Beast Super Signal EA Review: A Powerful Automated Trading Tool

The Beast Super Signal EA is an expert advisor based on the popular Beast Super Signal indicator. This automated trading robot continuously monitors market conditions and identifies high-probability trading opportunities.

Beast Super Signal EA

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Overview of the Beast Super Signal EA

The Beast Super Signal EA was created by Dustin Vlok and his team at Beast Trading Software. It is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5.

This expert advisor is designed to monitor the market, identify emerging trends, and jump into existing trends when all the internal strategies align. It uses the signals from the Beast Super Signal indicator as entry triggers.

Once a high-probability trading opportunity is identified, the EA will automatically open and manage buy and sell orders on your behalf. This hands-free approach is perfect for traders who don’t have time to sit at the charts all day.

Some key features of the Beast Super Signal EA include:

  • Compatibility with all currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
  • Can be used successfully on all timeframes
  • Provides entry price, stop loss, and take profit suggestions
  • Features an ADR filter to eliminate low probability setups
  • Customizable panel for statistics and account tracking

How the EA Works

The Beast Super Signal EA relies on the signals from the Beast Super Signal indicator for trade entries. This indicator identifies overbought and oversold conditions in the market and provides buy and sell signals when a trend reversal or new trend occurs.

The EA has inbuilt strategies that must align before a trade is triggered. Only when all strategies are in 100% agreement will the robot place a buy or sell order. This unique approach ensures very high accuracy for trades.

Once in a trade, the EA uses the stop loss and take profit levels suggested by the indicator. You can choose conservative or aggressive targets based on your risk appetite. The EA will trail stops to lock in profits as the market moves in your favor.

Benefits of Using this EA

Here are some of the main benefits of using this expert advisor for automated trading:

Hands-free trading – The EA will open, manage and close all trades for you automatically. This is perfect for busy traders.

Consistency – The EA sticks to its trading rules without emotion or hesitation. This results in consistent execution of the trading strategy.

Diversification – You can use the EA to trade multiple currency pairs and asset classes simultaneously. This diversifies risk across many trades.

Customization – You can tweak the EA settings and trade management rules to align with your risk tolerance. The panel is also customizable.

Risk management – Smart stop loss and take profit levels help manage risk on every trade. The ADR filter also avoids low probability setups.

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Performance and Accuracy of the Beast Super Signal EA

In terms of performance, the Beast Super Signal EA can deliver between 50% to 70% accuracy on average. However, the accuracy can vary across different market conditions and timeframes. The developer does not make outlandish claims about the EA making you rich overnight.

Keep in mind that no automated trading system can be 100% accurate. There will always be losses on some trades. Proper risk management is crucial to surviving the losing trades and staying profitable overall.

Many users report good results using the default settings of the EA. However, you may be able to improve performance further by optimizing the inputs and trade management settings for your specific market and account conditions.

Using the EA Successfully

Here are some tips to use the Beast Super Signal EA successfully:

  • Start with a demo account to test the EA and get a feel for how it trades.
  • Use low risk per trade, between 1% to 2% of account balance. Do not risk more than 5% in total across all trades.
  • Trade multiple currency pairs and asset classes to diversify exposure.
  • Use a virtual private server (VPS) to ensure your EA trades 24/5 without interruptions.
  • Avoid over-optimizing the EA on past data. Find a balance between performance and robustness.
  • Monitor the EA periodically to ensure stable performance and internet connectivity.
  • Be patient and give the EA time to work. Avoid frequently stopping and starting the EA.

Is the EA Worth Buying?

The Beast Super Signal EA is priced at $349 for a single license. This is very reasonable compared to other EAs in the industry.

For the price, you get a robust and time-tested EA that can automate a large portion of your trading. The EA is beginner-friendly but also offers customization options for advanced traders.

Considering its solid performance, diverse compatibility, and thoughtful design, the EA is absolutely worth buying for traders looking to automate their trading strategies.


The Beast Super Signal EA is an impressive automated trading system that simplifies the process of identifying high-probability trades across different asset classes and timeframes.

It has several built-in strategies and filters to pinpoint accurate market entries. The hands-free approach is ideal for busy traders or beginners.

While no EA can be perfect, the Beast Super Signal ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, features, and ease of use. For traders looking to leverage the power of automation in their trading, the Beast Super Signal EA is highly recommended.

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