Does George Soros Own Disney? Unpacking the Rumors

Does George Soros Own Disney? The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is one of the largest and most influential media and entertainment companies in the world. From its iconic animated films and characters to its sprawling theme parks and resorts, Disney holds an outsized place in popular culture globally.

Given its size and reach, rumors and speculation often swirl around Disney and its ownership structure. One such claim that has persisted in some corners of the internet is that billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros secretly owns or controls Disney.

Does George Soros Own Disney

In this in-depth review, we will analyze the veracity of such claims by looking at Soros’ background, Disney’s ownership breakdown, the connections (or lack thereof) between Soros and Disney, and the motivations that may underlie this rumor.

George Soros Background

To assess whether Soros owns Disney, it is helpful to first understand his professional background. Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary and later emigrated to England in 1947. In 1970, he founded the hedge fund Soros Fund Management, which became one of the most successful hedge funds in history.[1]

Today, Soros is worth an estimated $8.5 billion and remains an active investor and philanthropist.[2] Through his Open Society Foundations, he has donated billions to promote democracy, human rights, and social justice around the world.

Soros is also a major donor to left-leaning causes and Democratic political candidates in the U.S. His outspoken liberal views have made him a target of criticism from some conservatives.

Disney Ownership Breakdown

To determine if Soros owns Disney requires analyzing who really does own the iconic company. According to Disney’s 2021 annual report filed with the SEC, about 813,000 holders owned Disney’s common stock.[3]

Rather than a single entity, Disney stock is owned by a range of institutional and retail investors. The largest shareholders as of late 2022 are:[4]

  • Vanguard Group – 8.19%
  • BlackRock – 6.48%
  • State Street Corp – 3.97%
  • T. Rowe Price – 3.66%
  • FMR LLC (Fidelity) – 2.24%

Additionally, Disney insiders, including executives and board members, own a combined 0.89% stake. The remaining shares are held by mutual funds and members of the general public.

In short, Soros is not listed among Disney’s largest institutional or insider shareholders.

Connections Between Soros and Disney

Given that Soros is not a top Disney shareholder, is there any evidence of his involvement with the company? According to SEC filings, Soros Fund Management has traded Disney shares over the years but has never accumulated a sizable stake.

In 2023, Soros Fund Management owned $46,400 worth of Disney stock, accounting for less than 0.01% of the company.^[5] At times in the past, the fund has invested in Disney, but recent filings do not show Soros possessing any significant Disney holdings.

Additionally, there is no publicly known connection between Soros and Disney in terms of board membership, executive roles, or other management influence. In short, there is no evidence Soros has any controlling position – financial or otherwise – within Disney.

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Motivations Behind the Rumor

What then might motivate false claims around Soros owning Disney? As previously mentioned, Soros is a controversial figure, particularly on the right of the political spectrum. His donations to liberal and Democratic causes have made him a target of criticism.

Some conspiracy theories likely intend to tarnish Disney’s reputation by linking the beloved company with the divisive Soros. Additionally, as Disney has taken more progressive stances in recent years, such as opposing the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation in Florida, some conservatives have viewed the company more negatively.

In this context, rumors about Soros owning Disney serve to fuel culture war tensions rather than accurately depicting reality. The claims attempt to undermine Disney by connecting it with a figure hated by some on the right.


In conclusion, based on financial filings, company statements, and third-party ownership analyses, there is no evidence George Soros exerts any control or undue influence over Disney.

While Soros Fund Management has traded Disney shares, it has never acquired a substantial stake, likely topping out at 0.01% of the company. Furthermore, there are no known connections between Soros and Disney in terms of executive leadership, board membership, or other management roles.

In the absence of factual evidence, rumors about Soros owning Disney should be viewed skeptically. The likely motivation is to damage Disney’s reputation by associating it with a controversial left-leaning figure.

As with any speculation about a massive company like Disney, it is wise to consult objective data – in this case, legal disclosures and ownership records that show no basis for the idea that George Soros owns or controls the iconic entertainment giant.

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