The MIDASAMA TRADER EA is an automated forex trading robot developed by the Midasama team of experienced traders and programmers. This expert advisor (EA) uses an algorithmic trend and price recognition system to identify profitable trades and has gained popularity for its stable performance and conservative approach to trading.



Overview and Features

The key features of the MIDASAMA TRADER EA include:

  • 100% Automated Trading: The EA handles every aspect of trading automatically once configured, from analyzing the markets to placing, managing and closing trades.
  • Recognizes Trends and Flat Markets: Uses a proprietary algorithm that can identify both trending and ranging market conditions.
  • No Martingale or Grid: Does not use any risky martingale or grid strategies that can quickly blow accounts.
  • Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit: Has a hidden stop loss and take profit system to exit trades, helping limit losses.
  • Trailing Stop Loss: Utilizes a trailing stop loss that follows favorable trades to lock in more profits.
  • Conservative Trading: Takes only 1-3 trades per day, with just one order open at a time.
  • Drawdown Protection: Can disable itself if the drawdown limit is reached to prevent further losses.
  • Works on Any Pair and Timeframe: Trades all currency pairs and across all timeframes (recommended 30M).

Overall, the MIDASAMA TRADER EA is designed to provide hands-free automated trading while using solid risk management. It aims to capture consistent profits from the forex markets with limited drawdown risk.

MIDASAMA TRADER EA Performance Statistics and Backtests

Extensive backtesting shows the MIDASAMA TRADER EA has the potential to generate impressive returns over the long run:

  • 5380.69% Total Return over 13 years of backtests.
  • Average Monthly Return of 10-50% based on target settings.
  • Maximum Historical Drawdown of 8.11%. Low risk due to tight money management.
  • 3419 Total Trades Taken with a high win percentage.

midasama trader ea backtest

MIDASAMA TRADER EA Backtest Results (Source: MyFXBook)

In addition to the stellar backtests, MyFXBook verified real-money accounts show the EA can sustain consistent profits in live trading too:

  • +155% in 1 Month on a $3,000 account. Grew to $7,650.
  • 30% Average Monthly Growth across multiple live accounts.

While past performance does not guarantee future results, these statistics demonstrate the potential of the system. As with any EA, real-world results may vary depending on market conditions, broker used, and configurations. Proper testing is essential.


The MIDASAMA TRADER EA is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that helps it identify high-probability trading opportunities across forex pairs. The system determines whether the market is trending or ranging and adapts accordingly while applying strict risk management rules.

Trend Detection

When the market is trending strongly, the algorithm will detect the direction of the trend based on the real-time analysis of price action. Additional filters help confirm trend strength.

Ranging Market Strategies

During flat or choppy markets with no clear direction, the EA has specialized logics to extract pips from short-term oscillations and breakouts while protecting capital.

Entry and Exit Rules

Entries are opened based on the analysis of multiple technical factors. Exits are handled through hidden take profit and stop loss levels, preserving capital. Trailing stops further lock in gains when able.

Risk Management

No martingale, grid, or recovery mechanisms used. Trades are spaced out with only one order open at a time. Drawdown limits can pause trading if hit. This prevents account wipeouts during rough patches.

Built-in Flexibility

Although the system has optimal preset configurations, the EA gives traders the ability to tweak settings like the trading hours, order sizing, maximum spread, and various risk parameters.

By combining advanced analytics with robust risk protocols in one automated package, the MIDASAMA TRADER aims to offer traders reliable long-term results.

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Live Performance and Trader Reviews

The MIDASAMA TRADER EA has over 300 sales based on its reputation and traders generally rate it highly:

  • 4.8 out of 5 Stars average rating from 40+ reviewer comments.
  • “One of the Best Trading EAs” says one verified buyer after 6 months of use.
  • “Great and Polite Support” notes another user praising the customer service.
  • “It Really Works and is Stable in Profit” claims a trader after turning $3,000 into $7,650 in 30 days.

The majority of reviews from active traders are positive about their experience with stable account growth over time. Support and updates from the Midasama team have been well-received.

Of course, some users faced challenges with getting it to work properly, highlighting the importance of reading the manual, testing different settings, and managing risk. But most issues seem to have been resolved smoothly by the helpful support staff.

Cost, Availability, and Support

The MIDASAMA TRADER EA is sold exclusively through the Midasama website for a one-time fee of $1499.

Considering the high performance potential for long-term gains, this price offers good value compared to many underperforming EAs.

As an authorized reseller, we provide full support and installation assistance to get you started properly. Our team will also help troubleshoot any problems that arise when using the system.

We stand behind the quality and reliability of this product by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund.


The MIDASAMA TRADER EA is a well-rounded automated trading system designed to grow forex accounts through an intelligent combination of analytics and risk management protocols.

Benefits include:

  • Proven long-term profitability based on backtests
  • Ability to trade trends and flat markets effectively
  • No risky martingale or recovery mechanics
  • Conservative 1-3 trades per day on average
  • Trader-friendly flexibility and customizations

With hundreds of sales and mainly positive user reviews, the EA has earned its reputation as a stable performer. Support from the Midasama team is also responsive.

For traders looking for reliable hands-free trading, the MIDASAMA TRADER EA is a top contender worth considering. As with any EA, practicing proper risk management is vital. We recommend demo testing for at least 1 month before risking real capital.

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