profitude Review: A Game-Changing Forex Trading System

FX Profitude is a revolutionary forex trading system created by renowned trader Russ Horn. With its powerful indicators and easy-to-use interface, FX Profitude aims to simplify forex trading and help traders of all levels achieve consistent profits.

FX Profitude

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Overview of FX Profitude

FX Profitude consists of four key components designed to provide traders with everything needed to succeed in forex:

  • Trading Manual – This comprehensive 200-page guide covers all aspects of the FX Profitude trading system for metatrader 4 platform. It teaches you the indicators, trade entry rules, risk management, and step-by-step instructions for implementing the strategies.
  • Video Course – 10 hours of video lessons visually demonstrate how to use the system. Russ Horn himself talks you through real market examples.
  • Trade Assistant – This proprietary software gives you audio, email and push notifications for trade opportunities. It removes the need to sit and watch charts.
  • Live Trading Sessions – Every month new live trading sessions are held so you can see the system in action on real trades.

Powerful Indicators Drive FX Profitude

At its core, FX Profitude relies on four powerful proprietary indicators developed by Russ Horn:

These four indicators work together to detect high-probability trades. According to Russ Horn, they give FX Profitude an incredible 87.5% win rate.

Benefits for All Traders

A major benefit of FX Profitude is that it can be used by all traders regardless of experience level.

For beginners, the system cuts the learning curve dramatically. The easy-to-use interface and clear trade signals mean you can be profitable from day one.

For experienced traders, FX Profitude provides a reliable second opinion on trades. The indicators often detect opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.

FX Profitude simplifies the trading process down to just 2-5 minutes per day. The Trade Assistant sends you notifications whenever a new trade is detected so you don’t need to sit at your computer all day analyzing charts.

This makes FX Profitude perfect for traders who work full-time jobs. You can earn an extra income in your spare time with minimal effort.

Inside Look at FX Profitude Members Area

Once you purchase FX Profitude, you gain access to the members area which contains all the resources:

  • Getting Started Guide – Takes you through account setup, indicator installation, and first steps.
  • Trading Manual – Download the 200-page PDF outlining every aspect of the system.
  • Video Course – Stream the 10 hours of training videos in an online portal.
  • Trade Assistant – Download this software to receive trade notifications.
  • Live Sessions – See upcoming monthly sessions in the events calendar.
  • Support Forums – Get help from Russ Horn and other traders in the community.
  • Updates – Russ is constantly improving the system, so you’ll get access to any upgrades.

The members area has an intuitive layout that makes it easy to find everything you need.

Who is Russ Horn?

Russ Horn is a full-time professional forex trader from Florida. He first got into trading back in 2002 and has over 19 years of experience.

He originally started out teaching small groups of traders his strategies. But he wanted to reach a wider audience, so he developed the FX Profitude trading system.

Russ has a real passion for creating easy-to-use trading tools for beginners. His teaching style makes even the most complex concepts simple to apply.

He continues to trade every day using the FX Profitude system. And each month, he hosts live trading webinars to teach members.

Real User Reviews & Results

FX Profitude currently has over 1,729 members in 57 different countries. User reviews for the system are very positive:

Sarah M. reported, “As a busy mom with 3 kids, I struggled to find time to trade. But now with FX Profitude, I spend just minutes a day and I’m earning $500 per week extra income.”

Simon G. said, “I’ve tried many other systems that failed to deliver. FX Profitude is the first one that has consistently made me money month after month. Russ’ indicators are phenomenal.”

According to Russ Horn, the average FX Profitude user earns $1,200 per week part-time. Some of his best students are making over $10k per month.

Of course, individual results will vary depending on effort, account size, risk management and other factors. But most members agree the system works very well if applied correctly.

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Costs and Pricing Options

FX Profitude is currently available through two pricing options:

  • Basic Package – $997 one-time payment. Gives lifetime access to the trading manual, video course, Trade Assistant, and members area.
  • Advanced Package – $1,497 one-time payment. Includes everything in Basic plus unlimited access to live trading webinars and private mentoring with Russ Horn.

Considering the potential profitability of the system, either package offers good value for money. Users typically recoup the cost within 1-2 months of trading.

For those short on funds, Russ Horn does offer payment plans and financing options. You can split the cost into multiple installments.

There are no monthly fees or upsells after purchasing. You get full lifetime access with either package.

The Verdict?

Overall, FX Profitude is one of the most beginner-friendly forex trading systems available. The powerful indicators, easy-to-use tools, and proven training make it simpler than ever to succeed in forex.

For traders struggling with other over-complicated systems, this tool could be the solution they need. The simplicity of just 2-5 minutes per day trading is game-changing.

While no system can guarantee profits, the 87.5% win rate and rave reviews from members certainly makes it worth considering.

At the very least, it is a great addition for any trader looking to diversify their current strategies. The indicators can detect trades you would otherwise miss.

To learn more or get started with a risk-free trial, visit the official website.

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