Top Esaz Forex Custom Indicators for Effective Forex Trading

The Esaz Forex trading community is home to some of the most skilled forex traders and coders who have developed many powerful custom indicators over the years. These custom Esaz indicators are designed to provide unique analysis and predictive capabilities not found in standard off-the-shelf indicators. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best custom indicators created by Esaz members. You’ll learn how these indicators work, what edge they can give your trading, and how to effectively use them. Let’s dive in and see how these custom tools can take your forex trading to the next level! Esaz Forex

Key Takeaways from Esaz Forex Custom Indicators

Here are the major benefits of these community-built custom indicators:
  • Solve specific problems identified by traders after years of experience
  • Go beyond generic off-the-shelf indicators
  • Offer creative solutions and logic for market analysis
  • Provide early signals before price reaction becomes obvious
  • Developed and optimized through extensive backtesting

What are Esaz Forex Custom Indicators?

Esaz custom indicators are specialized technical indicators coded by members of the Esaz trading community. They are built using the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) used for programming indicators and Expert Advisors on the popular MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform page. These homemade indicators are designed from the ground up to capitalize on specific market behaviors, trading strategies, and algorithmic logics. Traders have fine-tuned them over many years of development, testing, and feedback from the Esaz community. The source code for Esaz custom free indicators is openly shared on the forum by coders. Fellow traders can then use and modify the indicators for their own needs. The collaborative community and transparency is what makes these custom tools so powerful.

Kravchuk Arrow Indicator

The Kravchuk Arrow indicator was created by Esaz member Kravchuk. It identifies possible market reversals and shows potential entry points based on a mathematical formula. The indicator draws arrows marking bullish and bearish entry signals. A blue up arrow indicates a buy signal, while a red down arrow marks a sell signal. Only one signal is present at a time, preventing conflicting trades. The indicator incorporates multiple periodicities to identify reversals across different timeframes. Traders use it on 15 min charts to time entry on short-term swing trades and scalps. It works particularly well on GBP/USD and EUR/USD currency pairs.

Fracturi Indicator – Catch Trend Retracements

Fracturi is a custom indicator by Esaz Forex coders that helps traders profit from short-term retracements within the context of larger trends. It identifies periods where retail traders take profits, creating volatility to trade. The indicator plots imaginary “fracture” points on the chart. These fracturi points are where final profit taking occurs before the main trend resumes. This exhaustion signals ideal reversal entries in the direction of the larger trend. Fracturi works on 15 min and hourly charts. Trade in the direction of the higher timeframe trend when the indicator prints on your entry timeframe. Use to time entries on trend pullbacks and ride momentum. Forex Star Scalper Strategy Check our advanced Star Scalper Strategy

BBands Stop custom indicator

The BBands Stop custom indicator developed by Esaz members combines Bollinger Bands with market structure logic to identify high probability reversal trades. It uses Bollinger Bands as dynamic support and resistance. When price breaks the upper or lower band, it signals exhaustion ahead of reversals. Filtering with market structure provides extremely accurate entry signals. This custom indicator prints arrows right before the start of a new trending move. The upper or lower band break combined with the arrow offers traders a high probability entry. You can ride the full swing trend that follows. BBands Stop excels on the 1 hour and 4 hour timeframes. Use it to trade breakouts in the direction of the daily chart trend. It works on all forex pairs and indices.

PZ Lopez Trend custom indicator

PZ Lopez Trend is an Esaz custom indicator that applies the powerful Lopez trend mechanism to define market trend direction. It smooths out noise and generates extremely accurate signals. The indicator plots colored dots to indicate buy and sell points:
  • Blue dots = Uptrend signal
  • Orange dots = Downtrend signal
The indicator analyts price swings to determine trend strength. Only when a new trend is confirmed by the algorithm does it print a dot. This prevents false signals. Trade in the direction the dots print. Use on the daily or weekly chart to assess the macro trend. This custom indicator filters out fake moves and identifies big swings early.

How to Evaluate and Backtest Esaz Forex Custom Indicators

The advantage of these Esaz custom indicators is they have been extensively backtested and optimized by their creators. However, it’s still essential for traders to independently evaluate an indicator before using it live. When testing a new custom indicator:
  • Run it across different timeframes and currency pairs
  • Check win percentages and risk-reward ratios
  • Look for reliable patterns in signals and behavior
  • Make sure it works across different market conditions
  • Combine with other indicators that complement it
Take your time to objectively assess the indicator’s capabilities across historical data. An indicator may look amazing when demo trading, but extensive backtesting is the only way to validate performance.

Using Esaz Forex Custom Indicators in a Trading Strategy

The power of custom indicators lies in combining them creatively to build robust trading strategies. Esaz indicators can fulfill different roles:
  • Trend filter – Define market trend direction
  • Entry trigger – Time exact entry points
  • Exit signal – Highlight areas to take profit
  • Risk management – Help with stop placement
You can build a complete system using a few complementary Esaz custom indicators. For example:
  • PZ Lopez Trend to assess daily trend
  • Kravchuk Arrow to time entry
  • Fracturi to take partial profits
  • BBands Stop for stop loss placement
Carefully research indicators that work together based on logic and past performance. Test different combinations until you find a strategy aligned with your trading plan. Vanguard Warrior Indicator Access Vanguard Warrior Indicator For Tradingview platform

Is Forex Copier a Good Alternative to Esaz Forex?

Forex Copier can indeed serve as a valuable alternative to Esaz Forex for copying forex signals. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Forex Copier allows traders to effortlessly duplicate trades from one account to another. This efficient tool ensures prompt and accurate transmission of signals, facilitating synchronized trading activities.

Scaling in with Multiple Timeframe Indicator Confluence

Since forex is a fractal market, combining indicators across timeframes can further increase accuracy. Esaz custom indicators become even more powerful when they align across multiple timeframes. For example, look for the PZ Lopez trend dot on the daily chart, then wait for the Kravchuk arrow on the 15 min chart in the direction of the larger trend. Scaling down from higher timeframes creates extremely high probability trades. Aim to have a market-defining indicator on the daily or weekly chart, then time entry triggers off shorter timeframe indicators when they align. Stack the odds in your favor with timeframe confluence.


The active trading community at Esaz has developed some incredibly powerful custom indicators over the years. These tools are designed from the ground up to capitalize on specific market behaviors and trading strategies. Esaz forex coders openly share the source code for their custom indicators, allowing fellow traders to use and modify the tools. This transparency and collaboration is what makes these indicators so valuable. We explored some of the top Esaz forex custom indicators like Kravchuk Arrow, Fracturi, BBands Stop, and PZ Lopez Trend. When combined creatively, these indicators can drive robust mechanical trading strategies with clear entry rules and logic. The key is thoroughly backtesting and forward testing any custom indicator before use in live trading. Traders should evaluate performance across different timeframes and currency pairs to validate the edge of the indicator. Used properly, Esaz custom tools have the potential to take your trading to new levels. They provide unique market analysis not found in generic off-the-shelf indicators. If you’re looking to boost your trading strategy, exploring these custom indicators is time well spent. The thriving Esaz community will surely continue developing ever more creative indicators and trading systems. Tapping into this collective wisdom can give you an advantage in the forex markets in the years ahead.
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