FX Funding Mate – An In-Depth Review of the Trading Education Platform

FX Funding Mate is an online trading education platform that provides courses and training for aspiring forex and stock traders. Founded in 2021, FX Funding Mate aims to make trading “simple, straightforward and consistently profitable” through their trading strategies and mentorship programs.

FX Funding Mate

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Overview of FX Funding Mate

The main offerings of FX Funding Mate include:

  • Trading Courses – FX Funding Mate provides three core trading course strategies – the M5 Prop Firm Scalping Strategy, the Intraday Strategy, and the Swing Trading Strategy. These video courses teach traders the strategies in a step-by-step manner.
  • Mentorship – One-on-one mentorship is offered through the FX company Telegram community. Experienced traders provide guidance and share tips.
  • Bonus Indicators – FX Funding Mate courses come with bonus custom indicators designed to work with the strategies taught. These include entry, exit and trend indicators.

The goal of FX Funding Mate is to equip aspiring traders with profitable trading strategies and the knowledge to trade independently. The training aims to help traders pass prop firm funding challenges and trade profitably on their own afterwards.

Trading Strategies Offered

The core of the FX Funding Mate training offering is the three trading strategies taught through video courses. These are:

M5 Prop Firm Scalping Strategy

This is a short-term intraday trading strategy optimized for passing prop firm funding challenges. It aims to capture small profits consistently with tight stops. The strategy trades off the 5-minute chart across forex pairs and indexes.

Intraday Strategy

The intraday strategy is a day trading system designed to capture momentum moves and breakouts during the London/New York session overlap. It utilizes multiple time frame analysis and aims for a 1:2 risk-reward ratio.

Swing Trading Strategy

This strategy aims to hold trades for 2-5 days to capture larger swings in the market. It uses a combination of price action, moving averages and custom indicators to time entries and exits. The strategy is applied to forex majors and gold.

These strategies provide a solid foundation covering short-term scalping to medium-term swing trading. The video courses break the strategies down into easy-to-follow steps that beginners can understand.

Course Format and Delivery

The FX Funding Mate courses consist of downloadable video modules along with PDFs summarizing each strategy. The videos are clear and well-structured, explaining each element of the strategies in-depth. Each video module focuses on one key topic to make the courses easy to digest.

The course materials are accessed online through the FX Funding Mate member dashboard after purchase. They can be conveniently downloaded for offline access as well. The video courses total around 10 hours of training content.

In addition to the training videos, each course also includes trading plan templates, risk management guidance, and suggested trading parameters to follow for each strategy.

Mentorship and Community

Beyond the formal training courses, FX Funding Mate also offers mentorship and community support through their Telegram group.

The Telegram channel has over 18,000 members and is active with discussions daily. There are pinned messages highlighting trade ideas, market analysis, and strategy adjustments.

Members can ask questions and get direct guidance from the founder “TraderNick” and other experienced moderators. This provides an additional layer of support as traders learn the strategies and put them into practice.

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Costs and Payment Plans

FX Funding Mate offers a few different purchase options. These include:

  • One strategy course for $97
  • All three strategy courses for $197
  • All three courses plus one-on-one mentorship for $497

The platform accepts payment through credit card and PayPal.

Considering most competing trading courses cost over $1000, FX company offers good value with packages starting from under $100. Their bundled deals offer good discounts compared to buying the courses individually.

Pros of FX Funding Mate

  • Affordable pricing – Courses are priced under $200 which is low compared to most trading education platforms
  • Step-by-step training – Video courses break down strategies in an easy-to-follow manner for beginners
  • Active community – Telegram group provides mentorship and ability to ask questions
  • Optimized strategies – The strategies aim to maximize profitability and pass prop firm challenges
  • Flexible access – Courses can be downloaded for offline access and lifetime access

Cons of FX Funding Mate

  • Limited strategies – Only three main strategies are currently offered
  • No mobile app – The courses are only available through a web dashboard, no mobile app exists
  • No live trading – Does not include tools for live trade execution as part of the platform
  • Lack of certification – No accredited certification is provided upon course completion

FX Funding Mate Conclusion

Overall, FX Funding Mate offers reasonably priced trading education for beginners through a structured curriculum and active community. The strategies aim to provide traders with profitable yet simple-to-use trading systems. While the platform has room to expand in terms of course breadth and delivery methods, FX company delivers value for money for new traders looking to build trading skills step-by-step.

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