Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy – A Comprehensive Review

The Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy is an innovative approach to trading in the binary options and forex markets that aims to identify the best entry points for quick trades. This strategy leverages the dynamic RSI indicator with bands to seek out fast and profitable price movements across any tradable assets.

Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy

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Overview of the Strategy

The Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy is based on price action and aims to catch trend reversals early. It utilizes the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator with bands to identify overbought and oversold conditions. The key features of this strategy include:

  • Suitable for binary options and forex trading
  • Works well on 5-15 minute timeframes
  • Can be used on any tradable asset like currencies, stocks, commodities etc.
  • Seeks to identify fast trades with an expiry of 5 candles
  • Uses RSI indicator with bands along with a moving average for additional confirmation

This strategy provides clear entry and exit signals for traders. The entry rules are based on the RSI indicator turning back from overbought or oversold zones. Exits can be done either at a predetermined profit target or using a stop loss based on recent swing highs/lows.

Overall, the Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy offers traders a systematic approach to catching short-term trend reversals across different markets. Its simplicity also makes it beginner friendly.

How the Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy Works

The core mechanism behind this strategy is identifying extreme overbought or oversold conditions using the RSI indicator. The standard RSI range is from 0 to 100. Values above 70 indicate an overbought market while values below 30 signal an oversold condition.

The Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy enhances this by adding bands to the RSI. This helps gauge the extremity of the overbought/oversold levels. Along with the RSI signal, the direction of a moving average is also analyzed for additional confirmation.

Entry Rules

A Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy buy signal is triggered when:

  • The RSI breaks back below the upper band signaling the end of an overbought condition
  • The moving average line turns green in color indicating an upward trend

Conversely, a sell signal is generated when:

  • The RSI breaks back above the lower band indicating the market is no longer oversold
  • The moving average color changes to red confirming a downward trend

Exit Rules

The exits for this binary options and forex strategy can be done in two ways:

  1. Using Preset Targets: A profit target is set at a predetermined level such as support/resistance. For example, this could be 1:1 risk to reward ratio.
  2. Trailing Stop Loss: The stop loss is initially placed at the last swing high/low. As the trade moves in favor, the stop is trailed below each new high/low to lock in profits.

The second exit method allows runners and maximizes profits on winning trades. Closing at a preset target helps manage risk. Traders can choose either method based on their risk tolerance.

Optimizing Parameters for the Raptor MT4 Strategy

The standard RSI period used is 14. However, traders can experiment with other values to optimize results. Faster RSI periods like 7 or 9 can help capture quicker reversals. Slower settings like 21 help reduce false signals.

The upper and lower RSI bands can also be adjusted up or down to control the sensitivity. Wider bands lead to fewer signals while narrower bands produce more trades. The moving average length affects the quality of trend direction – longer averages are more reliable but slower.

Finding the optimal combination of the RSI and moving average settings is key for strategy success. This can be done through backtesting to analyze performance across different parameter values and market conditions.

Pros and Cons of the Raptor MT4 Binary Options Strategy


  • Provides clear and systematic entry techniques
  • Works well for fast expiry binary trades
  • Simple method allowing beginner accessibility
  • Can be optimized for various assets and timeframes
  • Gives flexibility in trade management using exits


  • Repainting issues on lower timeframes for RSI with Bands
  • Potential for false signals if parameters not optimized
  • Requires constant monitoring for trade management
  • Performance depends heavily on RSI indicator

While this strategy has some drawbacks, its advantages make it a viable option for traders seeking high-probability setups for short-term trading across different markets.

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Tips for Effectively Using the Raptor MT4 Strategy

Here are some tips to use the Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy effectively:

  • Specialize in certain assets – Focus on 1-2 assets like currency pairs or stocks you understand. This allows better optimization.
  • Use appropriate expiry – For binary options stick to shorter expiries, for forex use wider stops of 50+ pips.
  • Apply risk management – Use proper position sizing and limit risk per trade to 1-2% of capital.
  • Monitor closely – Pay close attention to trades for management at profit targets or trailing stop levels.
  • Adjust settings – Experiment with RSI periods and MA length to control signal sensitivity and reliability.

Following these tips can help traders maximize profits and minimize losses when using this strategy.


The Raptor MT4 Binary Strategy provides a relatively straightforward approach to trading reversals in the forex and binary options market. It aims to capture quick profits by identifying overextended price moves with the help of its specialized RSI indicator.

While the performance of this strategy depends greatly on optimizing its settings, it offers flexibility in trade management through its exits rules. This allows active traders to size up trades accordingly based on market conditions.

Overall, the Raptor MT4 Strategy gives traders an edge by leveraging mean reversion techniques to capitalize on short-term opportunities across different tradable markets. With the right optimizations and trade management, it can be a profitable addition for binary and forex traders.

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