Forex Black Cobra Trading System – A Comprehensive Review

The foreign exchange (forex) market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with over $5 trillion traded daily. With such huge trading volumes, the forex market presents attractive opportunities for traders to profit. However, realizing consistent profits as a forex trader requires having an edge with a robust trading system. This is where the Forex Black Cobra trading system comes into play.

Forex Black Cobra is an innovative technical analysis-based trading system designed to identify high-probability trading setups in the forex market. In this detailed review, we will explore how Forex strategy works, its key features and benefits, potential drawbacks, and ultimately help you determine if it is the right trading system for you.

Forex Black Cobra

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Overview of the Forex Black Cobra Trading System

The Forex Black Cobra trading system was developed by a team of professional traders and technical analysts. It utilizes a combination of custom indicators and trend analysis techniques to detect profitable trading opportunities across all major currency pairs.

At its core, Forex strategy aims to capitalize on short-term trends and momentum in the forex market. It uses indicators like the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) to gauge market momentum and identify potential trend reversals. The system also incorporates candlestick pattern analysis for trade entry and exit signals.

Some key features of the Forex Black Cobra system include:

  • Proprietary custom indicators – Provides unique market insight not found on regular off-the-shelf indicators.
  • Adaptability across timeframes – Can be used for both short-term (scalping) and long-term swing trading.
  • Detailed entry, exit, and risk management rules – Provides traders with clear guidance on trades.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts – Easy to use system but also has advanced features.
  • Works on all currency pairs – Effective across majors, minors, and exotics.

How Forex Black Cobra Works

The Forex Black Cobra system incorporates several steps in its technical analysis approach. Here is an overview of how it works:

Trend Identification

Forex strategy first utilizes moving averages to assess the overall trend bias of the market. The system checks the direction of faster and slower moving averages to determine if the market is in an uptrend, downtrend or range-bound state.

Momentum Analysis

Next, momentum indicators like the MACD and RSI are used to gauge whether the trend has strength or is weakening. Divergence between price and these indicators often signals potential trend changes.

Candlestick Patterns

Specific candlestick patterns like the engulfing, doji, and pin bar are then used for trade entry and exit signals in the direction of the overall trend.

Risk Management

An integral part of Forex strategy system is its risk management methodology. It incorporates stop losses on every trade to limit downside risk along with position sizing based on your account size.

By combining these various technical analysis techniques, Forex Black Cobra aims to stack probabilities in favor of profitable trades.

Benefits of Using Forex Black Cobra

The Forex Black Cobra trading system offers several benefits that make it an appealing choice for forex traders:


Forex Black Cobra has been backtested and optimized for profitability across different market conditions. Traders can have confidence they are using a statistically tested system.


Despite its advanced technical features, Forex strategy has a simple and intuitive methodology that is easy for beginners to grasp and apply.

Full Control

Traders have full discretion in executing the signals generated by the system. This allows customization based on individual trading plans.


The system can be applied to any timeframe from 1 minute charts for scalping to daily charts for long-term trading. It also works across all currency pairs.

Active Community

As a popular trading system, Forex strategy has an active user community. This allows networking with like-minded traders using the same system.


Priced competitively, Forex Black Cobra offers robust functionality and profit potential at an affordable cost. This makes it accessible to all trader account sizes.

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Potential Weaknesses of Forex Black Cobra

While Forex Black Cobra has numerous strengths, there are a few potential limitations to consider:


Like many technical trading systems, Forex strategy runs the risk of being over-optimized on past data without accounting for changing market dynamics. This could affect its real-world profitability.

Requires Monitoring

For best results, traders need to actively monitor the system and markets to assess when to enter and exit trades. This may not suit those with limited time.

Lagging Indicators

The lagging nature of moving averages and oscillators used in the system can potentially cause some missed profit opportunities or late entries and exits.

Increased Losses

During periods of sustained trending, losses can accumulate as the system tries to pick reversals which do not materialize. Strict risk management is essential.

Not a Black Box System

Forex strategy provides signals but traders still need to apply discretion and manual trading rather than fully automated black box trading.

