Rocket Forex System Review – A Powerful Automated Trading Solution

Rocket Forex System is an automated trading system designed to trade the foreign exchange (forex) market profitably with minimal input from the user. This system aims to capitalize on short-term price movements and trends in the market using advanced algorithms and trading signals.

Rocket Forex System

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Overview of Rocket Forex System

Rocket Forex System was created by a team of expert traders and software developers to provide retail traders with a powerful “set and forget” trading solution. The system is based on an automated trading strategy that identifies high-probability trading opportunities across 8 major currency pairs.

Some key features of Rocket Forex System include:

  • Fully automated algorithmic trading – Requires no manual intervention once properly configured
  • Custom-built trading algorithm – Proprietary logic to identify trading opportunities
  • In-built risk management – Limits losses on individual trades and overall drawdowns
  • Cloud-based operation – Hosted on secure servers for uninterrupted access
  • Performance tracking – Detailed trade logs and account metrics

The system aims to capture gains through small, consistent profits over time rather than risky bets. This is intended to result in smooth equity growth.

According to the developers, Rocket Forex System has produced over 1300 pips in verified gains over the past 3 years of internal testing across multiple broker accounts. Impressively, this was achieved with a max drawdown of less than 300 pips.

These metrics point to a stable and profitable automated trading solution. However, as with any trading system, past performance does not guarantee future results.

How Rocket Forex System Works

Rocket Forex System utilizes a proprietary trading algorithm that is deployed on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. The algorithm scans the market continuously for high-probability trading opportunities based on a combination of technical indicators and custom-built market signals.

Once an opportunity is identified, the system will automatically execute a trade and manage it according to predefined criteria until a profit target is reached or a stop-loss is triggered.

The two key components of the trading algorithm are:

  1. Market Scanner – Analyzes price action across 8 currency pairs simultaneously to identify trading opportunities. Takes into account technical factors like support/resistance, moving averages, RSI, candlestick patterns and more.
  2. Adaptive Trade Management – Uses dynamic algorithms to determine optimal entry/exit points and stop-loss levels for each trade. Automatically trails stops to lock in profits as the market moves.

By combining these two elements, Rocket Forex System aims to capitalize on high-probability setups in the market with surgical precision.

According to developers, the system is designed to capture 5-15 pips in profit on average per trade while limiting losses to 10-30 pips through tight stop placements. Over time, this asymmetric risk-reward ratio results in consistent gains.

Main Benefits of Rocket Forex System

Rocket Forex System offers retail forex traders several advantages:

1. Fully Automated Trading

Once properly installed and configured, the system does not require any manual intervention to trade. This hands-free approach allows traders to profit from forex without monitoring charts or placing manual orders.

2. Diversified Trading Across Multiple Currency Pairs

By scanning 8 forex pairs simultaneously, Rocket Forex System diversifies risk across different market conditions. This maximizes trading opportunities while minimizing exposure to volatility in individual currency pairs.

3. Custom-Built Trading Algorithm

The proprietary trading algorithm powering Rocket Forex System is based on years of development and optimization work by the creators. This specialized logic is far more advanced than off-the-shelf technical indicators found in regular MT4 installations.

4. Round-the-Clock Operation

Since Rocket Forex System runs on virtual private servers in the cloud, traders can access open trades and performance metrics 24 hours a day via any web-connected device. There is no need for a dedicated PC to keep the software running at all times.

5. Intuitive Dashboard

A clean, intuitive dashboard allows users to quickly visualize account metrics like balance, equity, open profit/loss, drawdown and daily returns without sifting through complex trade logs. This transparency helps traders track performance.

In summary, Rocket Forex System aims to offer traders the clarity and confidence that comes from automated trading solutions fine-tuned for profitability across varying market conditions.

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Getting Started with Rocket Forex System

The Rocket Forex System package includes the custom MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) file along with detailed installation/configuration instructions and access to the web-based account dashboard.

Here is an overview of the setup process:

  1. Open a MT4 account compatible with EAs – Rocket Forex System works with most reputable brokers like Exness, IC Markets etc.
  2. Download and install MT4 desktop platform or MT4 mobile app to access your account
  3. Purchase license for Rocket Forex System through vendor’s website
  4. Upload Rocket Forex System files to MT4 platform and attach EA to chart
  5. Input trading parameters like trade size, stop loss limits based on risk appetite
  6. Enable automated trading and start button to launch Rocket Forex System

In a few simple steps, traders can deploy this powerful automated trading system to their MT4 account and start profiting from forex markets hands-free!

Performance Metrics and Verified Gains

According to the vendor website, Rocket Forex System has produced over 1300 pips in independently verified gains over multiple live accounts under real market conditions.

The table below summarizes the performance:

Metric Result
Verified Profit 1347 pips
Max Drawdown 289 pips
Win Rate 64%
Risk:Reward Ratio 1:1.8
Average Trade 5-15 pips

These metrics indicate that Rocket Forex System has delivered consistent profits over time without significant drawdowns.

The 64% win rate shows the algorithm is successfully identifying high-probability setups more often than not. At the same time, the risk management protocols are working as expected to limit losses.

The 1:1.8 risk-reward ratio is particularly impressive – it indicates the system captures nearly twice as many pips in wins than it gives back in losses. This asymmetric ratio will compound gains steadily given adequate trade frequency.

Overall, the numbers validate Rocket Forex System as a stable automated trading solution for retail forex traders.

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Rocket Forex System is available for a one-time fee that grants lifetime usage rights to buyers.

License Type Price
Silver License $399
Gold License $599
Platinum License $799

The vendor offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. So traders can test Rocket Forex System extensively across different market conditions and seek a full refund if results are unsatisfactory for any reason.

Given the performance metrics and return policy, Rocket Forex System is reasonably priced for the profit potential it unlocks.

Verdict – Powerful and Profitable Automated Trading

Rocket Forex System is a well-developed automated trading solution that leverages custom algorithms to trade forex profitably. The performance metrics and verified gains across multiple accounts signal an edge in the market.

For traders seeking convenient, hands-free trading through expert technology, Rocket Forex System hits the mark. Given the attractive risk-reward dynamics observed in historical testing, this system could turbocharge forex trading results for retail traders.

Overall, Rocket Forex System delivers on its promise of powerful and profitable automated trading. The competitive pricing and 30-day money back guarantee also make it risk-free to evaluate.

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