First Brick EA – A Revolutionary Forex Trading Tool

The First Brick EA stands out as a revolutionary tool in the Forex trading landscape, offering an ingenious blend of risk management and profit maximization. Developed by experienced trader Hoang Danh Duc, this expert advisor (EA) leverages unique technical analysis to identify high-probability setups and execute precision trades. But what exactly sets First Brick EA apart? Let’s analyze its key features and performance.

First Brick EA

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Streamlined Trading Decisions Through Meticulous Analysis

At its core, First Brick EA conducts meticulous market analysis across multiple timeframes to pinpoint opportune market entries and exits. It utilizes the daily timeframe (D1) to confirm overall buy and sell zones based on the bigger picture market structure. The EA then utilizes the 15-minute (M15) or 1-hour (H1) charts to hone in on specific entry and exit levels within those broader zones.

This multi-timeframe approach provides tremendous insight into market momentum while filtering out market noise. As a result, First Brick EA achieves a stellar win rate, often reaching 100% on certain currency pairs.

Powerful Yet Flexible Risk Management

Despite its profit potential, First Brick EA incorporates flexible risk management to limit losses. Users can configure risk settings ranging from ultra-conservative to aggressive growth. This versatility makes the EA suitable for various account sizes and risk appetites.

Specifically, the EA allows users to set a percentage of the account balance to risk per trade. A moderate setting of 0.05% on a $1000 account equates to $0.50 risked on each trade. More aggressive traders can ratchet risk up to 1% or higher.

Innovative DCA Strategy For Maximizing Gains

Unlike other EAs, First Brick incorporates a unique DCA (dollar cost averaging) system to “hold” profits. After entering a trade, the EA continues building additional positions in the profitable direction. This compounds open trade profit while allowing flexibility to close individual positions at different take profit levels.

For example, the EA may open 4-5 trades in the same direction, closing the first at +50 pips, second at +100 pips, third at +150 pips, and so on. This innovative approach allows the EA to secure partial profits while still benefiting from extended favorable market moves.

Impressive Historical Performance

The proof lies in the data – First Brick EA boasts an impressive track record across multiple currency pairs.

EURUSD Performance

Over 6 months, First Brick achieved +113% growth on EURUSD using standard settings and $1000 capital. Maximum drawdown reached 20%, reflecting the EA’s balanced approach between risk management and consistent profitability.

Multi-Pair Diversification

By trading First Brick simultaneously on 8 different currency pairs, traders enhanced returns while smoothing volatility. Over the 6 month backtest, this approach yielded +428% total growth with a max drawdown of just 10.3%.

These results demonstrate First Brick’s ability to produce steady profits across various markets and conditions.

Ease of Use For All Traders

Despite its sophistication, First Brick EA deploys easily on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. The installer package provided after purchase contains preset files to optimize major currency pairs. Traders simply attach the EA to a chart and let it go to work.

For advanced customization, hundreds of input parameters can be adjusted to fine tune strategies and risk management. But for most, the default settings will deliver reliable results out of the box.

Video tutorials and detailed instructions ensure a seamless setup process for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Exclusive Community Access

Buyers gain exclusive access to the First Brick Community group on Telegram. Here, members can access developer updates, preset files, tips for optimization, and general camaraderie with fellow users. This high-level support elevates success rates for traders at all levels.

First Brick EA Conclusion

In summary, First Brick EA represents a monumental advancement in automated trading tools for MetaTrader 4. It combines proven technical strategies with innovative trade management to deliver consistent profits under various market conditions.

With hundreds of happy customers and glowing reviews, First Brick EA remains a “must-have” item for any serious Forex trader’s toolbox. The low $1499 price point grants access to a potential trading career powered by artificial intelligence.

Still not convinced? Try the unlimited demo and see the magic yourself! But act quick – at just 5 activation slots remaining, First Brick EA may soon sell out indefinitely.

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