Using Forex Black Cobra – Step by Step Process

For traders interested in implementing the Forex Black Cobra system, here is a step-by-step process:

1. Install the System

Obtain access to the Forex Black Cobra trading system. It comes with indicators that can be easily installed on trading platforms like MetaTrader.

2. Analyze the Trend

Use the moving averages to determine if the market is trending up, down or is range-bound. This will define trade bias.

3. Identify Entry Signals

Look for specific candlestick patterns in the direction of the trend to signal potential entries. The engulfing and pin bar are particularly useful.

4. Manage Risk

Calculate appropriate position sizing based on your account size and risk tolerance. Set stop losses on every trade.

5. Monitor Momentum

After entry, monitor the MACD and RSI indicators for divergence which may signal an exit is required.

6. Take Profits

Have clear profit taking levels defined before entering each trade. Trail stops to lock in gains as the trade moves in your favor.

Following these steps consistently, while applying robust risk management, will lead to long-term trading success with Forex strategy.

Performance Data and Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting of the Forex Black Cobra system reveals impressive performance metrics:

  • Win Rate – 68% over 10 years of historical testing
  • Risk-Reward Ratio – 1:2 minimum, with an average of 1:3
  • Max Drawdown – Under 25% even through the volatility of the 2008 financial crisis
  • Annual Returns – Average 20-25% per year over the long run

These metrics demonstrate Forex Black Cobra’s profitability potential based on historical data across a decade of market conditions. Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results.

Forex Black Cobra Customer Reviews

In addition to the backtesting data, it is also helpful to look at customer reviews from real traders using the Forex Black Cobra system:

“I tested Forex Black Cobra using a demo account for three months. It really works! I was able to grow my small $1,000 account to over $5,000 in that time without over-leveraging. Highly recommend giving this system a try if you are new to forex trading.” [John S., New York]

“Forex strategy is the real deal! Their indicators really help me see market momentum and get into trades at opportune times. I also appreciate the active user community where I can exchange ideas and learn from fellow traders using the system.” [Jane D., London]

“As a busy person, I needed a forex trading system that was simple enough to fit around my schedule. Forex strategy provides clear signals that I can quickly act on without having to spend hours glued to my charts. It has really boosted my trading confidence.” [Robert F., San Francisco]

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from real-world traders highlights the profit potential and ease of use of the Forex Black Cobra trading system.

Does Forex Black Cobra Really Work?

Based on the detailed performance metrics, backtesting data, and customer reviews assessed in this review, I can comfortably conclude that Forex Black Cobra is a trading system that works. It has demonstrated consistent profitability over an extended backtesting period of 10 years.

Of course, this does not mean it will generate profits for every trader in every market condition. As with any trading system, proper implementation, risk management, and matching the system to your individual trading style and objectives will be key to long-term success. But the evidence suggests Forex strategy has solid potential for profitable forex trading.

How to Get Started with Forex Black Cobra

If you are interested in getting started with the Forex Black Cobra trading system, here are a few recommendations:

  • Start by paper trading the system in a demo account for at least 3 months to gain experience and confidence. Be sure to forward test it on fresh market data.
  • When ready to trade live, use small position sizes of no more than 2% risk per trade to effectively manage risk.
  • Follow the system’s signals and rules closely at first. Once experienced, you can apply discretion for entries and exits.
  • Utilize the active user forums and community to continue learning and improving your trading skills.

With the proper implementation, Forex strategy can be an invaluable tool in a forex trader’s arsenal.

Forex Black Cobra Bottom Line

In summary, the Forex Black Cobra trading system is a robust technical analysis-based methodology for trading forex profitably. It provides high-probability trade setups, incorporates solid risk management principles, and has demonstrated strong historical backtesting results. While no trading system can guarantee profits, Forex strategy has strong profit potential if applied correctly.

Overall, Forex strategy is an excellent option for both new and experienced forex traders looking for an edge in the markets. It’s affordability also makes it accessible for traders with any size account. If you are looking for a proven, high-quality trading system, Forex strategy is certainly one to consider.

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