Review of the Recovery Robot with Auto Lock Drawdown Forex Trading Expert Advisor

The Recovery Robot with Auto Lock Drawdown is a forex trading expert advisor (EA) that aims to help traders recover losing trades and reduce drawdowns. This EA uses advanced algorithms to lock losing trades, open averaging trades at optimal levels, and close portions of the losing positions to systematically recover the drawdown.

Recovery Robot with Auto Lock Drawdown

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Overview of the Recovery Robot EA

The Recovery Robot EA is designed to be compatible with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. It works by monitoring your open trades and identifying any losing positions. Once a losing trade is detected, the EA will instantly lock it to prevent further losses. It will then open a series of averaging or grid trades in the opposite direction to cover the locked trade and start bringing the account out of drawdown.

Some of the key features of the Recovery Robot include:

  • Unique Lock Drawdown Function – This allows the EA to lock losing trades at a certain drawdown percentage, preventing further losses on that specific trade. No other recovery EA has this important feature.
  • Auto Recovery System – The advanced recovery algorithms open averaging trades at optimal levels based on current market conditions to systematically recover the drawdown.
  • Partial Close – The EA incrementally closes portions of the losing position instead of closing the entire trade at once. This reduces drawdown with less capital risk.
  • Stealth Mode – Trades are opened and closed with randomized delays to avoid detection. This feature helps prevent trade copying and order hunting by brokers.
  • Works on Any Pair or Account – The flexible algorithms allow the Recovery Robot to work on any currency pair, crypto pair, commodity, index, or stock CFDs. It can also recover drawdown on any MT4 or MT5 account.

Advantages of Using the Recovery Robot

The Recovery Robot EA provides traders with an effective tool to instantly lock and recover losing trades. Here are some of the main benefits of this expert advisor:

  • Powerful Recovery Algorithms – The advanced averaging and grid trading systems built into the EA are designed for efficient drawdown recovery. The Recovery Robot uses proprietary algorithms optimized for different market conditions.
  • Reduced Drawdown Risk – By locking trades at a defined drawdown percentage, traders can limit losses on individual trades. The partial close feature also reduces drawdown risk compared to closing entire losing positions at once.
  • Automated Trading – The Recovery Robot runs fully automated in the background, detecting trades in drawdown and managing the recovery process without any manual intervention needed.
  • Flexibility – Traders can use the Recovery Robot to accompany and monitor trades from other EAs. If a preset drawdown is reached, the Recovery Robot can take over and lock the trade for active recovery.
  • Detailed Statistics – Comprehensive backtest results and account reporting provides insights into the recovery performance and efficiency of the EA.
  • Ease of Use – Despite its sophisticated functionality, the Recovery Robot has a straightforward interface and setup process allowing traders to quickly install and configure it.

How the Recovery Robot Works

The Recovery Robot uses an intricate strategy to lock, average, and close losing trades in a structured manner to restore positive equity. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Real-time Monitoring – The Recovery Robot constantly monitors all open trades on the account looking for any positions in drawdown.
  • Trigger Lock Function – When an open trade drops to the defined max drawdown percentage (e.g. 10%), the lock function is triggered. This locks the losing trade by opening an equal but opposite position.
  • Open Averaging Grid – With the losing trade now locked from further losses, the Recovery Robot initiates the averaging sequence. A series of trades are opened in the profitable direction with incrementally larger sizes based on the averaging settings.
  • Partial Close – As the averaging positions accumulate profits, portions of the original losing position are closed. For example, if the partial close is set to 10%, it will close 10% of the losing trade each time the averaging grid hits a profit target.
  • Trail Averaging Grid – The averaging grid continues opening new trades at defined levels trailing the market. The partial close function also continues closing portions of the losing trade each time a profit target is reached.
  • Full Recovery – This systematic process continues until the original losing position is completely recovered and closed out at breakeven or profit. The account equity drawdown is now fully restored.

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Performance and Backtest Results

Extensive backtesting shows that the Recovery Robot is capable of efficiently recovering drawdowns across different market conditions.

One test on the EUR/USD pair shows the EA turning an initial $10,000 account balance with a 50% drawdown into a $20,000 balance after a few months. This demonstrates how well the averaging and partial close algorithms work together to restore losing positions.

The Recovery Robot was also tested on over 10 different currency pairs including majors, minors, and exotics. The backtests covered periods with different volatility and trends. Results showed consistent recovery performance across diverse markets with an average of 80% recovery factor.

Real-world forward testing has also yielded positive results for traders using the Recovery Robot EA on live accounts. Based on user reviews, many traders report the EA reliably locking and recovering losing trades to help restore their account balance and equity.

Using the Recovery Robot EA

The Recovery Robot comes with a detailed user manual that provides instructions on installing, setting up, and using the expert advisor. Here is a quick overview of how to use the Recovery Robot:

  • Install – Download and install the Recovery Robot on your MetaTrader platform. The EA files can be purchased directly from the vendor’s website.
  • Add to Chart – Drag and drop the Recovery Robot EA onto a currency pair chart that you want it to monitor and recover.
  • Input Settings – Configure the Recovery Robot settings including the max drawdown percentage, recovery lot sizes, partial close settings, and other parameters.
  • AutoTrading – Enable automated trading so the EA can actively monitor trades, lock losing positions, and manage the averaging grid and recovery process.
  • Monitor – As the Recovery Robot works, monitor the trading activity and account balance performance in the MetaTrader platform.
  • Optimize – Run optimizations and backtests to fine tune the EA settings for optimal performance on different symbols and account sizes.

The Recovery Robot also provides options to use stealth delays, disable other EAs when activated, set a recovery trigger price, and more for full flexibility. Detailed usage instructions are included in the PDF user guide.

Recovery Robot with Auto Lock Drawdown Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of some of the key advantages and potential disadvantages to consider when using the Recovery Robot EA:


  • Locks losing trades and prevents further losses
  • Automated averaging and recovery system
  • Closes losing positions in portions to reduce risk
  • Can accompany and monitor trades from other EAs
  • Flexible options and detailed usage instructions
  • 80%+ average recovery factor based on backtests


  • Requires careful configuration and testing
  • Averaging can increase losses if recovery fails
  • Locking trades disables further trading in that market
  • Partial close may realize losses instead of letting trades recover
  • No guarantee of recovery; depends on market conditions

Recovery Robot with Auto Lock Drawdown Conclusion

The Recovery Robot EA provides traders with an automated system to lock, average, and incrementally close losing trades to restore winning positions. The state-of-the-art recovery algorithms, unique lock drawdown function, and partial close capabilities set this EA apart from other recovery tools. Extensive backtest results demonstrate the Recovery Robot’s effectiveness in recovering drawdown across different market conditions. While proper configuration is required, this EA can be a useful tool as part of an overall risk and trade management strategy for active traders.

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