Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator – A Comprehensive Review

The Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator is an all-in-one trading indicator that utilizes sophisticated algorithms and price action data to help traders identify high-probability setups and make informed trading decisions.

Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator

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Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator Overview

The indicator is designed based on the “Smart Money Concept” which refers to the trading activities and market influence of institutional investors, banks, and other large capital market participants. The core premise is that by analyzing order blocks, market structure, volume, momentum and other metrics, individual traders can align their strategies with smart money and improve their odds of success.

Some key features of the Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator include:

  • Multi-timeframe analysis across 6 major timeframes from 1-minute to daily
  • Real-time calculation of Momentum, Volatility, Volume, Trend Strength and other metrics
  • Identification of bullish and bearish order blocks
  • Premium and discount zones based on fair value gaps
  • Change of character (trend reversal) signals
  • Break of structure (trend continuation) signals
  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface

Using the Dashboard

The first step when using the dashboard is to assess the overall market direction across multiple timeframes. This is done by checking if the Momentum, Volatility and Volume signals are bullish or bearish on at least 4 timeframes.

Once the overall bias is confirmed, traders can start looking for specific trade setups using the additional dashboard metrics and on-chart indicators.

Some of the key trading concepts facilitated by the dashboard include:

Order Blocks

Order blocks represent areas of significant buying or selling pressure. They often act as support and resistance levels. The indicator automatically plots potential long and short order blocks on the chart which can act as entry and exit points.

Fair Value Gaps

These represent gaps between different sessions and key support/resistance zones. If price breaks out of fair value gaps, it often leads to strong directional moves that traders can capitalize on.

Change of Character

This refers to trend reversals. The dashboard scans for change of character based on momentum shifts and sends alerts when potential trend reversals are identified.

Break of Structure

These represent trend continuations. The indicator sends alerts when a significant higher high or lower low is formed, signalling an extension of the existing trend.

In addition to the dashboard itself, traders have access to on-chart labels, multiple customizable alerts, push notifications to mobile devices and detailed analytics to further refine trade analysis.

Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator Benefits

The Algo SMC Dashboard indicator for MT4 provides several benefits to traders:

  • All-in-one analysis: Combination of indicators, dashboard metrics and alerts simplifies the trading process
  • Smart money concepts: Align trades based on order blocks, liquidity levels, market structure favored by institutional traders
  • Multiple timeframes: Simultaneous multi-timeframe analysis provides greater context for high-probability setups
  • Real-time alerts: Identifies change of character, break of structure, order block triggers in real-time so traders can capitalize on opportunities
  • Risk management: Key support and resistance levels from order blocks can be used to place stop losses and take profits
  • Efficiency: Automated analysis leaves traders free to focus on execution rather than manual charting


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The Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator is available for the one-time payment of $99 on the┬ádeveloper’s website.

This includes lifetime access to the indicator plus all future updates at no additional cost.

The developer also offers 24/7 customer support and convenient payment options through Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, USDT or direct bank transfer.


The Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator aims to simplify trading using the proven concepts utilized by smart money market participants. With its combination of indicators, analytics and alerts, it has the potential to enhance efficiency and improve the odds of trading success.

For traders interested in aligning their strategies based on order flow, liquidity, and actions of institutional players, the Algo SMC Dashboard warrants consideration. The $99 price point makes it easily accessible for most budgets.

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