Scalper Vault Review – A Detailed Look at This Scalping System

Scalper Vault is a professional forex scalping system designed to provide accurate buy and sell signals for short-term traders. This comprehensive indicator suite aims to give traders everything they need to profit from small price movements across currency pairs.

I analyzed Scalper Vault based on available information from the developer’s website, user reviews, and demo videos. Here is an in-depth review of its features, pros and cons, and overall effectiveness for scalping the forex market.

Scalper Vault

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Overview of Scalper Vault

Scalper Vault was created by forex trader Oleg Rodin and released in March 2023. It is compatible with the popular Metatrader 4 trading platform.

This scalping suite provides multiple indicators that work together to scan currency pairs across timeframes from M5 up to H1, seeking trading opportunities. It generates arrow signals indicating potential entries, along with alerts to notify traders of emerging setups.

Main Features:

Using Scalper Vault for Scalping

Scalper Vault is primarily designed for scalping, which involves attempting to profit from small price movements. Scalpers typically use short timeframes under H1 and look to enter and exit positions rapidly.

This system aims to pinpoint high-probability setups for traders to capitalize on market volatility. The signals focus on riding momentum in the overall trend direction.

The indicators scan for overbought and oversold conditions across currency pairs. When alignment occurs, arrows are plotted indicating buy/sell entry points.

Accompanying alerts trigger to direct attention to these setups. This enables scalpers to react swiftly to signals with market orders. Stop losses and take profits can trail price action to lock in gains from short moves.

Benefits for Scalpers

Finding Opportunities

The automated scanning feature of Scalper Vault allows scalpers to monitor multiple currency pairs efficiently. Without it, manually checking charts is time-consuming and setups can be missed.

Trading With Confidence

This system aims to provide accurate, high-probability signals so traders can execute orders decisively when alerts trigger. Clear arrows and trend direction overlays provide confidence in entries.


Scalpers can adjust input settings to fine-tune signals and alerts to suit their trading plan. This includes parameters like RSI periods, MACD settings, and take profit/stop loss pip distances.

Risk Management

The indicators help determine optimal stop loss placement relative to nearby support/resistance. This aims to maximize profit potential while controlling downside risk on each trade.

Downsides & Limitations

While Scalper Vault has useful features for scalpers, there are some downsides to consider:


Too many indicators on one chart can lead to over-optimization and reduced reliability. There is a risk of conflicting signals during ranging or choppy markets.

Increased Costs

The high-volume trading approach may increase transaction fees, especially when using market orders to enter positions swiftly. These costs can diminish profit margins.

Time Commitment

Effectively utilizing this system still requires actively monitoring charts for signals, which can be draining. Automation helps, but manual order execution takes effort.

Steep Learning Curve

Fully optimizing all the indicators requires an investment of time and effort. Without mastering functionality, traders may miss key signals or misinterpret setups.

Scientific Scalper Comparison

The Scientific Scalper indicator has some parallels to Scalper Vault. It also provides buy/sell signals and aims to identify high-probability setups for scalping across timeframes.

However, Scientific Scalper uses a proprietary “double confirmation” method with a trend alignment system. It focuses purely on price action with minimal indicators. The developer claims greater accuracy and reliability.

Traders interested in comparing these two systems can find details in this Scientific Scalper review. Both provide useful tools, but have differing approaches and features. Assessing individual trading needs and style is recommended when choosing between them.

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Real User Reviews & Ratings

Checking feedback from traders using Scalper Vault daily provides helpful insight into pros/cons. While the developer showcases successful demo trades, user experiences highlight strengths and weaknesses.

“Accurate signals and the alerts are extremely useful. I can monitor multiple pairs without constantly staring at charts. It has definitely improved my scalping results so far.”

“There is a learning curve to master all the customization options with so many indicators. I’m still figuring out ideal settings for reliable signals. Catches most big moves but occasionally gives false signals.”

“As a new trader, the detailed signals give me confidence to execute trades decisively. Clear entry points and stop loss guidance helps my risk management. My scalping results have improved dramatically.”

“Works very well during trending markets with accurate signals. But some noise and false signals during ranging or choppy conditions across pairs. Filtering signals takes practice.”

The majority of traders highlight improved scalping results from using the system. However, some note limitations during non-trending markets. Mastering functionality and filtering signals takes time but enables better risk management.

On Forex Peace Army, Scalper Vault scores an overall rating of 8.1 out of 10 based on 28 reviews at the time of writing. Positive user experiences appear to slightly outweigh negatives.

Final Verdict – Who is Scalper Vault For?

Scalper Vault provides some valuable tools and features that could benefit short-term traders. Automated scanning for scalping setups saves time, while detailed signals may improve risk/reward ratios.

Best Suited For:

  • Active forex scalpers seeking more opportunities
  • Traders wanting to automate chart screening
  • Beginners looking for trade guidance & alerts

The system aims to make scalping simpler through high-probability signals and accompanying alerts. This allows swift reactions for entering orders decisively.

However, effectively utilizing the array of indicators has a learning curve. Reliability may falter during choppy or ranging markets with increased noise. Costs can also diminish profits from the high-volume approach.

Overall, Scalper Vault offers useful functionality to complement manual scalping processes. But traders require sufficient capital, skill, and effort to overcome limitations. Carefully evaluating individual strengths against these challenges is recommended before purchasing.

While not a magic bullet, this comprehensive system does provide helpful tools and automation. Integrating signals with an edge in technical analysis and risk management can lead to sustainable success scalping forex.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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