Titanium Scalper Indicator Review – Is This Forex Tool Worth It?

Titanium Scalper is a Forex indicator that provides traders with buy and sell signals to capitalize on short-term price movements. The developers claim it uses a robust algorithm and carefully tuned settings to identify precise entry and exit points. We reviewed Titanium Scalper to determine if it delivers on its promises for traders.

Titanium Scalper Indicator

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Overview of Titanium Scalper

Titanium Scalper is marketed as a custom-made money-making tool for Forex traders. Key features include:

The indicator aims to help traders profit quickly from short-term trends. It works on multiple timeframes, including 1-minute (M1), 5-minute (M5), 15-minute (M15), and 30-minute (M30).


The developer, Oliver Murphy, states Titanium Scalper is the “absolutely new way of Forex trading.” We found the marketing language hyperbolic in places but focused on assessing functionality.


Titanium Scalper is available as an MT4 indicator and includes a trade assistant called Titanium Scalper Manager.

Product Price
Titanium Scalper (Standalone) $149
Titanium Scalper + Manager $249
Lifetime Upgrade $99


The developer emphasizes convenience, profit potential, and accuracy. However, some claims around profitability seem exaggerated. Our review aims to provide realistic expectations.

Testing Titanium Scalper

We installed Titanium Scalper on a demo account and tested it across different currency pairs and timeframes.

To effectively assess Titanium Scalper as a scalping tool, we focused testing on shorter timeframes under 30 minutes. We also monitored longer trades on higher timeframes.

Short-Term Scalping Potential

On the 1-minute (M1) and 5-minute (M5) charts, Titanium Scalper produced frequent trading signals. Most trades hit the take-profit level within 10-25 bars.

Over a 4-hour test on the M5 EUR/USD chart, Titanium Scalper generated over 20 trade signals. It captured several short-term trends:

Titanium Scalper M5 Example

With default settings, these small wins added up to around $150 in profit. For traders with sufficient account equity, these gains can compound substantially over time.

The main downside was that spreads and swaps can diminish profitability, especially when positions remain open for extended periods or leverage is too high.

Swing Trading Potential

On the 15-minute (M15) and 30-minute (M30) timeframes, Titanium Scalper produced quality signals on longer trends. Most trades hit the desired take-profit level within 25-50 bars.

Here is an example on the M30 EUR/USD chart showing a 164 pip win:

Titanium Scalper M30 Example

These trends generated per trade profit between $300-$500 depending on position sizing and leverage. It proves Titanium Scalper can capitalize on short-term momentum across multiple timeframes.

Key Features and Tools

Beyond generating trading signals, Titanium Scalper contains several features to enhance the trading process:

1. Notification System

Customizable pop-up, email, and push notifications ensure traders don’t miss signals.

2. Titanium Scalper Manager

This optional trade assistant tool allows one-click signal entries, automatic exits once take-profit is reached, and a “set and forget” fully automated mode.

3. Powerful Scanning Interface

The built-in scanner shows the real-time strength of trends across currency pairs to identify optimal trading opportunities. Traders can quickly switch charts with one click.

4. Slippage Protection

Trades won’t execute if the spread is higher than a defined threshold. This prevents excessive slippage from eroding profitability.

Overall, these features simplify and automate the signal monitoring and trade execution process. Less experienced traders can benefit most from these tools.

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Community Trust Factors

To further evaluate Titanium Scalper, we researched community opinions and evidence of results:

  • Member Testimonials – Multiple members provided positive reviews and approved posting their feedback. However, testimonials alone don’t guarantee future performance.
  • Account Screenshots – Images document specific examples of trades and overall performance metrics. However, it’s best to verify performance through a public Myfxbook account.
  • Video Content – The developer posted videos showing Titanium Scalper signals and trades in real-time. But longer-term public tracking would build more credibility.
  • Discussion Forums – We found several forum threads related to Titanium Scalper but minimal reviews from members. More participation could improve transparency.

While results so far seem mostly positive, Titanium Scalper lacks third-party verification of long-term profitability. Potential buyers should consider this when assessing expectations.

Pros and Cons

Below we summarize the most notable advantages and disadvantages uncovered during testing:


  • Clear entry signals and customizable take-profit targets
  • Integrates alerts, notifications, and automation
  • Scans for high-probability setups across forex pairs
  • Suitable for short-term scalping or swing trading
  • Reasonably priced compared to competitors


  • Requires monitoring trades in real-time for best results
  • More evidence needed to validate performance claims
  • Not a fully automated “set and forget” system
  • Subject to spread costs and swaps diminishing profit on longer trades

While Titanium Scalper shows promise, traders should remain realistic around expectations and account for costs when position sizing.

Titanium Scalper Indicator Final Verdict

Titanium Scalper is an affordable and relatively straightforward indicator for scalping forex price action. The convenience features allow flexible involvement depending on trader preferences and availability.

For manual traders, Titanium Scalper provides high-quality signals to capitalize on short-term momentum across timeframes ranging from 1-minute to 30-minutes. Automated traders can use the Titanium Scalper Manager to execute signals automatically 24/7.

We found positive community feedback and evidence of profitability so far. However, long-term public tracking through Myfxbook would further validate performance claims.

Overall, Titanium Scalper is reasonably priced compared to competing products when considering the included tools and features. The standard package costs $149 while the Pro version with Titanium Scalper Manager costs $249.

Given a mix of manual and automated features, Titanium Scalper suits a range of trading approaches. Less experienced traders can use a more automated setup, while advanced manual traders can use the indicator alone without automation.

For traders seeking an affordable, easy-to-use scalping indicator, Titanium Scalper is worth considering. As with any trading system, proper risk management remains essential for long-term viability.

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