Spot Trend Reversals with Divergence Indicators on Tradingview

Identifying potential trend reversals is critical for timing entries and exits in the financial markets. One of the most powerful methods for spotting reversals is using divergence indicators. Tradingview offers several top divergence indicators to help traders pinpoint trend changes. In this guide, we’ll explore how to use these indispensable reversal spotting tools.

Divergence Indicator Tradingview

Key Takeaways:

  • Divergence happens when price and indicator move in opposite directions
  • Signals potential trend reversals, critical for timing trades
  • Tradingview offers top divergence indicators like RSI and MACD
  • Look for clear, obvious divergence signals on higher timeframes
  • Be patient – early signal of reversals ahead
  • Combine with other technical analysis for confirmation
  • Use proper risk management on divergence trades

What is divergence and why is it important?

Divergence occurs when an asset’s price and a technical alert indicator move in opposite directions. This disagreement between price and pivot indicator often signals an impending trend reversal.

For example, if price is making higher highs while an oscillator like RSI makes lower highs, this bearish divergence clues a potential downtrend ahead. The opposite effect happens with bullish divergence. Detecting divergence can give traders an early edge before reversals occur.

Overview of major divergence indicators on Tradingview

Tradingview offers several excellent divergence indicators created by top developers. Let’s overview some of the most popular:

These indicators all scan for situations where price and oscillator data disconnect to identify high probability reversal setups.

How to use the RSI Divergence indicator

The RSI Divergence indicator is one of the most popular for spotting reversals early. Here are tips for using it:

  • Apply to price chart in bottom window
  • Use standard 14 period RSI
  • Divergence lines are drawn when RSI and price disconnect
  • Look for tall green/red lines showing divergence
  • Long green lines indicate bullish divergences signaling upside reversals
  • Long red lines indicate bearish divergences signaling downside reversals
  • Use on daily, 4 hour or 1 hour charts to anticipate multi-day trend changes
  • Combine with other indicators like moving averages to confirm reversal

RSI Divergence gives high probability reversal signals traders can act on.

Real example

Here is an example of bearish divergence on Bitcoin’s daily chart predicting downtrend:

bearish divergence on Bitcoin Tradingview

As price rose to new highs, RSI formed lower highs signaling bearish divergence. This preceded a large decline.

How to use the MACD Divergence indicator

The MACD Divergence indicator identifies divergence between MACD histogram and price. Here are tips for using it:

  • Apply MACD (12/26/9) and MACD Divergence indicators to chart
  • Green circles are bullish divergences, red circles are bearish
  • Size of circles indicates divergence strength
  • Bigger circle = stronger the divergence signal
  • Divergence signals often come near support/resistance levels
  • Use on daily or 4 hour charts for reliable signals
  • Requires patience to wait for clear signals

MACD Divergence performs well when clear circles develop near key levels.

Real example

Here is a bullish divergence in action on the S&P 500’s 4 hour chart:

S&P 500's macd divergence Tradingview

As price formed lower lows, MACD formed higher lows signaling upside reversal ahead. Price proceeded to rebound sharply.

Tips for effectively using divergence indicators

Here are some best practices for trading with Tradingview’s divergence indicators:

  • Use on higher timeframes (4H, daily, weekly) for reliable signals
  • Do not take single occurrences of divergence, look for confirmation
  • Combine with price action analysis like double tops/bottoms, breakouts
  • Be patient – divergence can signal reversals early before they fully develop
  • Use proper risk management – divergence shows probability, not certainty
  • Filter signals with other indicators like moving averages, trendlines
  • Customize indicator settings like RSI period, MACD periods to optimize
  • Focus on clear, obvious divergence signals and avoid minor signals with little separation

Combining divergence with other Tradingview indicators

For highest probability setups, combine divergence with additional technical analysis like:

  • Trendlines / Channels – Look for divergence near trendlines showing clear breakdowns/breakouts
  • Moving Averages – Confirm crossover of short/long term moving averages in direction of divergence
  • Candlestick Patterns – Combine divergence with candlestick patterns like engulfing bars, doji/spinning tops
  • Momentum Oscillators – Use RSI, Stochastics, MACD together to confirm divergence signals
  • Support / Resistance – Spot divergence occurring near key support/resistance levels for bounces/breakouts

Using divergence with confirming signals builds robust reversal strategies.

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Are there any limitations with divergence?

While divergence is powerful, a few limitations include:

  • Divergence can signal reversals early before they fully develop – need patience
  • Divergence does not guarantee a reversal will occur or timing
  • Many minor divergences occur – focus on significant, obvious signals
  • Works best when combined with other technical analysis for confirmation
  • Does not work as well in strong trending markets
  • Prone to false signals in ranging, choppy markets

Use proper risk management with stops and position sizing when trading divergence signals.


Divergence indicators like RSI and MACD Divergence give traders an early edge by spotting trend reversals before they happen. Tradingview makes it easy to apply these tools. Look for clear, obvious divergence signals, especially near key support/resistance levels. Confirm signals with other technical analysis like moving averages. With the right approach, divergence delivers high probability reversal trade setups.

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