Telegram to MT4 Copier – A Comprehensive Review

Telegram to MT4 Copier is a software utility that automatically copies trading signals from Telegram channels directly into the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This allows traders to easily execute trades based on signals from Telegram without having to manually enter orders themselves.

Telegram to MT4 Copier

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Overview of Telegram to MT4 Copier

The core functionality of Telegram to MT4 Copier includes:

  • Automatically copies any type of trading signal from Telegram channels to MT4
  • Supports all order types – market, pending, stop orders etc.
  • Copies signals in real-time with near-instant execution
  • Works with multiple Telegram channels simultaneously
  • Advanced risk and money management settings
  • Detailed logging and analytics on every signal copied
  • Easy to set up and get running in minutes

By integrating Telegram signals with MT4, the copier aims to help traders efficiently leverage signals to boost profits. It eliminates the need to sit and watch Telegram or constantly check phone for new signals.

Instead, every signal is automatically detected and inserted into MT4 right away so you never miss an opportunity.

Key Benefits and Features

Here are some of the standout benefits and features of using Telegram to MT4 Copier:

1. Copies All Signal Types and Formats

The copier supports copying every possible type of trading signal from Telegram including:

  • Text signals
  • Image signals
  • Signals in non-English languages
  • Signals using special formatting or templates

An advanced OCR (optical character recognition) engine scans images and translates into executable orders. It can even convert signals from other languages into English before processing.

This flexibility allows working with any Telegram channel regardless of signal style.

2. Real-Time Signal Copying

The copier inserts signals into MT4 instantly with under 100 millisecond execution times. This near-instant speed ensures no signals are ever missed.

Even if you get a signal while sleeping or away from computer, the trades are automatically executed thanks to real-time monitoring.

3. Risk Management and Lot Sizing Options

The copier provides multiple advanced options for managing risk and position sizing on every trade, including:

  • Lot sizing based on fixed amount, % equity, or from signal
  • Per-trade risk management
  • Maximum open trades limit
  • Loss limits based on % drawdown or fixed $ amount
  • Break-even, trailing stop, and take profit automation

By tuning these settings, you can dial in risk on a per-strategy or per-pair basis. This helps optimize the balance between risk versus reward.

4. Supports Multiple Telegram Channels

You can add an unlimited number of Telegram channels for copying signals simultaneously. This makes it easy to leverage signals from multiple sources.

The copier inserts trades from all connected channels according to your settings without needing any manual intervention.

5. Detailed Analytics and Reporting

An analytics dashboard tracks key metrics like:

  • Number of signals copied from each channel
  • Profitability per channel or pair
  • Win rate percentage

This data helps assess which signal providers are performing best. You can then optimize settings accordingly to improve profitability.

6. Easy and Quick to Setup

Getting up and running only takes a few minutes without any complex installation steps. You simply:

  1. Download and install EA into MT4
  2. Input Telegram credentials
  3. Add channel ID numbers
  4. Adjust settings
  5. Start copying signals

Included documentation provides step-by-step instructions for installation.

7. 24/7 Technical Support

The developer offers 24/7 customer support via Telegram. You can get assistance with any setup issues or questions.

This helps ensure you get the most value out of the copier and don’t waste time troubleshooting on your own.

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Telegram to MT4 Copier – Who Is It For?

Telegram to MT4 Copier is designed for all trader types including:

New Traders – Don’t have skills or confidence to trade yourself yet. Copier provides “hands-free” solution to leverage Telegram signals.

Experienced Traders – Want to scale number of trades placed. Copier executes signals from multiple channels you couldn’t easily manage manually.

System Traders – Use copier to automate execution of your own Telegram signal channel. Saves tons of time while growing subscriber base.

Part-Time Traders – Miss opportunities being away from computer? Copier runs in background and inserts signals 24/7 so you never miss a trade.

If you currently trade using Telegram signals manually or want automated execution, the copier can help.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Telegram to MT4 Copier is sold through the MetaTrader Marketplace with a few pricing options:

  • 1 Week Trial – $9.90
  • 1 Month License – $59
  • 6 Months License – $99
  • Lifetime License – $169

The trial lets you test with full functionality for a week. This helps validate copier works with your channels and meets needs before purchasing.

One license lets you run copier on a single MT4 account. Run on additional accounts by purchasing more licenses or upgrading to six month/lifetime duration.

All purchases include:

  • Full version download
  • License key
  • Installation guide
  • 24/7 support

The developer also offers custom payment plans or discounts for larger purchases.

How Does It Compare?

There are a handful of competing Telegram copiers available. Here is how Telegram to MT4 Copier stacks up to alternatives:

Features – Offers one of the most complete feature sets of any copier. Direction connection to MT4 provides reliable performance.

Flexibility – Supports widest range of signal formats and languages. Works with any type of Telegram channel.

Reliability – Runs locally on your MT4 terminal for stability. Accounts stay synced even if internet drops temporarily.

Support – Developer provides exceptional customer service through Telegram channel. Quickly answers questions and resolves issues.

Price – Very fairly priced, especially for unlimited channels supported. Free trial helps test before buying.

When comparing copiers, Telegram to MT4 stands out for it robustness, flexibility, features, and responsive support.

For traders relying heavily on Telegram signals, it’s an excellent automation tool that eliminates manual work while unlocking profit potential.

Telegram to MT4 Copier Conclusion

Telegram to MT4 Copier makes executing Telegram signals effortless by syncing them instantly to MT4.

Key benefits include:

  • Copies any signal type or format
  • Real-time signal insertion
  • Advanced risk management
  • Works with multiple channels
  • Detailed analytics
  • Quick setup and great support

Compatible with all types of Telegram channels and trading strategies, it’s a versatile solution for automating signal trading.

The copier eliminates manual work, ensures no missed signals, and lets you scale signal sources. This ultimately helps boost profits over time as you leverage signals more efficiently.

For traders not wanting to watch Telegram or enter orders manually, Telegram to MT4 Copier provides the perfect solution to trade signals “hands-free”.

It’s an indispensable tool for anyone relying on Telegram for a meaningful part of their trading. The time and money saving potential is massive while unlocking profit opportunities you might otherwise miss out on.

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