Inside & Outside Bar MT4 Indicator: A Comprehensive Guide

The Inside & Outside Bar MT4 indicator is a versatile technical analysis tool that can help traders identify potential trend reversals and continuation patterns. This article provides a comprehensive guide on using this indicator effectively, covering key aspects such as:

Inside & Outside Bar Mt4 Indicator

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How the Inside & Outside Bar Indicator Works

The Inside & Outside Bar indicator scans the price action on a chart to identify specific candlestick patterns:

  • An inside bar occurs when the high and low of the current candlestick falls within the range of the previous candlestick. This signals a period of consolidation before a potential breakout.
  • An outside bar occurs when the current candlestick completely engulfs or “eclipses” the previous candlestick, with a higher high and lower low. This indicates strong momentum in either direction.

By tracking these recurring patterns, the indicator aims to spot potential exhaustion or continuation of trends early on. Inside bars tend to precede reversals, while outside bars tend to precede breakouts.

Optimizing Indicator Settings and Parameters

The Inside & Outside Bar indicator for MetaTrader 4 comes with several key settings and parameters that traders can fine-tune:

Timeframe – The indicator can scan any timeframe from 1 minute to 1 month. Lower timeframes have more noise while higher timeframes provide more reliable signals. The daily or 4-hour charts are optimal.

Price Levels – Traders can choose whether the indicator looks at the open, high, low or close of candlesticks to identify inside and outside bars. The close is the most commonly used.

Maximum History – This restricts how many past bars are analyzed. Keeping this number reasonable (50-100 bars) improves performance.

Alert Settings – Enable price or email alerts when patterns are identified, to capitalize on signals faster.

Optimizing these parameters to suit the traded asset and personal trading style is key to maximizing the effectiveness of signals.

Trading Strategies Using Inside & Outside Bars

The indicator can be incorporated into various short-term trading strategies:

Breakout Strategy

  • Long setup: Buy when price breaks above an outside bar after an uptrend.
  • Short setup: Sell when price breaks below an outside bar after a downtrend.

Reversal Strategy

  • Long setup: Buy when an inside bar forms after a downtrend, for a bullish reversal.
  • Short setup: Sell when inside bar forms after an uptrend, for bearish reversal.

Filter Strategy

Always use sound risk management with stop losses and take profit levels when trading these signals.

Evaluating Performance and Accuracy

It’s important to track the performance of trading strategies, to analyze profitability. Key metrics include:

  • Win Rate – Percentage of winning trades vs losing trades
  • Risk-Reward Ratio – Average profit from winners vs average loss from losers
  • Payoff Ratio – Total profit from winning trades vs total loss from losing trades

Backtesting strategies over sufficient historical data provides data to evaluate these performance metrics, and fine-tune entry and exit rules to maximize accuracy of signals. An accuracy above 60% demonstrates a solid strategy.


The Inside & Outside Bar indicator offers a valuable way to catch potential trend exhaustion and reversals, or trend resumptions and breakouts early on. By optimizing indicator parameters, using prudent risk management, and tracking performance, traders can incorporate this flexible tool as part of robust trading strategies across various markets.

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