Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard: The Ultimate Tool for Detecting Trend Reversals

The Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard for MT4 is a powerful indicator tool designed to detect potential trend reversals across all major currency pairs and timeframes. This comprehensive dashboard allows traders to monitor the market structure in real-time and get notified instantly when exhaustion points are reached.

Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard

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How the Dashboard Works

The dashboard is powered by an advanced algorithm that analyzes price action and market structure dynamics. It scans all the major pairs you trade and alerts you the moment a potential trend reversal is detected at key support and resistance zones.

Some key features include:

  • Alerts you to potential changes in market structure at exhaustion points
  • Automatically draws dynamic support and resistance levels
  • Trails entry zones behind price as it moves to find optimal entries
  • Integrated pop-up, email and push notifications
  • Monitors all timeframes from M5 to Daily
  • Scans all major and minor pairs

The dashboard sits neatly on your charts, working tirelessly in the background to detect profitable opportunities. When a high-probability setup forms, it proactively sends you visual, audio and email alerts so you never miss an entry.

You’ll get two types of alerts:

  1. Reversal Alerts: Notifying potential exhaustion and trend reversals
  2. Re-test Alerts: Confirmation alerts when price retests the reversal zones

Top Benefits

Using the Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard provides a number of benefits:

  • Saves Time – No need to manually analyze charts to spot reversals
  • Increases Accuracy – Uses an objective algorithm to detect high-prob setups
  • Enhances Risk Management – Clear invalidation levels provided
  • Works on All Timeframes – Get alerts on higher probability weekly/daily trades
  • Eliminates Guesswork – Systematically identifies low-risk, high-reward zones
  • Optimizes Your Workflow – Trade hands-free while indicator hunts opportunities

Dashboard Settings and Customization

The dashboard is easy to set up and fully customizable as per your needs.

Some key settings include:

Pairs and Timeframes

Choose which currency pairs and timeframes you want to monitor for potential reversal alerts. For best results, select pairs with clear trends and higher timeframes like 4H, daily and weekly. Too many pairs and lower timeframes tend to generate more false signals.

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Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard Settings

Fine-tune the market reversal indicator settings like aggressive mode, retest distance, wicks filter etc. to match your strategy rules. Conservative values work best for higher timeframes.

Alert Preferences

Set up alert type preferences for pop-ups, email or push notifications. Use a combination of visual, audio and email alerts so you never miss a signal.

Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard Appearance

Customize dashboard size, position, colors and font as per your preference. Scale it appropriately so it doesn’t obstruct the price chart.

How To Trade the Signals

Once you receive a dashboard alert, use the following process to identify and trade potential reversals:

  1. Check Higher Timeframe – Confirm trend and structure on higher TF like 4H, daily or weekly
  2. Analyze Price Action – Look for exhaustion patterns like pins, wicks and momentum divergence
  3. Wait For Confirmation – Ideally wait for a retest of the level before entering a trade
  4. Use Appropriate Stop Loss – Place stops beyond structure highs/lows
  5. Determine Profit Targets – Target logical structure levels in direction of trade

Combining With Other Indicators

While the Dashboard scans the market and provides high-probability reversal trade signals, you can combine it with other indicators or tools to further filter trades and confirm entries.

Some examples include:

  • Moving Averages – Gives dynamic support/resistance and trend direction
  • MACD/RSI – Confirms momentum exhaustion and divergence
  • Fibonacci Retracements – Identify potential reversal and projection levels
  • Price Action – Candlestick/chart patterns reveal when reversals occur

Using the Dashboard in conjunction with other indicators creates a robust trading system and boosts your accuracy over time.

Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard Conclusion

Having a tool that objectively scans all timeframes and currency pairs, runs 24/5 in the background, and alerts you instantly to high-probability reversals is an invaluable asset for all traders.

The Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard eliminates the manual work of analyzing countless charts to spot potential turning points. By leveraging the dashboard, you can spend more time executing trades rather than hunting for opportunities.

So if you want to catch big trend reversals early – across any timeframe or pair you trade – then the Market Reversal Alerts Dashboard is your ideal solution.

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