The Money Tree Robot Review – An In-Depth Look at This Automated Trading Software

The Money Tree Robot is a relatively new automated trading software that promises high returns through its advanced trading algorithm. This FX robot was created by Cory Ross, a developer with over 12 years of experience in the forex market.

In this comprehensive 2000 word review, we will take an in-depth look at This robot to see if it delivers on its promises of easy automated trading and consistent profits.

The Money Tree Robot

An Overview of The Money Tree Robot

The Money Tree Robot is marketed as a simple “set and forget” trading solution that can generate profits automatically on the MT4 platform. According to the vendor’s website, this expert advisor has accumulated over 700% profit within just 3 months of live trading.

Some of the main features highlighted by the developer include:

With these claims, The Money Tree Robot seems like an attractive automated trading system on paper. But does it live up to expectations in live trading conditions? Let’s analyze further.

Transparency of The Money Tree Robot Company

The Money Tree Robot was created by Cory Ross, who claims to have over 12 years of experience developing forex trading tools. However, not much information is available about him or the company behind this product, LeapFX.

LeapFX appears to be an online business that sells various trading products like EAs, trade copiers, and VPS services. They don’t disclose their company location or ownership structure.

The lack of transparency about the company raises some doubts about their credibility. However, they do provide verified trading results for The Money Tree Robot which lends some legitimacy. We’ll examine the trading statistics next.

Live Trading Performance of The Money Tree Robot

According to the vendor, The Money Tree Robot was able to accumulate over 700% in profits within 3 months during live trading. These results are verified on Myfxbook which provides some authenticity.

As of September 2022, the live account shows $135,514 in net profits with a 115% gain. The max drawdown is 46% which is on the higher side. Over 300 trades have been executed with a 90% win rate.

The robot appears to be trading aggressively with 3888 pips gained. The average profit per trade is decent at 11 pips while the average loss is -6 pips.

Overall, the live stats indicate that The Money Tree Robot has the potential to generate steady profits. However, the short 3 month trading period makes it tough to gauge long-term consistency.

How The Money Tree Robot Works

According to the vendor, The Money Tree Robot utilizes a dynamic trading algorithm that adapts to changing market conditions.

Some key aspects of its trading strategy include:

  • Analyzes volatility across multiple timeframes to identify trading opportunities
  • Uses custom filters based on volatility and moving averages
  • Places trades during short-term trend retracements
  • Closes trades quickly within 5 hours on average
  • Exits losing trades fast with tight stop losses
  • No martingale or grid strategies used

The robot seems to rely on short-term momentum trades with adaptive volatility analysis. This allows it to quickly capitalize on market movements.

The lack of details on the logic makes it difficult to evaluate the strategy thoroughly. But the basic approach seems reasonable for short-term forex trading.

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Ease of Use of The Money Tree Robot

According to the developer, The Money Tree Robot is suitable even for beginner traders with no experience.

The robot handles the market analysis and trade execution automatically. All the trading settings are built-in so no manual configuration is required.

Users only need to install the EA on a MT4 chart and let it trade the account automatically. The robot can also be cloud-hosted on a VPS service for uninterrupted trading access.

The vendor provides installation guidelines and video tutorials which makes the setup process straightforward. The hands-free automation makes it easy for anyone to use this trading software.


The Money Tree Robot is available in two pricing options:

  • 1 year membership at $597 – Includes 1 license key, updates, and support for 1 year
  • Lifetime membership at $899 – One-time fee, lifetime license, updates and support

The cost is at the higher end compared to other forex EAs. The unlimited lifetime membership reduces the long-term costs, but the upfront fee is steep.

Traders need to factor in additional costs like VPS fees, brokerage commissions, and spread costs during live trading.


  • Verified trading statistics showing decent profits
  • Automated trading system that is easy to use
  • Trades multiple currency pairs
  • Adaptive trading algorithm that responds to changing volatility
  • Tight stop losses to limit losses per trade
  • No martingale or grid trading which can be risky
  • Suitable for beginners with no trading experience


  • Expensive pricing compared to competitors
  • Lack of transparency about the company and developer
  • Short 3-month trading history makes long-term consistency uncertain
  • High drawdown of 46% on live account
  • Requires high leverage that can be risky
  • No details available on risk management or position sizing

Our Verdict on This EA

Based on this detailed review, here is our verdict on The Money Tree Robot:

  • The short 3-month trading history makes it hard to determine long-term profitability of the robot. More trading data would help establish consistency.
  • The lack of transparency about the company and developer raises some credibility concerns. More info is needed to properly vet the product.
  • However, the verified trading statistics are decent in the short time period. The robot seems to have potential, but long-term data is required.
  • The high drawdown and lack of risk management details are worrying. Trading on high leverage without proper risk protocols can be dangerous.
  • The expensive pricing may not offer good value given the unproven long-term track record. More historical data is needed to justify the high costs.

Overall, The Money Tree Robot shows potential but lacks sufficient trading history and business transparency. More proven results over a longer period would help establish trustworthiness.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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