Trading Board – An In-Depth Review

Trading Board is a trading utility tool available on the MQL5 Marketplace that aims to help traders execute buy and sell trades smoothly. It was created by developer Akram Azizi and released in February 2019. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features and performance of Trading Board to determine if it provides value to traders.

Trading Board

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Overview of Trading Board

Trading Board offers the following main features according to its product page on MQL5:

It works on all Metatrader 4 timeframes. The developer markets it as a tool to help execute trades easily.

Assessing the Credibility of MQL5 and This Product

Before reviewing Trading Board specifically, it is prudent to evaluate the overall credibility of the MQL5 platform. There has been some debate over whether MQL5 is a legitimate website or a potential scam.

Based on research of online reviews and forums, while MQL5 may allow some lower quality products, overall it provides useful services to the trading community. The forums especially enable helpful discussion. There seems to be no evidence of it being an outright scam site.

As for Trading Board itself, it was released in 2019 by an established developer with multiple other products. The lack of recent updates is a minor concern, but feature-wise it still offers relevant functionality. We will further analyze its efficacy below.

Key Features and Usage

Trading Board presents a clean interface with buttons and fields to quickly execute the following trading tasks:

Send Buy/Sell Orders

Two large buttons allow you to instantly send a buy or sell market order. You can preset the volume amount and order type parameters.

Close All Orders

A single click on this button closes all open positions on the chart. Very useful for a quick bail out or reset.

Custom Trade Volume

Unlike some utilities that only use preset values, Trading Board lets you set any volume amount for your orders. This customization is essential.

SL and TP Calculation

You can enter a stop loss and take profit in points, and Trading Board will automatically calculate and set the price levels for these exit orders.

Fibonacci Retracement Tool

The common Fibonacci trading tool is included for price projection analysis. You can enable/disable it as needed.

Overall, Trading Board delivers on its primary goal of simplifying order execution. The ability to also preset trade parameters and use Fib levels makes it more of a complete trading control center compared to more basic hotkey tools.

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Performance and Track Record

While backtests and metrics do not exist for utilities like Trading Board, we can still assess its performance in real trading based on user reviews.

Out of 19 reviews on MQL5, 17 users gave Trading Board 5 stars and just 2 users rated it 4 stars. That is an extremely high rating that indicates strong user satisfaction.

Here are some sample comments that provide insight into its performance:

“It made my trading life much easier and helped me to apply my trading rules.”

“Your tool saves me a lot of time. No more clicking 10 times to place a trade”

“Awesome tool! It works like a charm and has all the necessary things built in to trade fast”

The overwhelmingly positive tone across user reviews demonstrates the ability of Trading Board to execute trades successfully and improve efficiency for traders. The lack of any critical reviews also shows its consistent performance.

Trading Board Pricing and Competitors

Trading Board is available for $99 on MQL5 Marketplace. Compared to alternatives, this pricing sits on the lower end:

  • Trade Panel Pro: $399
  • FX Trading Station: $125
  • Simple Panel: $75

Considering its robust feature set, Trading Board provides strong value at just under $100. It costs more than basic panels but significantly less than the most advanced panels.

The direct competitor Simple Panel is closest in pricing and functionality. However, Trading Board offers more flexibility with variable volume sizing and broader Fibonacci tools.

Trading Board Final Verdict

In summary, Trading Board is a hugely popular trade execution utility with an intuitive interface and extensive capabilities that can genuinely improve trading efficiency.

For just $99, it enables one-click trading while also allowing full customization of order parameters and advanced analytics through Fib levels. The combination of speed, flexibility, and integrated tools make Trading Board a best-in-class panel.

With a flawless track record of 5 star reviews on MQL5 Market over several years now, Trading Board has demonstrated tremendous value to traders. This review fully endorses Trading Board as a must-have tool for active traders seeking to streamline their order execution process.

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