SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited – A Comprehensive Review

SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited is an automated trading software designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This expert advisor (EA) claims to use advanced algorithms to analyze the markets and execute profitable trades automatically. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited to see if it delivers on its promises.

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Overview of SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited

SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited is marketed as a “set and forget” trading solution that can continuously make profitable trades without any manual intervention. Here are some key features and claims made about this product:

  • Fully automated trading system that works on the MT4 platform
  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze markets
  • Identifies profitable trading opportunities across forex, crypto, stocks, commodities
  • Customizable settings and risk management parameters
  • Suitable for beginner and experienced traders
  • Can run unattended 24/7 and make trades even when computer is turned off
  • Profitable right out of the box without optimization needed
  • Regular updates to improve performance

The developers claim that SpeedRun EA can deliver reliable profits month after month by exploiting market inefficiencies. However, as we will see later, past performance is no guarantee of future results when it comes to EAs.

How SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited Works

SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited is an expert advisor that works within the MT4 trading platform. It uses built-in capabilities of MT4 to fetch market data, analyze price charts, and automate trade execution.

According to the vendor website, SpeedRun EA uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to monitor the markets. It is programmed to identify high-probability trading opportunities based on parameters like trend direction, volatility, and trade entry points.

Some of the analysis techniques allegedly used by SpeedRun EA include:

Based on this analysis, the EA is supposed to determine optimal entry and exit points for trades. It can supposedly filter out bad signals and focus only on high-probability setups.

Once a trade is entered, SpeedRun EA uses preset risk management rules to determine position sizing, stop losses, and take profit levels. The system can allegedly manage multiple simultaneous trades across different currency pairs and asset classes.

Advanced features include news trading, algorithmic trading, and customizable trading rules. Users can backtest the system and tweak settings as needed to align with their risk appetite.

Performance Metrics and Backtesting Results

The vendor website shows impressive backtesting results for SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited. Some of the metrics highlighted include:

  • Total net profit over $650,000
  • Win rate of 86%
  • Maximum drawdown of 18%
  • Over 930 trades executed
  • Works on multiple currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD etc.

These backtest results span a period from 2019 to 2022. The high winning percentage and low drawdown look remarkable at first glance.

However, past simulation results do not guarantee you will achieve the same performance in live trading. Backtests can be optimized and curve-fitted, so treat these results with caution.

User reviews mention that real-world results often fall short of the advertised backtests. Profitability can vary significantly based on market conditions and broker used.

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Live Performance and Forward Testing

Backtesting on past data is useful, but seeing live trades is the real test for any EA. SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited provides some limited forward testing results on their website.

However, the sample size is quite small compared to the extensive backtests. There is no long-term verified track record for live trading. Lack of transparency around live results makes it hard to gauge real profitability.

Without seeing an EA trade live for months or years, it is impossible to determine if it can deliver consistent profits in the future. Any vendor can cherry pick a few winning trades to showcase.

Ideally, traders should forward test the EA themselves in a demo account for at least 3-6 months before risking real capital. This will reveal strengths and weaknesses not visible in backtests. Always use prudent position sizing and risk management when live trading any EA.

Costs and Pricing Options

SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited is available under a few pricing options:

  • 1 Live Account License: $347
  • Unlimited Live Account License: $497
  • Unlimited Reseller Rights: $997

The unlimited license allows you to run SpeedRun EA on as many live accounts and MT4 platforms as desired. Reseller rights permit you to resell the EA and keep 100% of profits.

Besides the upfront license fee, there are no recurring monthly costs or commissions from profits. You only need to run it on the MT4 platform which is free to use.

These costs are reasonable compared to many other EAs that charge monthly fees and take commissions from profits earned. However, without proof of live results you are still risking capital on an unverified system.

SpeedRun EA Pros and Cons

Based on our research, here are some key advantages and disadvantages of using SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited:


  • Fully automated trading once set up
  • Customizable settings and risk parameters
  • Works on multiple currency pairs and assets
  • No recurring fees or profit sharing
  • Backtesting shows impressive results
  • Provides some forward testing examples


  • No long term verified track record
  • Backtests can be curve-fitted and unrealistic
  • Live results may vary significantly from backtests
  • Requires monitoring and optimization for best results
  • No guarantee of long term profitability

As with most EAs, SpeedRun comes with risks that must be evaluated before using it with real capital. Traders should take the necessary precautions and use good risk management practices.

SpeedRun EA Verdict: Proceed With Caution

SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited shows promise but lacks sufficient proof of long term live trading results. The backtests look impressive but may not translate to real-world profits consistently. It offers a reasonable one-time pricing model with no recurring fees.

The lack of a verified track record makes it a high-risk proposition for serious traders. Beginners looking for a set-and-forget passive income solution should also exercise extreme caution.

However, SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited may appeal to traders willing to optimize and forward test it thoroughly before committing capital. It provides a framework to research and test automated trading strategies.

As with any EA, conduct your due diligence, demo trade it first, and use prudent risk management practices. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose on any unproven trading system. Proceed with realistic expectations and use SpeedRun EA MT4 Unlimited as one component in a diversified trading approach.

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