Action Threshold Software – A Comprehensive Trading Tool

Action Threshold Software (ATS) is an advanced trading software designed to provide traders with real-time insights and analysis to enhance trading strategies. Developed by Trade ATS, ATS combines cutting-edge technology with robust features to help traders maximize profits.

Action Threshold Software

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Action Threshold Software Overview of Key Features

Customizable Signals

One of the standout features of ATS is the highly customizable signal generator, ATS Assistant. Traders can fully configure the parameters to receive alerts for their preferred trade setups. The signals help identify ideal opportunities based on the trader’s strategy.

Multiple Timeframe Analysis

ATS allows traders to simultaneously analyze charts across multiple timeframes. This provides a more comprehensive view of the market and helps traders make informed decisions. The software marks key support and resistance levels across timeframes.

Risk Management Tools

The software has advanced features to manage risk. This includes options to set stop losses, take profits, and trailing stops. Traders can also view their overall exposure and set limits. These tools help maximize profits while minimizing losses.

Automated Chart Mapping

A proprietary algorithm automatically identifies and maps the key levels in real-time. This saves traders hours of manual charting. The constantly updating levels provide dynamic support and resistance guidance.

Hybrid Candles

ATS offers a unique hybrid candlestick chart that combines the standard candlesticks with range bars. This provides a visual of both time and price action in one view. The hybrid candles give traders an edge in analyzing market movements.

Trend Analysis

Built-in trend directional bias indicators help traders quickly identify the current market trend. This allows traders to focus on higher probability setups in the direction of the trend.

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Action Threshold Software Benefits for Traders

Works Across Markets

The indicators and tools work across forex, stocks, options, futures, and crypto trading. Traders can use the same software across different asset classes.

Compatible with MT4

ATS seamlessly integrates with the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. The software enhances MT4’s capabilities for advanced analysis.

Saves Time

By automating chart mapping, signaling trades, and risk management, ATS saves traders significant time. Traders can spend less time analyzing charts and more time executing trades.

Easy to Learn

ATS has an intuitive interface allowing new traders to quickly learn how to leverage its capabilities. The software simplifies complex analysis.

Provides Guidance

The dynamic levels, signals, and trend bias guidance provides a framework for traders to make informed decisions. This helps traders stick to high probability setups.

Boosts Win Rate

By trading high probability setups identified by ATS, traders can improve their overall win rate. The tools help traders make better trading decisions.

Ideal Users of Action Threshold Software

Technical Traders

Traders who rely on technical analysis will appreciate ATS’s advanced charting and signaling capabilities. The software perfectly complements this style of trading.

Systematic Traders

Those who trade rule-based strategies can program their rules into ATS Assistant to automate signals. This creates a systematic trading approach.


The software delivers key levels across timeframes down to the 1-minute chart. This provides scalpers with the real-time data needed for quick trades.

Day Traders

Active traders can leverage ATS to find opportunities and manage intraday positions. The software enhances standard day trading platforms.

Swing Traders

For swing traders, ATS identifies possible trend reversals and breakouts for capturing multi-day moves. The software helps time swing entries and exits.

Action Threshold Software Conclusion

ATS provides traders an advantage by combining robust analysis tools in one platform. The software delivers high-value information in real-time to help traders make better decisions. For traders looking to enhance their trading process, ATS is an innovative solution worth considering. The platform can help active traders of all styles maximize profits.

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