Exynox Scalper Review – A Comprehensive Look at This Forex Trading Tool

Exynox Scalper is a forex trading indicator designed to provide traders with accurate buy and sell signals. This review will take an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of using Exynox Scalper.

Exynox Scalper

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Overview of Exynox Scalper

Exynox Scalper was created by Karl Dittmann, a well-known forex trader and trading system developer. According to the sales page, Exynox Scalper uses a “super intelligent” algorithm that acts as a unique key to successful forex trading.

Some of the main features highlighted include:

  • Highly profitable trading signals
  • Effective trading algorithm
  • Multiple trading styles
  • Works on all major currency pairs
  • No repainting of signals
  • Beginner-friendly interface

Exynox Scalper is optimized for the M1, M5, M15, and M30 timeframes. It can be used on any currency pair.

The indicator itself is installed onto the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It analyzes the markets and provides visual and audio alerts when a potential trading opportunity arises.

How Exynox Scalper Works

Exynox Scalper is based on technical analysis of the forex markets. The proprietary algorithm monitors price action and market trends to identify possible entry and exit points for trades.

When the software detects a potential opportunity, it provides a trading signal on the chart. This comes in the form of an arrow – green for buy signals and red for sell signals.

The trader then has the option to manually execute the trade based on the indicator’s suggestion. Exynox Scalper does not automatically place or close trades on behalf of the user.

An important feature of Exynox Scalper is the built-in Smart Exit technology. This monitors the trade in real-time and advises the trader when to close the position to take profits or reduce losses.

Using the Three Trading Modes

Exynox Scalper has three trading modes that allow users to customize the signals to their risk tolerance:

  • Conservative Mode: Provides the least amount of signals but with a higher accuracy rate. Ideal for cautious traders.
  • Medium Mode: Provides a balanced amount of signals with a good accuracy rate. Suited for most traders.
  • Aggressive Mode: Provides the highest amount of signals but with a lower accuracy rate. Best for risk-taking traders.

The trading modes give users flexibility in how they want to approach the markets. Less experienced traders may prefer the conservative setting, while more advanced traders can opt for the higher frequency signals of the aggressive mode.

Benefits of Using This Scalper

Based on the information provided on the sales page and user reviews, here are some of the main benefits of Exynox Scalper:

  • User-Friendly – The visual interface makes it simple to interpret the indicator’s signals. Helpful for new forex traders.
  • Flexible – Multiple trading modes and customizable settings allow adaptation to different trading styles.
  • Profitable – Signals have a high accuracy rate according to the vendor, leading to consistent profits.
  • Efficient – Trades can be executed in just minutes per day thanks to the signals.
  • Informative – Alerts and exit technology provide valuable trading information to the user.
  • Reliable – Signals do not repaint, so traders can trust the initial signal.
  • Widely Applicable – Works across all major currency pairs and timeframes.

Who Can Benefit From Using Exynox Scalper?

Exynox Scalper is designed to work for all trader skill levels and experiences. Here are some examples of who can potentially benefit:

  • Beginners – The simple signals and helpful alerts provide an easy introduction to forex trading.
  • Experienced Traders – The tool can serve as a second opinion and provide additional confirmation for their analysis.
  • Scalpers – The indicator is optimized for short-term trading, making it useful for scalpers who rely on quick trades.
  • Discretionary Traders – Signals can be used as a suggestion rather than an absolute trading rule.
  • Busy Traders – Generates trading opportunities with minimal time input required.

As long as a trader understands that forex involves risk and this scalper should be used as a tool rather than a blind trading system, it can be useful to many strategies.

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What Comes With the Exynox Scalper Package?

Exynox Scalper is sold as a one-time payment product, rather than a monthly subscription. Here is what is included when you purchase:

  • Installation file for the Exynox Scalper indicator
  • Detailed user guide explaining how to install and utilize the indicator
  • License key that unlocks the software for one live trading account
  • Access to future indicator updates and improvements
  • Customer support via email
  • 60 day money back guarantee

The current promotional price is $147, discounted from the standard $395 price. This provides lifetime access to Exynox Scalper, not just a monthly subscription.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

At the time of writing, Scalper does not have any verified performance or user reviews available.

As an newly launched product, it is still too early to gauge objective customer feedback. Without a public trading history, it is difficult to assess the long-term profitability of the indicator signals.

According to the vendor, Scalper has achieved between 85% and 93% accuracy on past trades. However, there is no way to independently verify this claim without seeing a verified trading account statement.

It is advisable to take unverified accuracy claims with skepticism when assessing a trading product. Independent monitoring of live results is necessary.

Potential Drawbacks of the Software

While Exynox Scalper shows some promise, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • No Guaranteed Success – There is never a guarantee that a trading system will always be profitable despite what the vendor claims. External market factors can affect results.
  • Manual Trading Required – The software provides signals but does not automatically execute trades. The trader must still make the decisions.
  • Over-Optimization – It is unclear if the backtested results are over-optimized and curve-fitted to past data.
  • Requires Monitoring – The software is not 100% set-and-forget, the trader needs to monitor trades and act on signals.
  • No Track Record – Lack of posted trading statements makes it difficult to assess long-term profitability.

As with any trading product, proper risk and money management are still essential to avoid losing more than you can afford. Exynox Scalper for MT4 should not be treated as a magic system that makes you instantly rich.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Exynox Scalper is only available for purchase through the official website, exynoxscalper.com. The current price is $147 after a discount.

Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal. No monthly fees are required, just a one-time payment for lifetime license access, updates, and support.

A 60 day refund policy is provided in case a trader is dissatisfied with the product for any reason and wants their money back. Refund requests can be made by contacting customer support via email.


Exynox Scalper shows potential as a trading indicator with some useful features. However, the lack of a trading history makes it difficult to recommend definitively.

For traders comfortable with some risk, the 60 day refund policy does provide the option to test it risk-free. But expectations should be realistic – no indicator is perfect or guarantees success.

As with any forex product, it is wise to start with a demo account before using real capital. This allows traders to evaluate Exynox Scalper signals without risking money.

Overall, Exynox Scalper may be worth trying for traders interested in an automated technical analysis approach. But caution is advised until seeing verified real account results.

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