The Big Dragon Premium Trading System – A Comprehensive Review

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System is a sophisticated trading tool designed to help forex traders make profitable trades. This comprehensive trading system combines advanced technical analysis, market intelligence, and proprietary algorithms to generate accurate buy and sell signals.

Big Dragon Premium Trading System

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Overview of the System

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System utilizes eight proprietary custom indicators along with the Ichimoku Cloud indicator to analyze the markets and identify high-probability trading opportunities across all major currency pairs. The system aims to provide easy-to-interpret trading signals to forex traders of all experience levels.

Some key features of the system include:

  • Intuitive user interface for ease of use
  • One-click instrument switching without needing multiple charts
  • Advanced but easy-to-understand analytical tools
  • Custom momentum bars to visualize market momentum
  • Effective risk management strategies

The trading system has been constantly improved and perfected since its initial launch in 2008. It combines over a decade’s worth of trading insights and technology to create an exceptional trading experience.

Using the Trading Signals

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System for MT4 generates clear buy and sell signals that appear on the chart as arrows and exit signs. These trading signals do not repaint or recalculate, meaning if a signal appears, it will remain visible on the closed candle where it originally showed up.

This reliability allows traders to take the signals at face value without worrying about false signals or having to second guess the recommendations. At the same time, traders can add their additional analysis to further validate the signals if they choose.

In addition to the visual signals on the chart, the system also provides the option to set up alerts so traders get notified whenever a new trading opportunity arises. This allows efficient multi-chart monitoring without needing to manually observe the charts at all times.

Performance and Results

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System has an extensively proven track record of profitability based on backtesting and live trading results.

Independent testing shows the system can generate triple-digit percentage returns in the hundreds or even thousands of percent over the long run. At the same time, the built-in risk management strategies help limit drawdowns during losing streaks.

While past performance does not guarantee future results, the system has shown remarkable consistency across various market conditions. Of course, personal trading skills, risk appetite, and money management will impact individual returns.

Ease of Use

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System is designed to be user-friendly for traders of all backgrounds. The intuitive visual interface makes it simple to install, set up, and start using without any complex configurations.

Once installed, traders can easily scan the charts for signals and execute their trades accordingly. The one-click instrument switching feature lets traders quickly toggle between currency pairs without needing to open multiple chart windows.

The detailed user manual covers step-by-step installation instructions, trading rules, and tips for getting the best results. Traders can also access customer support for any assistance required when using the system.

Big Dragon Premium Trading System Costs and Pricing

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System is sold at a one-time fee that allows unlimited use across any number of trading accounts and computers.

At the time of writing, the system is available for $250 from select forex software vendors. This is significantly discounted compared to the original listing price of $1,999.

Considering the profit potential from using such a sophisticated trading technology, the price point makes it easily accessible for any serious forex trader.

In addition to the upfront cost, there are no recurring fees or subscription charges to use the Big Dragon Premium Trading System. The one-time purchase comes with lifetime access and updates.

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Advantages of the Big Dragon Premium Trading System

Here are some of the main advantages of using the Big Dragon Premium Trading System:

Profitability – The system has a long track record of generating consistent profits across different market conditions. Users can expect strong returns if using the signals accurately.

Customizability – While the system is designed to be plug-and-play, experienced traders can combine it with their own analysis for enhanced performance.

Risk Management – Effective stop loss and take profit features help manage trading risk to avoid huge drawdowns.

Ease of Use – The intuitive visual interface and detailed user guides make this system simple to operate for all traders.

Affordability – At $250, the trading system is reasonably priced considering the profit potential and lifetime validity.

Big Dragon Premium Trading System Disadvantages and Limitations

Despite the many strengths, the Big Dragon Premium Trading System also comes with a few limitations to keep in mind:

Steep Learning Curve – Traders need some time to fully grasp the various analytical tools and signals provided by the system.

Over-Reliance – Following the signals blindly without own validation can lead to undisciplined trading and losses.

Lagging Indicators – Technical indicators have inherent lag by analyzing past data which impacts signal accuracy.

No Guarantees – As with any trading system, nothing can guarantee 100% winning trades or prevent losses altogether.

Limited Availability – Only a handful of vendor websites sell this system making it difficult to obtain at times.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Big Dragon Premium Trading System is one of the most comprehensive forex trading technologies available that combines indicators, analytics, and automated algorithmic trading signals.

While the system carries a premium price tag compared to basic trading tools, it justifies the cost with its depth of features, customizability, and profit generation potential.

Both new and experienced traders can benefit from the system, but some commitment is required to extract the most value. Like any powerful tool, misuse or lack of understanding can also amplify trading risks and losses.

Overall, for serious traders willing to put in the time and effort, integrating the Big Dragon Premium Trading System into their trading process can give them an added edge in the market.

The accuracy of the signals combined with effective risk management makes this a technology that could supercharge trading results for those who learn to harness its capabilities.

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