Antares EA Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Automated Trading Software

Antares EA is an automated trading system or “expert advisor” designed for trading on the foreign exchange (forex) market. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of Antares EA, examining its features, performance statistics, strengths and weaknesses.

Antares EA

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Overview of Antares EA

Antares EA was developed by Marina Arkhipova, a professional trader and software developer. It uses advanced algorithms and technical analysis to identify potentially profitable trades.

Some key features of Antares EA include:

  • Compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Multiple risk profiles for conservative or aggressive trading
  • Hard stop loss on every trade for risk management
  • Recovery algorithm to recoup losses
  • High claimed win rate based on backtesting

The EA aims to automate the entire trading process, from analyzing the markets to executing and managing trades. It is designed to remove the psychological and emotional elements from trading to create an unbiased and consistent approach.

How Antares EA Works

Antares EA uses a sophisticated algorithm to monitor current market conditions and identify trading opportunities. It analyzes factors like price action, volatility, and technical indicators.

When the software determines that entry criteria have been met, it will automatically open a position. The stop loss and take profit levels are predefined by the algorithm’s programming.

The EA places trades conservatively in the direction of the overall trend. It utilizes a martingale-based recovery system to recoup losses. After a losing trade, the EA will open a new position with an increased lot size.

The software monitors open trades in real-time and will close positions once take profit or stop loss levels are reached. No manual intervention is required once the EA is activated.

Performance Statistics and Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting reports are available for Antares EA, showing favorable hypothetical results across multiple currency pairs and timeframes.

For example, on the EUR/USD pair the EA purportedly produced over 11,000 trades during a 6 year backtest, with a 64% win rate. The average profit per trade was around $200, while the maximum drawdown was under 30%.

These types of backtests can give traders confidence in the underlying algorithm. However, it is important to note that past performance does not guarantee future results. The market is constantly evolving and no automated system can be profitable in all conditions.

Real Account Trading Performance

In addition to backtests, Antares EA provides statistics from real-money trading accounts. These help to validate the backtest results and demonstrate the EA’s viability in live market conditions.

For instance, the developer shows an account that has been trading Antares EA on the GBP/USD pair since 2017. It has generated over $26,000 in alleged profits, with a max drawdown of around $3,500.

While these results appear impressive, real account track records are still limited. More data would be needed to fully confirm the EA’s profitability across different market environments.

Strengths of Antares EA

Here are some of the notable strengths of this automated trading system:

  • Sophisticated algorithm: The EA’s underlying code and logic for analyzing charts appear complex and robust based on the inputs and settings available.
  • Risk management: The use of hard stops on every trade and recovery algorithms promote effective risk management.
  • High win rate: Backtests indicate a consistently high win rate, which is crucial for profitable algorithmic trading.
  • Flexibility: Antares EA allows for some degree of customization and optimization for individual trading styles.
  • Ease of use: The software handles the entire trading process automatically, requiring no input after setup.

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Weaknesses and Drawbacks

Despite its strengths, Antares EA also has some potential weaknesses to consider:

  • Limited track record: More extensive real account trading results over a longer period would help validate the robustness of the algorithm.
  • Potential overoptimization: Backtests can be overfit, resulting in stellar hypothetical results but real-world underperformance.
  • High price: At a cost of $2,500, Antares EA is one of the pricier EAs on the market. The cost may be prohibitive for some traders.
  • Scalping strategy: The EA seems optimized for scalping techniques, which may not suit all trading styles or work in all market conditions.
  • Lack of customer support: There appears to be little customer service offered beyond the initial sale.

Using Antares EA: Requirements and Compatibility

Antares EA has specific requirements in terms of trading account, platform, and broker compatibility. Traders should evaluate whether their current setup meets the criteria to properly run the EA.

Some key requirements include:

  • MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5
  • Minimum $500 account balance
  • ECN/STP broker with fast execution
  • Allowance for expert advisors

The EA is designed to work with most reputable brokers and uses technical indicators available on all MetaTrader platforms. Additional components like a VPS service are not mandatory but can be beneficial.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Antares EA is sold through the MetaTrader Marketplace and directly from the developer’s website.

The listed purchase price is $2,500. However, at times significant discounts around 80% are advertised, bringing the price down to $500.

The license allows use on one live trading account and an unlimited number of demo accounts. Additional licenses can be purchased for use on more accounts.

The purchase process is simple – after paying via PayPal or card, the EA files are made available for download and installation. Purchasers also gain access to a private Telegram group upon request.

Verdict: Is Antares EA Worth It?

Overall, Antares EA shows promise as a powerful automated trading system with extensive backtesting and some positive real account results. The combination of technical indicators, risk management, and recovery algorithms seems logically sound.

However, as with any EA, traders should exercise caution. There are no guarantees of long-term profitability. The high cost may deter some traders, especially without an extended track record.

For traders comfortable with the risks inherent in algorithmic forex trading, Antares EA could be a worthwhile investment. It offers the potential for hands-off trading driven by technical signals. But discretionary oversight and robust risk management are still advised when using any automated system.

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