The Ultimate Review of Binary Destroyer 8.0

Binary Destroyer 8.0 is a powerful trading indicator that has taken the market by storm since its initial release in 2015. Now in its eighth generation, this indicator utilizes advanced algorithms and price action strategies to generate highly accurate buy and sell signals.

In this comprehensive review, we will cover everything you need to know about Binary Destroyer 8.0 including its features, performance results, pricing, and more.

Binary Destroyer 8.0

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Overview of Binary Destroyer 8.0

Binary Destroyer 8.0 (BD 8.0) is a non-repainting MT4/MT5 custom indicator that aims to make trading simple yet highly profitable. It works by scanning the charts to identify potential price reversals and continuation patterns.

Once a high-probability setup is detected, BD 8.0 plots easy-to-read arrow signals indicating whether you should buy or sell. It can be used successfully on all timeframes and pairs.

Some standout features include:

  • 5 built-in trading strategies
  • Real-time buy/sell signals
  • Divergence detection
  • No repainting or lagging
  • Compatible with Forex, crypto, stocks etc.

BD 8.0 is sold exclusively through FX Learning which is run by creators Jamie Palmer and Michael Vert. It currently costs £155 for lifetime access.

How Does Binary Destroyer 8.0 Work?

The core of BD 8.0’s functionality revolves around identifying support, resistance, trend lines and candlestick patterns on the charts. It then uses a complex algorithm to determine potential reversal zones with a high degree of accuracy.

Once a trade setup forms, the indicator plots an arrow pointing up for buy signals and down for sell signals. The direction of the arrow tells you exactly how to trade each signal.

You also have the flexibility to trade the signals as they appear or wait for confirmation from other indicators like MACD or Stochastics.

An easy-to-follow 5 step process for trading BD 8.0 signals successfully is:

  1. Identify zone and arrow signal on chart
  2. Check higher timeframes for confirmation
  3. Place entry order once candle closes
  4. Set stop loss below signal arrow
  5. Take profit once target is reached

Following these steps consistently can lead to a profitable win rate over time.

5 Powerful Trading Strategies

One of the biggest advantages of Binary Destroyer 8.0 is the inclusion of 5 unique trading strategies built directly into the indicator.

You can switch between these strategies with just one click allowing you to adapt your trading based on current market conditions.

Here is an overview of each strategy:

BD Strategy – The default method that identifies reversals by support and resistance. Ideal for trend and range trading.

Divergence Strategy – Spots divergences between price and indicator to anticipate trend changes early. Extremely accurate.

ADX Strategy – Uses the ADX indicator to determine trend strength before signaling trades. Reduces whipsaws.

Candles Strategy – Draws buy/sell zones based on candlestick patterns. Works very well during market open and close times.

News Strategy – Minimizes losses around high impact news events like NFP. Disables trading temporarily to avoid volatility spikes.

Having access to multiple strategies in one indicator saves you time and money instead of buying different systems.

Performance Results of BD 8.0

It is crucial for any trading system to have proof that it performs up to its claims in a live market environment.

The creators of Binary Destroyer 8.0 have tracked their performance results since 2015 which are openly displayed on the FX Learning website:

Total Trades – 1857 Wins – 1502 (81%) Losses – 355
Profit Factor – 2.09 Max Drawdown – 186 pips

These transparent results spanning over 8 years demonstrates that BD 8.0 has stood the test of time and consistently delivers results in bull and bear markets.

The best part is community members are posting an average of 80-85% winning trades in the FX Learning Facebook group on a regular basis.

Advantages of Using Binary Destroyer 8.0

After reviewing Binary Destroyer closely, here are some of the main advantages it offers:

  • No Repainting – Signals do not repaint which lets you enter trades with confidence.
  • Lifetime License – One time fee grants you lifetime access including all future updates.
  • Active Community – Get support, share ideas and learn with 1000+ BD users globally.
  • Beginner Friendly – Easy to install, understand and use even for new traders.
  • Risk Management – Specialized strategies to minimize losses during volatile events.
  • Trusted Creators – Jamie & Michael have over 10+ years experience trading successfully.

Having an indicator that continues working through changing market landscapes makes the lifetime license extremely valuable.

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Pricing Plans for Binary Destroyer 8.0

There are a few pricing options available based on your individual needs and budget:

Entry Package

  • Binary Destroyer 8.0 Indicator
  • Trading Course & Video Tutorials
  • Facebook Community Access
  • Email & Chat Support

Price: £155

VIP Package

  • Entry Package Included
  • Advanced Trading Course
  • Private Telegram Group Access
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Priority Email Support

Price: £250

Considering most indicators cost over $500 and need renewing every few months, BD 8.0 offers exceptional value with a one-time payment.

Use the VIP package if you want more personalized training and faster support response times from the FX Learning team.

Final Verdict – Is Binary Destroyer 8.0 Worth It?

After reviewing all aspects extensively for this Binary Destroyer 8.0 review, my verdict is:

Binary Destroyer is a LEGIT and PROFITABLE trading indicator that works as described. With results spanning over 8 years, multiple built-in strategies, hundreds of satisfied traders and no recurring fees – BD 8.0 is arguably one of the BEST trading tools available right now.

It simplifies the complex process of technical analysis and gives you a proven method to make money from the markets. Considering the modest one-time fee, lifetime updates and helpful community, it is absolutely worth the investment for any level trader, whether beginner or experienced.

Overall rating: 9.5/10 stars

If you want to get started with Binary Destroyer 8.0 at the best price. Just £155 gives you everything needed to take your trading to the next level using this game-changing indicator.

I hope this complete Binary Destroyer 8.0 review has provided enough insights to help make your buying decision easier. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments section below!

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