Overview of The Investment Innovator EA

The Investment Innovator EA is an automated trading system sold on the MetaTrader Marketplace for $1111. It was created by Sergey Simakov and claims to provide exceptional returns through algorithmic trading. Some key features of this EA include:

The Investment Innovator EA

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Backtesting Performance

One of the main selling points of the Investment Innovator EA is its backtesting results, which showcase strong historical returns across multiple currency pairs and timeframes. For example, backtests on the EURUSD daily timeframe from 2018-2022 indicate over 900% compounded returns. While backtesting does not guarantee future live results, these metrics suggest the potential for profitability. However, some critics argue the backtests may be overfit or optimized to look better than actual trading would yield. More objective real-time testing is needed to verify performance.

Live Trading Results

There is limited information available about the EA’s live trading track record. The developer has not provided verified account statements to validate the EA’s capabilities. A few reviewers have tested the EA on demo accounts with mixed results – some made profits while others have lost money. Without proof of consistent real profits, potential buyers should be wary of relying on backtest results alone when assessing this EA. More transparency regarding real-time trading statistics would build trust in the product’s viability.

Ease of Use

The Investment Innovator EA incorporates a user-friendly interface for managing trading settings and tracking results. It offers the flexibility to trade automatically using the default settings or semi-automatically with user-defined parameters. The dashboard allows monitoring open trades, equity changes, drawdowns, and other metrics. While the EA seems relatively straightforward to setup and use, the lack of detailed documentation raises questions about the learning curve for new users.


At a price of $1111, the Investment Innovator EA sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum for retail forex EAs. The developer justifies the high cost based on the strong backtesting results and profit potential. However, for an EA with unverified live trading results, the high price point may not offer good value compared to cheaper competitors with more transparency. Potential buyers should carefully weigh the costs against potential profits.

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The Investment Innovator EA Verdict

While the Investment Innovator EA shows promise based on backtesting, the lack of verified forward trading results makes it difficult to recommend for live trading at this time. The high price point also requires significant potential profitability to recoup the costs. More objective real-time testing from independent sources is needed to confirm if this EA can consistently generate profits in live market conditions. Until then, caution is warranted when considering this product.

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