What Is Better Than TradingView? 6 Platforms That Give You More

TradingView is one of the most popular trading platforms for charting, analysis and social networking. With its free access and user-friendly interface, TradingView has become a go-to platform for millions of traders worldwide.

However, TradingView’s simplicity also comes with limitations. As traders become more advanced, they often seek platforms with more robust tools, customization and features to take their analysis to the next level.

What Is Better Than Tradingview

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In this post, we’ll look at 6 alternative trading platforms that can give you more power and versatility compared to TradingView. Let’s dive in and see platforms better suited for advanced traders.

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

Thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade is often ranked as the most powerful trading platform available today. It’s built with only active traders in mind, providing professional-grade tools for options, stock and futures traders.

Some of the advanced features Thinkorswim offers over TradingView include:

  • ThinkScript for coding custom indicators and strategies
  • Ability to trade directly from charts
  • Level II and Time & Sales data
  • Options analytics tools
  • Software Add-ons and plug-ins
  • Robust scanning for trade ideas
  • Chart trading across mobile and desktop

While TradingView focuses on simplicity and user experience, Thinkorswim caters to die-hard traders demanding complete control and customization over their trading platform and workflows.


NinjaTrader is another top-rated trading platform popular for advanced charting, backtesting and trade automation capabilities. Some key benefits over TradingView:

NinjaTrader provides professional-level functionality tailored to day traders, system developers and algorithmic traders. The unlimited flexibility makes it a TradingView alternative worth considering.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the newest incarnation of the immensely popular MetaTrader platform from MetaQuotes. MT5 improves on MT4 in many aspects and has features absent on TradingView including:

  • Support for Forex, Stocks, Futures and CFDs
  • 500+ technical indicators
  • MQL5 programming language for EAs and scripts
  • Advanced order management tools
  • Copy trading between accounts
  • Algorithmic trading via Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Backtesting forex strategies
  • Integrates with brokers for auto trading

For traders seeking an all-in-one solution beyond just charting and analysis, MT5 matches TradingView’s ease of use while adding far more trading functionality through EAs and automation.

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TrendSpider bills itself as the most advanced charting platform designed for day traders. Advantages over TradingView:

  • Custom scripts coded in EasyLanguage
  • Automated trading strategies and alerts
  • Dynamic historical and real-time simulations
  • Level II, Time & Sales, and Bookmap integrations
  • Robust scanning and filtering for trade ideas
  • Built-in support for TradeStation brokerage
  • Focus on day trading workflows and efficiency

TrendSpider competes directly as a TradingView alternative tailored specifically to active traders and day trading. The trading-centric design provides a more seamless experience than TradingView.


MultiCharts from MultiCharts Trading offers another full-featured TradingView alternative focused on traders. Standout features include:

  • PowerLanguage for coding indicators and strategies
  • Backtesting analysis and optimization
  • Automated trading ability
  • 20+ brokerage integrations
  • Advanced alerting and trade signalling
  • Order flow, volume, and liquidity analysis tools
  • Highly customizable layouts and settings
  • Robust chart trading capabilities

For traders looking for deep customization lacking on TradingView, MultiCharts delivers a formidable charting and trading ecosystem.


For developers seeking to build trading apps, ChartIQ provides HTML5 financial charting easily integrated into apps and websites. The library offers:

  • 100+ technical indicators
  • Drag-and-drop chart and workspace designer
  • Custom indicator and strategy development
  • Complex order management
  • Watchlists and market data capabilities
  • Full API and webhook options
  • Mobile-ready charts and UI elements

ChartIQ allows creating detailed charting applications from scratch versus TradingView’s rigid UI. The extensive API makes it a versatile engine for charting.

Making the Choice Between TradingView and Advanced Platforms

When choosing between TradingView and more powerful platforms, consider your experience level, needs and budget.

TradingView is ideal for beginners wanting simple charting and social features. The free version is extremely capable for casual traders.

However, experienced traders often seek platforms enabling complex analysis, automation and order execution. TradingView’s lack of coding languages, backtesting or strategy building can be limiting.

Advanced platforms carry higher learning curves and monthly subscription fees. But their versatility, customization and features tailored to active traders make the investment worthwhile if TradingView no longer meets your needs.

Evaluating your goals, level of commitment and stage of development as a trader will clarify which platform aligns with your requirements now and into the future. With a crowded field of choices, make sure the platform you choose provides room to grow.

Key Takeaways on Alternatives to TradingView

Here are the major points on advanced platforms that can take you beyond TradingView:

  • Thinkorswim – Complete trading environment with professional-grade tools
  • NinjaTrader – Custom indicators, automation and backtesting
  • MetaTrader 5 – All-in-one trading platform with EAs for automation
  • TrendSpider – Built for day traders with focus on speed and efficiency
  • MultiCharts – Trading-centric platform with deep customization abilities
  • ChartIQ – Robust HTML5 charting library for developing trading apps

While TradingView is a great starting point, every trader eventually outgrows basic charting platforms. Moving to a robust alternative tailored to your trading needs is the logical next step when you’re ready to level up.

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