Forex Pips Striker Indicator Review

The Forex Pips Striker Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform to help forex traders identify potential trading opportunities across multiple timeframes. It was created by an unknown developer and aims to provide high probability trade signals for increased profitability.

Forex Pips Striker Indicator

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The Forex Pips Striker Indicator uses a combination of custom indicators and price action analysis to generate buy and sell signals for forex currency pairs. The main components include:

  • Multi-timeframe analysis – scans timeframes from M1 to D1 for trade setups
  • Adaptive algorithm – aims to adjust to changing market conditions
  • Trend identification – helps determine overall market direction
  • Entry/exit signals – provides clear arrows and audio/visual alerts

The indicator is easy to install and use with straightforward trading rules. Once added to the chart, it continuously scans the market and displays arrows when a potential trade is detected.

The developer claims that Forex Pips Striker has an accuracy rate of over 80% for generated signals. However, as an anonymous developer, these stats cannot be independently verified.

Using the Indicator

Forex Pips Striker has customizable settings that allow traders to modify the indicator based on their preferences. This includes options for:

  • Timeframes – ability to enable/disable specific timeframes
  • Signal alerts – audio, visual, and push notification alerts
  • Risk management – setting stop loss and take profit levels

The trading rules are simple[4]:

  • Buy signal – blue up arrow displayed on the chart
  • Sell signal – red down arrow displayed on the chart
  • Place order in direction of arrow
  • Set stop loss and take profit
  • Manage trade according to risk management plan

The indicator aims to capture short, medium, and long-term trends. It can be used for scalping on smaller timeframes or position trading on larger timeframes.

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Performance Metrics

According to the limited sales material available, Forex Pips Striker has a claimed win rate of over 80% [2]. However, without verified performance data or knowing the identity of the developer, it is difficult to assess the accuracy of this claim.

Some key metrics provided:

  • 80%+ accuracy on signal generation
  • Risk/reward ratio of 1:2 for generated signals
  • Average win rate of 60-70 pips per trade
  • Works across all major currency pairs and timeframes

As with any technical indicator, performance can vary significantly based on market conditions and proper usage. Traders are advised to use prudent position sizing and risk management with Forex Pips Striker.

Forex Pips Striker Indicator Benefits

Some of the benefits associated with Forex Pips Striker include:

  • Streamlined trade signals – provides clear entry and exit signals for trades[6]
  • Suitable for all traders – easy to use for beginners but also helpful for experienced traders
  • Customizable settings – allows adapting the indicator to suit individual trading preferences
  • Multi-timeframe analysis – scans a wide range of timeframes for trading opportunities
  • Works on all currency pairs – trades majors, crosses, and exotics

Forex Pips Striker Indicator Limitations

Some of the potential limitations to consider:

  • Anonymous developer – inability to verify reputation or track record
  • Dependent on external factors – requires a stable internet connection and MT4 platform
  • Repainting possible – arrows may shift slightly as new price data emerges[7]
  • Increased risk – automated signals can lead to over-trading or poorly planned trades


Forex Pips Striker is available for a one-time fee, which grants lifetime access to the indicator and any future updates. The last known price was $97 for a single license.

There are no recurring fees or required subscriptions. The one-time cost unlocks unlimited use of the indicator.

Forex Pips Striker Indicator Verdict

The Forex Pips Striker Indicator provides traders with automated buy and sell signals across multiple timeframes and currency pairs. The simple entry rules and customizable settings allow adapting it to suit individual trading styles. However, the lack of verified performance statistics combined with an anonymous developer raises some questions. As with any automated trading system, proper backtesting and risk management is vital. While it has limitations, Forex Pips Striker can serve as a potential tool for traders looking for streamlined trade signals to complement their trading strategy.

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