PHANTOM EA MT5: The Future of Automated Forex Trading

PHANTOM EA MT5 is a cutting-edge automated trading system designed for MetaTrader 5 that is taking the forex world by storm. This innovative Expert Advisor (EA) utilizes advanced algorithms and a robust trading strategy to deliver consistent profits with minimal effort required by the user.



Overview of PHANTOM EA MT5

PHANTOM EA MT5 was developed by the team at Blackswanfx, who have extensive expertise in forex trading and algorithmic system development. It trades the XAUUSD (Gold vs US Dollar) currency pair on the 1-minute timeframe, generating automated buy and sell signals based on market conditions.

Some key features of PHANTOM EA MT5 include:

  • Fully automated – Once configured, the EA will open, manage and close trades completely automatically, requiring no ongoing manual intervention. This allows for true set and forget trading.
  • No martingale, grid or hedging – Uses a straightforward and reliable trading strategy not reliant on compounding or averaging down on losing trades. This provides more consistent and manageable risk exposure.
  • Effective risk management – Intelligent algorithms manage risk on every trade to prevent blow up or runaway losses. Stop losses, position sizing and exposure limits all help protect capital.
  • Developer support & updates – Active community support and regular updates from the Blackswanfx team ensures the EA is continuously improved and optimized over time.
  • MT5 optimized – Specifically designed for the MetaTrader 5 platform, taking advantage of features like market execution, sub-millisecond latency and higher precision backtesting.

The goal of PHANTOM EA MT5 is to simplify forex trading and provide traders with an ‘unfair advantage’ through advanced automation. Even novice traders can achieve success without needing to be glued to their screens.

How Does PHANTOM EA MT5 Work?

PHANTOM EA MT5 utilizes a multi-timeframe approach, analyzing price action across 5-minute, 1-hour and 4-hour charts simultaneously. This allows it to identify trading opportunities on the 1-minute chart with a higher degree of accuracy.

The EA incorporates a range of technical indicators in its algorithm, including RSI, moving averages, volatility analysis and pattern recognition. It then applies proprietary logic to interpret this data and generate high-probability trading signals.

Once a trade is entered, PHANTOM will automatically set the stop loss and take profit levels based on the internal risk management parameters. These parameters are optimized to maximize profitability while minimizing drawdown.

The EA has been rigorously backtested across over 10 years of historical data to fine-tune the entry and exit logic. This ensures excellent performance across different market conditions. Ongoing machine learning techniques also allow the EA to continuously improve over time.

Benefits of Using PHANTOM EA MT5

There are a number of compelling benefits to using PHANTOM EA MT5 for forex trading:

  • Profitability – Through rigorous development and testing, PHANTOM is able to achieve an impressive 70% win rate with stable profitability. This is far higher than what most manual traders can achieve.
  • Requires less screen time – The fully automated nature means you only need to spend a few minutes per week managing the EA, rather than being stuck to your screens for hours on end.
  • Emotionless trading – Automated trading eliminates emotional interference that often destroys manual traders. The EA sticks to its strategy without fear or greed.
  • Flexibility – PHANTOM can be left unattended to trade automatically, or you can monitor its operation and pause/close trades manually if desired.
  • Diversification – The EA provides algorithmic trading diversity to complement other investments or trading strategies you are running.
  • Customizable – Users can modify settings like trade size, timeframes, indicators and enable/disable features to suit their preferences.
  • MT5 optimized – Takes full advantage of the faster, more efficient MT5 platform compared to MT4.

For traders looking to maximize profits while minimizing effort and emotional stress, PHANTOM EA MT5 provides an exceptional automated trading solution.


PHANTOM EA MT5 is available for purchase directly from the Blackswanfx website at https://www.blackswanfx.com. There are a few package options available depending on your needs:

  • Starter: $99 (1 live account license)
  • Regular: $199 (3 live account licenses)
  • Pro: $499 (10 live account licenses)

The Pro package represents the best value for money given the number of licenses included.

Once purchased, you will receive a download link and license key to activate PHANTOM on your MetaTrader 5 platform. Installation is straightforward – simply attach the EA to a chart in MT5.

Configuring Settings

PHANTOM comes pre-optimized with solid default settings, but you may wish to configure parameters like:

  • Trade size and risk management
  • Hours to trade
  • Indicators and conditions
  • Currency pairs
  • Enable/disable features

The user guide provides documentation explaining all the available settings. Be sure to start with small trade sizes and conservative risk management until you have assessed performance on a demo account.

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Choosing a Broker

Low spreads, fast execution and quality order fills are essential for any automated trading system. Some regulated ECN/STP brokers that work well with PHANTOM include:

Avoid brokers using market maker or fixed spread models. An ECN/STP account with spreads around 0.1 pip or lower for XAUUSD is recommended.

Monitoring Performance

It is important to monitor the EA’s operation for at least a few weeks before committing real capital. The best way is to run it on a demo account in real market conditions.

Analyze key metrics like profitability, drawdown, win rate, risk-reward ratio, etc. to assess if the performance aligns with your expectations.

If satisfied with the results, start with a small live account to confirm similar performance in the live market before increasing position sizes.

The Developers – Blackswanfx

Blackswanfx is a respected developer of automated trading solutions for MetaTrader, including a number of popular Expert Advisors. The team comprises experienced programmers, data scientists and traders.

They have been operating since 2014 and focus exclusively on developing high-quality automated trading systems for the retail trading sector. Their solutions are trusted by thousands of traders globally.

Blackswanfx is highly regarded for their commitment to ongoing support and improvement of their software. PHANTOM EA MT5 is updated frequently with new features, bug fixes and enhancements.

Users praise their excellent customer service and active community forums. They provide the highest level of transparency by publishing detailed performance reports that are fully verifiable.

Overall, Blackswanfx has built a strong reputation over many years for delivering profitable algorithmic trading technologies. PHANTOM EA MT5 is their flagship automated trading system.

The Verdict on PHANTOM EA MT5

In summary, PHANTOM EA MT5 provides traders with an exceptional automated trading solution that can take your trading results to the next level.

The combination of innovative technology, proven profitability, flexibility and expert support by the team at Blackswanfx makes this an outstanding option for any trader looking to succeed with automated trading.

While no EA can guarantee profits, the evidence shows PHANTOM stacks the odds substantially in your favor. For serious traders wanting to maximize returns while minimizing effort, PHANTOM EA MT5 is definitely worth exploring.

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