A Guide to Using TradingView’s Free Account like a Pro

With its extensive charting capabilities and social community, TradingView has become one of the most popular trading platforms. The best part – it offers a full-featured free account. While premium plans unlock more tools, the free version packs tremendous capabilities for analysis, charting, backtesting, paper trading, community insights and more – at no cost. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to maximize TradingView’s free account as an active trader. With the right techniques, you can utilize the platform to its full potential and achieve your trading goals without paying a dime. How To Use Tradingview Free

Core Charting Functionality

TradingView’s interactive charting tools are the centerpiece of the platform and they come loaded in the free account. You get access to:
  • Candlestick, line, bar, Heiken Ashi chart types
  • Drawing tools like trendlines, shapes, arrows, text
  • 50+ technical indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD
  • Ability to add multiple charts and compare markets
  • Timeframes from 1-minute up to weekly
  • Price, indicators, volume information
This allows robust technical analysis of the markets across stocks, forex, crypto and more. You can use charting techniques like identifying support/resistance, trends, reversals and patterns without limitations.

Executing Paper Trades

The free account enables paper trading within TradingView charts. You can simulate purchases and sales in real-time to practice trading strategies. Paper trading allows you to:
  • Test if your strategy works before real money
  • Gain experience with order types like stops and limits
  • Understand slippage, spreads, commission, and margins
  • Develop your processes from entries to exits
  • Gain confidence before activating live trading
Use paper trading rigorously before putting your capital at risk so you can fine-tune your edge.

Community Chat and Insights

Through the Chat feature, TradingView provides a massive social community within its free account. You can:
  • Join public chat rooms for specific markets
  • Follow and learn from top traders
  • Connect with traders worldwide in real-time
  • Share charts and trading ideas to get feedback
  • See discussions around earnings, news events, and rumors
  • Get quick answers to trading questions
The community provides valuable sentiment insights and learning opportunities through shared experiences.

Access to Global News and Data

TradingView grants free users real-time access to news from major providers like Benzinga Pro, Globe Newswire, Business Wire and more. You can also add economic event calendars from platforms like FX Street for data like:
  • Job reports
  • GDP releases
  • FOMC meetings
  • Earnings dates
  • Speeches
The news and events feed helps react quickly to potential market-moving developments.

Backtesting Strategies with Pine Script

Through its Pine Script programming language, TradingView enables backtesting trading strategies and custom indicators. With Pine Script, you can build and optimize your own strategies by:
  • Coding trading logic, entry rules, risk management
  • Combining indicators into systems
  • Running extensive backtests across historical data
  • Determining strategy performance and viability
Robust backtesting ability lets you validate your edge before risking capital. A hugely beneficial free feature.

Setting Alerts on Charts

TradingView allows free users to set alerts on instruments to track activity. You can create alerts for:
  • Price levels – Trigger when price hits set values
  • Indicators – Notify on indicator signals like MACD crossover
  • Fundamentals – Earnings, dividends, splits
  • News – Alert when news headlines break
  • Screener – Get notified when scan conditions match
Alerts help act quickly on trading opportunities across any markets through push notifications. Vanguard Warrior Indicator Access my Vanguard Warrior Indicator

What is Restricted in the Free Account?

Of course, certain features are limited in the free version to incentivize upgrading:
  • Maximum 3 indicators per chart
  • Cannot trade directly from charts
  • 14-days of historical intraday data
  • Limited custom alerts and screeners
  • Basic support and no chat room access
However, the core functionality remains excellent for active traders. The limitations are inconveniences but do not severely restrict analysis and practice.

Maximizing the Free Account

Here are some tips to maximize TradingView’s free account: With the right techniques, TradingView’s free account provides tremendous capabilities to gain an trading edge as you progress along your journey. The tools are there for the taking.

Is TradingView owned by the same company that offers the free version?

Yes, tradingview ownership revealed. TradingView, the popular charting platform for traders, is indeed owned by the same company that offers the free version. This seamless integration allows users to seamlessly transition between the free version and the premium subscription, accessing a wide range of advanced features for a comprehensive trading experience.

Is Upgrading Worthwhile?

At the end of the day, deciding whether to upgrade comes down to your personal trading needs and budget. Key perks include:
  • More indicators, charts, and screenshot uploads
  • Faster data feeds and splits/dividends alerts
  • Backtesting on minute timeframes
  • Additional alert and screener options
  • Private chat rooms and live support
Upgrading certainly provides more convenience and unlocks additional analysis features. But with the tips above, the free account can take you very far. Try it out extensively before deciding if paid additions are truly necessary for your process.


Even with limited features, TradingView’s free account provides an immense amount of capabilities for traders to analyze markets, practice strategies, engage with a community, backtest systems, get news/data and ultimately become consistently profitable. Use this guide to ensure you tap into the platform’s full potential at no cost by focusing on the most impactful tools for your trading. With the proper techniques, TradingView can greatly accelerate your progress.
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