IS RED EA Forex Robot Review

The IS RED EA is an automated forex trading robot designed specifically for scalping the gold (XAUUSD) market on short timeframes. This expert advisor (EA) uses a proprietary trading strategy to identify high-probability entries and exits.


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Key Features

The IS RED EA robot is marketed as a profitable EA with strong backtest and live trading results. The developer does not provide detailed information about the strategy behind the system. However, we do know that it utilizes several custom indicators in its trading approach.

Performance Statistics

According to the information shared by the developer, the IS RED EA has achieved exceptional backtest and live trading results:

  • Total backtest net profit: $9,917 (+9,917%)
  • Maximum backtest drawdown: 4.02%
  • Total live trading net profit: $3,229 (+3,229%)
  • Live account drawdown: not provided

These statistics indicate that the EA has performed well historically in backtesting and live trading. However, there is no long-term verified track record available to validate the sustainability of performance.

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IS RED EA Pricing

The IS RED EA is available for the one-time fee of $499. This includes lifetime license and free updates. There is no monthly subscription plan available.

The $499 price tag is quite typical for EAs in this category. However, it is still a significant upfront investment given the lack of long-term verified performance.

IS RED EA Risks and Drawbacks

While the IS RED EA for MT4 shows promise, there are some risks and drawbacks to consider:

  • No long-term verified track record
  • Performance relies heavily on short-term scalping
  • Narrow focus on gold trading only
  • Requires very low spread broker
  • Significant upfront investment

The lack of long-term verified performance makes it difficult to assess the reliability and consistency of the IS RED EA. Its trading approach also exposes it to higher risk and costs.

IS RED EA – Bottom Line

The IS RED EA forex robot demonstrates strong potential for scalping profits in the gold market. However, the lack of transparency around its strategy and absence of long-term verified track record are concerning.

Traders should approach this EA with realistic expectations around potential risks and rewards. Robust testing in a demo account is highly recommended before risking real capital. At $499, it represents a significant upfront investment that may not pay off.

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