Expert Review of Sun USDJPY EA from MQL5 Market

The Sun USDJPY EA is an aggressive multi-cycle scalper designed for trading the USDJPY currency pair on the 1 minute (M1) timeframe. It was developed by Arthur Hatchiguian and is available for purchase on the MQL5 market.


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Some key features of this expert advisor include:

How the EA Works

The Sun USDJPY EA opens multiple position cycles independently when certain conditions are met. Each cycle works to achieve its own take profit target while using a stop loss to control risk on each trade.

Once a cycle take profit is reached, that position is closed and a new cycle can begin. If a stop loss is triggered, the EA will open a new order in the same direction with an increased lot size, implementing a martingale money management system.

The number of simultaneous cycles and other key input parameters can be optimized in the EA settings. An auto lot sizing algorithm is also included that will dynamically calculate position sizes based on account balance.

Backtests and Live Performance

Unfortunately comprehensive backtest reports are not currently available for the Sun USDJPY EA on its MQL5 product page.

However, some basic performance statistics are shown for a live signal that has been running this EA on a real account since March 2022. Over that time, the signal has achieved:

  • +108% net profit
  • 34% max drawdown

The developer also claims that this EA can be profitable with a deposit as low as $100 when using 500:1 leverage on an ECN broker account.

Settings & Optimization

The developer recommends using the default input settings when running the Sun USDJPY EA, which have already been optimized. These settings include:


  • Symbol – USDJPY
  • Timeframe – M1

Money Management

  • AutoLot – true
  • RiskPercent – 10
  • MaxSpread – 10

Cycle 1

  • TakeProfit1 – 15
  • StopLoss1 – 30
  • TrailingStop1 – 5

Cycle 2

  • TakeProfit2 – 25
  • StopLoss2 – 15
  • TrailingStop2 – 8

The most important setting here is the RiskPercent, which determines the percent of the account balance risked on each trade. Lower values are more conservative while higher values aim for faster compounding.

The EA could potentially be optimized further by tweaking the input parameters for additional cycles or profit targets/stop losses. But the default settings provide a good starting point.

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Sun USDJPY EA Pros and Cons


  • Aggressive scalping strategy ideal for trending market conditions
  • Built-in auto lot sizing for account protection
  • Low account balance requirements ($100+)
  • Already optimized default settings
  • Independent trading cycles with individual SL/TP levels


  • Uses risky martingale money management
  • Limited backtest data available
  • Only works on USDJPY M1
  • Higher drawdown versus other strategies

Sun USDJPY EA Verdict

The Sun USDJPY EA offers traders an aggressive and potentially lucrative scalping system for the dollar-yen currency pair on the 1 minute chart. Its multiple independent trading cycles and auto lot sizing algorithm help capitalize on short-term trends.

While drawdowns can be higher due to its martingale approach, over 100% returns achieved on a live signal demonstrate this EA’s potential. And default settings require little optimization to implement.

For traders comfortable with a more active trading style and higher risk, the Sun USDJPY expert advisor provides everything needed to target profits from short-term USDJPY volatility.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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